10 Best Fishing Coolers That Truly Keep Your Catches Fresh

No matter whether you are fishing remotely or in the local lakes and rivers, you need a fishing cooler that literally keeps your fishes fresh and protects from bacterial infections and UV lights. So the taste of the fishes won’t be changed even after storing them for the day in a hottest temperature( it actually depends on the ability of a cooler and its power to keep the item fresh for 12, 24, 48, 72 hours or more, so it varies with the specification of a cooler). Even you can sometimes use the same cooler for other purposes like BBQ party, camping, hiking or having a party on the beach.


How You Can Choose The Right Fishing Cooler

The Capacity You Need: Every cooler has its own capacity and limitation for storing the items and all of the sizes of cooler aren’t same. So at first guess how many fishes you actually want to store, although the size of the fishes also a matter here. So guess the capacity you want to have in the cooler by judging the number of fishes and weights. If you want to go for a big fishing adventure, of course I would recommend choose a cooler that has a large capacity.

Make Sure The Cooler Is Durable: A cooler has to carry lots of weight according to the capacity and it would face different conditions during the fishing expedition. So to keep the catch fresh by beating the conditions, you need a cooler that really durable and doesn’t leak. A perfect drainage system with a durable cooler also can drain out the excess water simply without any tilting.

Duration of Its Cooling Power: Every cooler hasn’t the same ice retention. It can be from 12 hours to 72 hours or more. So it does matter how long it can keep the items cool. If you remotely go for a fishing expedition, you must pick a cooler that at least can keep the item cool for 48 hours. But if you go for a local fishing expenditure, the cooler with 12 hours ice retention would be enough.

Can it Survive On A Brutal Temperature:  Suppose you picked a cooler with the 72 hours ice retention, but it can’t survive at a high or brutal temperature, then such a long lasting duration of the ice retention wouldn’t work for you. Because sometimes you would have a fishing expedition at hottest temperature, so make sure the cooler at least can survive on at 90 degree fahrenheit.

Materials Determine The Length Of The Durability:  The technology of the insulation determines the ice retention power. But the outer shape defines how rigid the cooler will be. Although considering your budget and choice the design, shape, size and core abilities of the cooler probably vary what sometimes affect the materials. So it can be complicated matter to recommend any specific materials. But if you prefer carrying bag shaped or soft sided cooler, the nylon and polyester are better than PVC and PEVA.

On the other hand, the square shape coolers should be rigid like they can prevent cracking or breakage if they accidentally fall on the floor. Some cooler is even built up with stainless steel exterior, but 90% coolers use plastic type exterior. Although the normal plastic cracks easily, but the molded high density polyethylene, polyurethane and polypropylene type molded plastic can be impact resistant.

Accessory Holders Can Give You Extra Support: To be honest, these options are available only on a few coolers. Some coolers would have molded bottle holders, rod holders and fishing accessory holders, but 90% of coolers aren’t like that. Mostly, the fish bags are inclined to feature these beneficial holders.


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Best Fishing Coolers For Professional and Amateur Anglers

So here is a list of the 10 best fishing coolers.

Fishing CoolersMaterial Of The Exterior Ice Retention AbilityOutdoor's Heat Toleration AbilityCapacityOur RatingsPrice

Coleman 54-Quart

Stainless SteelUp To 4 Days90 Degrees F54-Quart4.7

Coleman 48-Quart

High Density PlasticUp To 3 Days90 Degrees F48-Quart4.4

Igloo Marine Breeze

PolypropyleneUp To 4 Days90 Degrees F+28-Quart4.7


600D Nylon12 Hours90 Degrees F
(Not Tested)
33 Liter 4.3

AO Water-Resistant

1000 D Vinyl Coated24 Hours120 Degree F48 Can4.7

Igloo Marine Cooler

Polyethylene Up To 3 Days90 Degree F48-Quart4.2

AO Coolers

Polyester With Vinyl Coating 24 Hours120 Degree F24 Can4.7

Coleman 30

Soft PEVA LinerMore Than 24 Hours
(Tested By An User)
90 Degree F30 Cans4.6

Igloo Super Tough STX

PolyurethaneUp To 4 Days90 Degree F54-Quart4.5

Elkton Insulated Cooler

PVC Liner 12 Hours
90 Degree F40 Liter 4.1


1)Coleman 54-Quart Steel-Belted Cooler

Coleman 54-Quart Steel-Belted Cooler

You can go for a long time fishing expedition with this Coleman 54-Quart Steel Belted Cooler that has the ability to hold 85 cans. So think for a minute about the capability of storing the items or your catch. The stainless steel handles of the cooler are superbly durable and comfortable to hold as the handles have rubber grips. To strongly seal the contents of the box it features a steel latch that seals the box very securely. And to drain out the excess water, it is designed with leak resistant channel to simply drain out the water without letting the route being dusted as the channel is dustproof.

Remarkable Features:

  • Stainless steel layer on the exterior means a superior rigidity what keeps it safe from any possible cracks.
  • Remarkable insulation confirms 4 days ice retention power.
  • Steel handles with a smooth rubber grip keeps your hands comfortable even when it is completely loaded.
  • The capacity ensures a decent space in the cooler.


2)Coleman 48-Quart Cooler

Coleman 48-Quart Cooler

This Coleman 48-Quart Cooler is able to keep cool the stored items for 48 hours. The cooler is insulated with Thermozone insulation that protects the stored items from CFCs, HFCs or HCFC as the Thermozone insulation on it doesn’t contain these things. It has a hinged lid that is easier to open and close down while it also excellently seals the items. And finally, end of the day you can easily drain out all the excess water from cooler by the dustproof drain.

Remarkable Features:

  • High density compact plastic material on the exterior gives the required durability to prevent cracking.
  • 72 hours optimal ice retention ability.
  • It prevents the unwanted sun rays like CFC and HFC that means the fishes in it would gain better freshness.
  • The drain hole includes a hinged lid that blocks the melted water of ice from sweating.


3)Igloo Marine Breeze Roller Cooler

Igloo Marine Breeze Roller Cooler-


With a carrying handle and wheels in the bottom it offers an easier carrying system as if you don’t get tired to carry the cooler. The massive and deep storage compartment of the cooler cooling the items without damaging them by the sun. As well, the recessed and drain plug on it easily pours the excess water by your little bit attempt. The drain plug on the cooler is drip resistant to properly seal the point after adjusting the plug. It also features the side cooler handle that gives the opportunity to lift in or out from the car. Overall, it has been constructed with the optimum facilities as if you can use it in the nastiest condition of fishing expedition.

Remarkable Features:

  • It’s made of polypropylene that is molded and combined from a variety of materials to increase density. So the durability and weight of the cooler can be praiseworthy.
  • A strong telescoping handle with the wheels on the bottom for a suitable portage.
  • It includes cool riser technology what enhances cooling power to retain the ice for more days.
  • Great protection from sun rays by UV inhibitor.


4)KOSOX 30-Can Collapsible Cooler Bag

KOSOX 30-Can Collapsible Cooler Bag

If you want an affordable fishing cooler bag to ultimately create a cooling storage system for your catch, then it can ensure a big save and safety for the fishes. The large compartment of the bag can hold lots of catches for 12 hours while all of the sides of the bag are insulated and composed with high density foam and heat sealed thick peva liner. As well, the 6000D waterproof nylon cloth and leak proof liner not only give a great durability, but also ensure the internal storage is more safer. The zipper compartments of the side also give an opportunity to put extra material. It has two ways carrying system for an easier transporting from car to the spot.

Remarkable Features:

  • Nylon fabric on the exterior makes the outer surface desirably rigid.
  • Leak proof liner prevents the melted water of ices from coming out.
  • Great insulation for dependable storage up to the expected time.
  • Hard plastic liner prevents the shape breakage when it is loaded.


5)AO Coolers Water-Resistant Vinyl Soft Cooler

AO Coolers Water-Resistant Vinyl Soft Cooler

This Vinyl coated cooler bag comes to give an extra protection for your catches. It ensures a 24 hours protection time for the stored things in it that even can survive in 120 degree weather. The compartment on it can hold 36 can, so just imagine how enough it is for storing the fish. The vinyl coating exterior continuous it to be used in raining without covering by anything while the anti-mildew internal surface ensures the stored items will be hundred percent fresh without getting affected by the bacteria. And finally the leak proof liner gives an excellent support for the optimum protection for the items you stored.

Remarkable Features:

  • Vinyl coating over nylon adds the power on insulation.
  • The outer surface is protected from heavy sun rays and it prevents fading the color.
  • Up to 24 hours ice retention ability in 120F temperature is praiseworthy compared to the design.
  • Leak proof body and not any excess sweated water during heavy sunlight.


6)Igloo Marine Coolers

Igloo Marine Coolers

It is composed with ultratherm insulation that maximizes the cooling level and the duration of ices. The ultratherm insulation in the cooler keeps your items fresh for two days while the items on it will not be affected by any odor or UV rays. It also uses rust resistant steel on the body that not only maximizes its durability, but also ensured that the rust or corrosion won’t make the cooler weak after using for years. This cooler comes with different numbers of capacity that can be started from 25-94 quart. So you can pick up the cooler with right capacity you want.

Remarkable Features:

  • Polyethylene and impact resistant exterior.
  • Also designed with cool riser technology.
  • Odor resistant construction surely doesn’t create the odor for the elimination of uncomfortability.
  • 48 quart space can be dependable for storing a single day fishes.


7)AO Coolers Deluxe Canvas Soft Cooler

AO Coolers Deluxe Canvas Soft Cooler

If you look for a soft-sided cooler, then it can be a superior pick for you. Although it won’t give you a large capacity to store your items, but the ability of holding 24 can at least give the benefit to store like a single day catch.  The items can survive in it for 24 hours even in the 120 degree weather and it can be a bigger positive site for the anglers as their catches would be safe even in a hottest day. Additionally, the compartments on the side also can safely hold your dry items and the liner is also leakproof as if if it doesn’t create any mess.

Remarkable Features:

  • Praiseworthy as it holds the ice for 24 hours that is remarkable as a soft sided cooler.
  • Two side pockets for holding any type of stuffs that requires to stay separated from water during fishing.
  • Welded seams are very effective to prevent leakage.
  • Lightweight than many of soft sided coolers.


8)Coleman 30-Can Soft Cooler With Hard Liner

Coleman 30-Can Soft Cooler With Hard Liner

Another soft sided cooler that is designed with a hard plastic liner as if you can store the items in it like a suitcase. The antimicrobial properties in the PEVA lining keep the items completely odor free and don’t let the items to be infected by any bacteria. It has also the heat welded layer on the liner that makes it as a leak proof cooler. Furthermore, the four zippered pockets on the cooler can be used for storing the drier items.

Remarkable Features:

  • A hard plastic liner included for a compact shape what can be displaced anytime you want.
  • The PEVA liner that prevents the bacteria to save it from odor, mold and mildew.
  • Several side pockets for multiple items storage.
  • Shoulder strap with buckle for size adjustment to hang it with a relaxing mood on the shoulder.


9)Igloo Super Tough STX Sportsman Coolers

Igloo Super Tough STX Sportsman Coolers

Another great cooler that is also insulated by the ultratherm insulation that works to maximize the cold retention. It will keep frozen the ice for 4 days at even 90 degree fahrenheit that means there isn’t any worry for having a few days fishing expedition. The stainless steel hybrid latch on the cooler also gives a quick opening and closing system while it extremely seals the lid. And the bolt through the handles on the side won’t be pulled out even when you heavily loaded the cooler. As well, to get a quick clean up the triple snap drain gives a great clean up.

Remarkable Features:

  • Ultratherm insulation undoubtedly holds the ice for a long time.
  • Easy leak proof drain plug for a quick water release.
  • It is rigid and it absorbs the impact without creating cracks.
  • Sturdy double handles to hold it easily from both sides when full 54 quart is loaded.


10)Elkton Insulated Fish Cooler Bag

Elkton Insulated Fish Cooler Bag

The Elkton Insulated Fish Cooler Bag is a bag for those anglers who want a bag that is easy to transport, properly insulated and affordable. The double walled closed cell of the bag will keep fresh fishes for all day. Just add the ice in the bag and simply store the fishes in it, the quality and puncture resistant material and proper insulation on the bag don’t let the stored things to be damaged. It’s completly simple to wash as the drain on rear easily drains out the water and shoulder strap on the bag also makes the carrying easy.

Remarkable Features:

  • Simply good at low budget for hours of use.
  • Double walled insulation to enable high-end activity in modest temperature.
  • A drain plug for water release and cleanse.



Literally every angler wants to keep their catches hundred percent fresh and this is why they need a great fishing cooler bag that does this job perfectly. Honestly, that is the original reason why I worked hard to find out the ten best cooler bags for fishing to help the anglers as if they can simply discover the one what actually they ever looked for. So see the capacity you need and they style you like, then choose the one that meets your requirement.

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