10 Best Kayak Carts | Reviews and Buying Guide

Whether you like kayaking for fishing or having fun in water, transporting a kayak to the edge of water never easy.  Of course you would never want that your kayak gets damaged during transporting from place to place. In truth, here a kayak cart would help you a lot to safely reach your kayak in your target place with providing zero scratch or damage in the kayak’s hull. No matter how bulky your kayak is, you can smoothly pull it through the rough or soft surfaces after adjusting it to the cart. Literally, after adjusting or tying down a kayak with the cart, it becomes an easy job to pull the kayak to the spot. Even if you have any additional gears you can also carry that at the same time by simply putting them in the storage compartments of the kayak.


Things To Consider Before Choosing a Kayak Cart

There you can discover various styles and designs for the kayak cart. But end of the day it does matter how strength and stable it is and also how comfortable it is to carry your kayak on the rutted paths. So before choosing a cart make sure it has these specifications.

Frame Materials: The frame materials of the cart will decide the lifetime and stability of your cart. Of course you never want that the frame breaks down when you transport the kayak. So you should have a depth observation over the materials of the frame. And of course the aluminum materials are good as it is superbly strength and corrosion resistant while the stainless steel isn’t bad as it is also strength and corrosion resistant.

Foldable Frames: After getting back to the home you wouldn’t want the cart takes some premium space of your home. So the foldability of a cart would help you to easily store the cart while it also eliminates the hassle of transporting. Folding a cart is quite easy, just remove the wheels and fold down the frames as the way manufacturer designed it. But all of the kayak cart wouldn’t be foldable like C-Tug Boat Cart and TMS Kayak Cart KY003B. But they are great when it comes to enjoy their service.

Adjustability With The Width: Not mandatory, but if you want to buy a sit-on top special kayak cart like Malone Xpress Scupper-Style Kayak Cart and Seattle Sports Scupper Swift Kayak Cart, then you should make sure the cart has adjustability to set the frames with scupper holes. Because the holes for the all kayaks are not located in the same position.


10 Best Kayak Carts on The Market

So what are those kayak carts that have such specifications? (as we talked above) Don’t worry meet here the 10 best kayak carts that have such great specifications.


1)TMS Cart-Canoe/Kayak-KY001

TMS Cart-Canoe-Kayak-KY001

The TMS Cart-Canoe/Kayak-KY001 is a stiff cart that cradles the kayak securely to protect it from facing any inconvenience when you transport the kayak or canoe. On the frames of the cart have foam bumpers that will save the hull from being damaged by the impacts. The solid metal frames are greatly stiff that can carry up to 150lbs weight. On the other hand, the large 9.5 inches wheels are equipped with pneumatic tires that ensure the smoothness even on rough surfaces. Moreover, it has a spring loaded support stand that helps to prop out the kayak on shore for a quick and simple loading out. And end of the day when you would want to store the cart, you can fold it up for a quick storage.


2) ABN Cart Kayak Carrier

ABN Cart Kayak Carrier

To carry your kayak from your home to the edge of water this carrier is composed of anodized steel that is superbly stiff and can carry the heavy weighted boat and kayak. It has a superb 200 lbs capacity to provide strength support for your kayak while the foam pads on the frames also protect the hull from scratches. It uses inflatable knobby tires to smoothen some impacts that can happen when the cart goes through the gravel, sand and wooden areas. Moreover, a tie down strap also lets you to securely tie the kayak with cart as if it is not displaced. On the other hand the spring loaded kickstand allows you to load the kayak easily.


3)SKY1251 Kayak Carrier

SKY1251 Kayak Carrier

This kayak cart has the strong aluminum frame that is lightweight but superbly stiff. You can securely tie down the kayak with this cart and confidently carry it without having any issue. The cradle has foam bumpers that can hold the kayak without making the hull scratched and sending any big impact. Moreover, the large 10” wheels with PU foam tires help to smoothly carry the kayaks on gravel or uneven surface. It also features a 12” large strap that works perfectly for tying down the kayak in a very secure manner.


4)Malone Xpress Scupper

Malone Xpress Scupper-Style Kayak CartThis cart is differently designed to transport the kayak in an innovative way while it fits with all the kayaks that are actually designed with scupper holes. It has a great 200 lbs loading capacity while the aluminum frames are on it superbly strength and completely corrosion resistant. The variable width locking control on the cart provides an ample adjustability that approximately adjust from 6.5” to 16.5”. Moreover, the 6”x4” foam pad provides a comfy support as if the hull is not being damaged by the impact.


5)C-Tug Boat Cart

C-Tug Boat Cart

The C-Tug boat cart is designed with kiwi wheels that are strength and puncture resistance. So no worries about to transport the kayak even through the rougher surface as there is no chances of being punctured the wheels. On the other hand it is made of high composite materials that are excellently stiff and will not be corroded. The 300 lbs loading capacity also proves its capability and that’s why it is able to carry the heavy fishing boat, kayak and canoe. It also has all the options to tie the kayak, fishing boat and canoe with with the maximum security.


6)Suspenz Smart Airless DLX Cart

Suspenz Smart Airless DLX Cart

The DLX cart from Suspenz features superbly stiff aluminum frame that will efficiently carry your kayak without any damaging. The rubber pads on the frame will keep the hull scratch free while the large 10” airless tires won’t go flat even through the rough paths. It comes with a mesh bag where you can put the cart for carrying after folding the hardwares. The cart has the dual arm kickstand that simplifies the loading your kayak into the cart. As well, it has all necessary straps to strongly tie down the kayak into the cart.


7)Malone Clipper Deluxe Cart

Malone Clipper Deluxe Universal Kayak Cart

This one also comes from Malone with stiff anodized aluminum frames that are surely corrosion resistant and undoubtedly provide superior stability. It has also airless wheels as if the tires never go flat in any condition. On the other hand the padded frame of the cart protects the hull from damaging in contact. To load the kayak on the cart it has also locking kickstand that provides an effortless job for loading the kayak. The cart is foldable and the tires are removable, so the storage is quite easy.


8)Seattle Sports Scupper

Seattle Sports Scupper Swift Kayak Cart

It is especially designed for the sit-on-top kayak that is actually designed with scupper holes. The frames of the cart can be automatically set up with the scupper holes while the axle on the cart allows you to adjust the width properly. The anodized aluminum frames are extremely stiff that can be disassembled for a quick storage. Moreover, the airless tires on it eliminates the hassle of leaks, so you can continue transporting your kayak even in the uneven paths while the foams with frame save the kayak’s hull from damaging.


9)Seattle Sports ATC Cart

Seattle Sports ATC Cart

The Seattle Sports ATC Cart is an innovatively designed kayak cart that has high capacity for carrying out up to 300 pound weight. Such a strength and versatile kayak cart offers extreme stability as if you can perfectly transport the kayak, canoe, John boat and even larger craft. The 16 inches wheels on it use knobby bike tires and that’s why you would not have any problem to carry the kayaks even in the rutted paths. The heavy duty frames on it also folds down for an easy storage.


10)TMS Kayak-Cart-KY003B

TMS Kayak-Cart-KY003B

The TMS Kayak Cart KY003B is only designed to use on sit on top kayak. The upright bars of the cart fit with the scupper hole while the bars have width adjustability as if you can set the bars with the scupper holes of any sit on top kayak. The powder coated aluminum frames won’t be corroded while the strength structure provides superior stability. It has rubber grips that save the kayak from any scratch. The cart is also affordable and lightweight and compatible to carry the kayak under 100 lbs.



Investing on the right kayak cart means you will enjoy the service of it for a long time without getting zero damage into the kayak. These 10 best kayak carts are such kind of carts that are strength and able to provide the service for several years with protecting the kayak from any damage. Investing on such a kayak cart undoubtedly provides a great value for the money.

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