10 Best Kayak Seats | Buying Guide and Our Great Selections

A perfect kayak seats can prolong the fishing time while it reduces fatigue, back pain and makes the pedaling easy. A quality kayak seat obviously will be padded by the high density foam and other quality materials as if it wouldn’t only be comfortable, but also would be durable for the years of support. If you want a very comfortable fishing expedition with kayak, you can’t avoid having a super comfortable seat on your kayak. So to be strongly connected with the fishing expedition and continue your access from place to place on the lake or river, you should obviously have such a kayak seat that brings the smile to your face by providing the optimum advantages of it on your fishing expedition.


You might want an answer why you should spend extra money on purchasing a seat when it is included with your kayak? We are writing here two reasons why you should do that. The first reason can be like you got a seat with the kayak, but it has the lack of cushions or paddings. The second reason is probably the seat of your kayak lost its natural thickness because of overuse or being older. The other possible or secondary reasons are like, the seat isn’t supporting necessarily on your back and you can’t stay seated on a relaxing mood at the time you strike the paddle in the water.


Sometimes some seats can’t tolerate the power of harmful sunrays what damages the seat’s material and fades the color. If you are experiencing with this problem sometimes a replacement requires and a UV resistant material based seat can eliminate this problem. Another probable reason I guess, sometimes you are actually not satisfied with the design and the core structure of the seat and in this case you might look for a possible replacement as fast as you can.


Overall, aside two major reasons these can be partial reasons (in this paragraph) behind a replacement. As we know on a long distance water excursion we need limitless striking the paddle in the water and while you paddle almost all core parts of your body stay on working. So, to conquer the paddling properly even on a wavy sea, you should look over your comfortability to actively stay on paddling with kicking out the fatigue. And a seat with optimum thickened paddings and adjustable option can single handedly kill your discomfortability.


What You Should Look Into a Kayak Seat Before Making a Purchase

Purchasing a kayak seat doesn’t mean it only should be used for fishing, but also it can be great for other kayaking sports. That’s why a kayak seat should have cushioned padding, durability and the quality of materials that it uses. So, before making a purchase you should ensure that the kayak seat at least includes these specifications.

Paddings: A seat with cushioned padding prolongs your time for staying on the kayak. So make sure the padding is enough thick and formed with quality materials as if it doesn’t lose the thickness after using for years. Actually an angler passes lots of time in the kayak and if you get fatigued for the area of bum it becomes impossible to stay further in the kayak. As the reason you should purchase such a kayak seat that has the thicked and cushioned padding.

Durability: A non-durable seat will never survive as much as you expected, because the paddings on it will be faded and it will lose the thickness in months. So either the shape of it will be damaged quickly or the paddings can be hard and as the result the user will face many inconveniences. That’s why you should know how durable the seat is to expect always unchangeable performance.

Adjustability: The adjustability of a seat will give the chances to block the position on the right point to maximize your comfortability. That’s why the seat should feature four way straps with buckles as if you can adjust the kayak seat in right way. But in some cases, like if you just purchase a saddle, there wouldn’t probably have any straps to customize the position.

And Non-Adjustability: To be honest all seats won’t attach the buckle and straps with the major structure. Sometimes the sit in kayaks might not have the points or molded D-rings adjustment system to adjust the straps of the seat. So if you got the kayak like that, a non adjustable seat is your option. In that situation you may become serious about having other compulsory specifications of the seat.


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10 Best Kayak Seats That Are Comfortable To Stay a Long Time on Kayak

So no more worries. Meet the 10 best kayak seats that understand your needs.

Kayak SeatsMaterialsBackrestAdjustable Straps Perfect ForOur Rantings Price

Pactrade Marine Adjustable Seat

Neoprene, EVA and PE PlateYesYesSit-On-Top Kayak4.7

Leader Accessories Deluxe Seat

Deluxe Molded FoamYesYesSit-On-Top Kayak4.7

Ocean Kayak Comfort Plus

Nylon and FoamYesYesSit-On-Top Kayak4.7

Ocean Kayak Comfort Plus
(Different Design)

Nylon and FoamYesYesSit-On-Top Kayak4.7

Hot Seat Kayak Seat

High Density FoamNoNoSit-In-Kayak4.2

YakPads High-Back Gel Saddle

Gel-filled FoamYesYesSit-On-Top Kayak4.5

Deluxe Molded Foam Seat

Deluxe Molded FoamYesYesSit-On-Top Kayak4.8

Elevated Fishing Kayak Seat

Thermal-Molded FoamYesYesSit-On-Top Kayak4.2

Kerco Foldable Cushion

Cell FoamNoNoSit-In-Kayak4.5

GTS Expedition Foam Seat

Deluxe Molded FoamYesYesSit-On-Top Kayak4.8


1)Pactrade Marine Adjustable Padded Seat

Pactrade Marine Adjustable Padded Kayak Seat

The Pactrade Marine Adjustable Padded is originally a quality choice for any sit on top kayak. The seat is padded, soft and designed with non-slippable surface. This durable seat used a set of quality materials like neoprene, 600D polyester, Eva foam and PE plate. The combination with such a group of quality materials not only strengthen the seat, but also make it cushioned and a perfect reliable kayak seat. Moreover, with the adjustability of front and rear straps it ensures the optimum support for your back .

The detachable backpack on the seat adds an extra reliability as if you can put the lunch box, gears and other tools in a secured place. Overall, with this cushioned seat you will be kayaking with having the best comfort and by avoiding the numbness.

Top Specifications:

  • The straps with position blocker buckles let you easy positioning or repositioning the backrest.
  • The contoured paddings on the center prevent the unwanted position losing.
  • It adjusts with canoe while it measures excellently with sit-on-top kayak.
  • The thickness doesn’t get down because of seating for a long time.
  • It is molded of neoprene, EVA and PE what hold the natural thickness and eliminate the weakness.


2)Leader Accessories Deluxe Seat

Leader Accessories Deluxe Kayak Seat

You can ultimately kick the numbness even after kayaking or fishing for hours after hours. The deluxe molded foam on the seat ensures the utmost comfort for your back and butt. The high quality material on the seat makes it long lasting and maximizes the comfort while it also won’t be heated up by the sunshine and soaked up by the water. The marine grade connecting snaps are not bendable and can withstand any pressure that the snaps usually receive from the users.

On the other hand the adjustable straps on the front and rear are ready to fix the position you need for the optimum backrest. And the wider adjustability of the seat also great to be accommodated with most of the kayaks.

Top Specifications:

  • Ergonomic contoured design on the center of the backrest and cushion are breathable while the small hole shapes around the paddings enhance traction and breathability.
  • The connecting snaps absorb the body’s pressure and stay strong as they should be while they also eliminate corroding.
  • Multiple straps make an efficient setting on the adjustment.
  • The deluxe foam won’t numb the major contact points of your body when you stay seated for longer.


3)Ocean Kayak Comfort Plus (Black) Seat Back

Ocean Kayak Comfort Plus Seat Back

If you want to extend the period of kayaking, you need this durable and comfortable seat that is designed with a padded back. The UV resistant nylon not only strengthens the seat, but also protects it from being damaged by the outdoor’s condition. The reinforced back staying on for adding the continuous back support as if your back is getting the perfect backrest from beginning to end of the journey. Moreover the brass swivel buckles on the straps strongly block the position you set for your comfortability while the wider straps also provide an ample adjustability with lots of kayaks.

Amazingly the seat has a reflective logo that provides a strong visibility in low light condition. The solid brass clips also strongly clipped it in the place and create a perfect connection.

Top Specifications:

  • Compared to a few others, it is ahead on durability.
  • Nylon pack cloth on the whole seat tackles the toughness easily that your body imposes during paddling.
  • UV resistant to hold the natural design and performance.
  • 4 way strap for accurate setting on the adjustment.
  • Reinforced for high-end back support.


4)Ocean Kayak Comfort Plus Seat Back

Ocean Kayak Comfort Plus

It is especially designed for sit on top kayak with cushioned and padded seat that ensure optimum optimum backrest and comfortable seating without any fatigue. The top notch material on the seat ensures it superbly durable while the reinforced stays adding an excellent back support for all the day. The four way adjustability on the kayak provides an optimum support to block the seating position on the right point by buckles. This durably constructed seat also has been composed with UV resistant material to save the seat from being damaged by sun rays.

To ventilate the air properly and saving the seat from sweats it has mesh on the back that provides an optimum ventilating support. Furthermore, the taller back of the seat also provides an additional support to maximize the comfort of anglers.

Top Specifications:

  • No matter how long time or how often you put your body to the backrest, the air venting system on the backrest keeps your back dry and cool.
  • Nylon pack cloth over the padding strengthened the seat a lot.
  • The taller backrest is compact and gives superior support to your back.
  • Reflective logo for visibility in the dark.
  • The materials prevent ultraviolet rays.


5)Hot Seat Kayak Seat

Hot Seat Kayak Seat

This very cushioned and soft seat is made out of high density foam and designed to set up on sit in kayak. Such an ultra soft seat will provide the opportunity for long time kayaking on whitewater without feeling discomfort. Its cushioned surface provides an extra comfort when you pedal the kayak and the 1.25 inch thickness may provide an idea to you how relaxable it is while it’s also laminated by the lycra foam. The high grip surface of the kayak also works to add extra traction to maximize its power of making you amazingly comfortable for kayaking.

The seat doesn’t include a backseat for the back rest. So you need a separate backseat to add on the kayak. But its quality construction continuously works to provide the best feeling of kayaking.

Top Specifications:

  • The thickness and shape both ergonomically work to provide your demanded comfortability on the time you stay seated.
  • Gripped surface for traction.
  • High density foam retains the original thickness.
  • The size accommodates anyone properly.


6)YakPads High-Back Gel Paddle Saddle

YakPads High-Back Gel Paddle Saddle

Sometimes you would want to prolong the fishing time to get more catches and you wouldn’t expect the boringness during your prolonged time. This seat is like something that will provide hundred percent comfort as you expect to have on your kayaking time from beginning to end of the day. The gel filled padding on the seat superbly works to ensure an amazing comfort while the high back of the kayak provides an optimum rest for the angler’s back.

It is also composed with Lycra laminated surface to soften the surface while it doesn’t raise the center of gravity of the user. And the insulated from cold on the seat is great for having the superior comfort and making it long lasted.

Top Specifications:

  • Gel filled foam that won’t make boring the extended time on a kayak.
  • Average thickness, but offers incredible comfortability.
  • The gel paddings stay unchangeable on brutal use.
  • Easy snap buckles for an immediate adjustment.


7)Deluxe Molded Foam Seat

Deluxe Molded Foam Kayak Seat

This Deluxe Molded Foam Kayak Seat is something more exceptional than the seats on the list. It features a detachable cushion that you can use to lift the seat higher. In truth it not only raises the seat higher, but also provides a superior comfort for your body. I am sure if you get this seat on your kayak, you would want to prolong the fishing time. Furthermore, the center panels of the seat are superbly comfortable to reduce the fatigue while the straps for adjusting the seat provides you the chances to set it on your desired position.

It additionally features a detachable zipper pack that even comes with two mounts for holding two additional rods in safest way. Overall, the anglers who want to make the fishing time amazingly perfect they would love to have this seat on their kayak.

Top Specifications:

  • A detachable backpack what means a lot to an angler.
  • It includes a detachable cushion to be placed under the sit what enhances the height for better line casting and fishing rods management.
  • The backpack included rod holders for managing some extra fishing rods.
  • Rear attachment straps to strengthen the seat adjustment very strongly.


8)Elevated Fishing Kayak Sit-On-Top Seat

Elevated Fishing Kayak Sit-On-Top Seat

This Elevated Sit-On-Top is especially cushioned that hardly slaps the numbness. Undoubtedly, you can pass hours and hours of fishing time with getting zero uncomfortability. The seat has been molded with thermal molded foam that is soft, long lasted and stays unchangeable even after using the seat for years. This cushioned seat won’t be soaked like an ordinary foam, so don’t worry if it gets splashed by water.

It also features a detachable storage pack that you can use to store the accessories. Furthermore, the brass connector clips with adjustable straps create a secure connection with setting up the right adjustment you need.

Top Specifications:

  • 3” thickness of the cushion keeps above the angler from the bilge. On sit-on top kayak the angler would enjoy excellent betterment of handling their necessary stuffs that related to fishing. Like rod and reel.
  • The channeled padding system drains the water quickly to promisingly remove the dampness or wetness.
  • Tall backrest for utmost back support.
  • A storage bag to hold a variety of small stuff while accessing there is easier.


9)Kerco Foldable Cushion

Kerco Foldable Kayak Seat Cushion

This foldable kayak seat is portable and lighter and perfect for seat in kayak. The seat is cushioned and properly soft, so you can keep kayaking for the day with an extreme comfort. It’s simple and easy to set up in sit in kayak. It’s non-slippable surface don’t let your body from displacing over the seat while the closed cell foam material construction provides the best support you need for your body.

It is 15” long and 13” wide that means it is able to cover the necessary part of your body and if you want to quickly store it just fold it and get it easily stored.

Top Specifications:

  • The contoured shapes hold your body on the seat something like you are stuck to it by eliminating the unwanted position losing at the time you paddle hard.
  • Lightweight.
  • The folding system removes hassling on the portage.


10)GTS Expedition Molded Foam Seat

GTS Expedition Molded Foam Kayak Seat

This kayak seat is something like car’s seat that has 18” tall backrest and 2” thick seat bottom for the utmost comfort. With this kayak seat the users will never complain that it provides some bad experience during the time they use it. Although the price would exceed your budget, but if you pay for its quality, I am sure you won’t be frustrated. It has a drainage channel on the bottom as if it can drain out the  excess water.

Furthermore, the built in bungee pouch with mesh on the back is designed to hold your extra gears while the four way straps on the seat with adjustable ensure an easy setup with a strong connection.

Top Specifications:

  • The height of the backrest is remarkable that provides cushioning feel almost till to the neck.
  • The efficient drainage system won’t tend to hold even 1cm of water.
  • Large pocket on back of the backrest for secured storage.
  • Straps on multi sides for maximum adjustability.
  • The blend of multiple quality materials holds the softness and eliminates losing thickness.



So decide which one you really like for your kayak. But make sure you picked a kayak seat that is compatible with the kind of kayak you use that would be either sit-on-top or sit-in. Using a great kayak seat prolongs your fishing time, makes the pedaling easy and reduces fatigue. So choose the right one from the list by judging the specifications and continue your fishing with pleasure.

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