10 Best Spinning Reels Under $100 | Great For Offshore Fishing

The spinning reel is one of the handy and compulsory equipment for anglers as it is easy to use, inexpensive, versatile and great for catching medium sized fishes (and sometimes for big fishes). If you apply these reels for lightweight lures in the lake, river, pond and stream, then obviously it would be great. Although sometimes there isn’t any limitation only to use it in freshwater as the manufacturers also make the corrosion resistant one that can be great for saltwater. So if you pick such a kind of reel, then you can simply go for fishing in the coastal water or the sea. But you have to make sure that you are not heading to the sea to catch the big tuna as these ones are mostly great for lightweight applications.

So if you are looking for a reel for these purposes, then our top ten picks (that have been chosen after analyzing the pros, cons and public reviews) would help you. We have picked those great inventions that aren’t only high quality, but also great for fishing in the freshwater and saltwater. On the other hand, these reels are made of high quality materials for the ultra strength and corrosion resistant body. You can simply adjust them with the spinning rods to start fishing on your desired spot.


10 Best Spinning Reels Under $100 That Are Great For Saltwater and Freshwater

If you choose a freshwater reel, then it is not great for saltwater and would be corroded. But if you choose a reel that can be used in saltwater, then it would be great for the both types of water. So let’s see what are the best spinning reels under $100 that would be great for saltwater and freshwater.

Spinning ReelsMaterials
(Drag Washers & Spool)
BearingsAnti Reserving SytemGear Ratios
(It May Vary With The Size)
Our RatingsPrice

KastKing Sharky II

Carbon Fiber, Aluminum10BB+1RRYes5.2:14.4

Penn Battle II

Carbon Fiber, Aluminum5BB+1RRYes6.2:14.7

KastKing Sharky Baitfeeder

Carbon Fiber, Aluminum10BB+1RR Yes5.5:1 4.7

Penn Fierce

Carbon Fiber, Aluminum4BB+1RRYes5.3:1 4.6

KastKing Kodiak

Carbon Fiber, Aluminum10BB+1RRYes5.2:14.7

Yoshikawa Baitfeeder

10BB+1RRYes5.5:1 4.3

Pisfun Fishing Reel

Stainless steel,

Daiwa Opus

ABS Composite (spool),

Penn Pursuit II


Okuma Avenger ABF



1)KastKing Sharky II

KastKing Sharky II Carbon Fiber Spinning Reel

The Sharky II is a lightweight and non-corroded reel that has carbon fiber drag washers for a powerful and smooth control. The CNC machined aluminum spool on the reel is amazingly strong and lays the line evenly. To provide a smooth and powerful operation for all time it has 10+1 MaxiDur ball bearings that are corrosion resistant and ensure a great and powerful operation during reeling. The instant anti reserving system on the reel also ensures a greater control for the line that also can eliminate tangling. Moreover, the spool of it has a large line capacity while the precision mesh brass gears on the reel mean additional fishing power. Such a high quality and sleek design is great for all skilled and unskilled people.

Overall Specifications: 

  • Eye catching and lightweight design at an average cost.
  • Corrosion resistant bearings don’t require to avoid damages on salt water.
  • Stainless steel shaft makes a strong connection with the rod what holds it in position during retrieving a big fish.
  • Carbon fiber washers mean sturdiness and super holding power of a big fish.
  • Aluminum spool with compactness.


2)Penn Battle II

Penn Battle II Spinning Reel

The Penn Battle II has been designed with a full metal body and it has the smooth carbon fiber drag washers that provide 25lbs dragging capacity. So undoubtedly the reel would be great to tackle the medium sized fish. The stainless steel 5 sealed ball bearings wouldn’t be corroded while it is also able to provide a powerful and smooth operation. Literally, this Penn Battle II is not bad to use on the coastal waters for having a fishing time with friends. The line spool of the reel is great and has a good capacity while the rubber gasket would protect the line from slipping.

Overall Specifications:

  • Not trustworthy only for the compactness, but also its sturdiness beats the high line pressure.
  • Versatile, can be used for surf fishing and catching some stars of the salt water.
  • Instant anti reserving for having the betterment on game fishing.
  • Praiseworthy construction with aluminum, metal and carbon fiber.
  • Lightweight design for better casting and management.


3)KastKing Sharky Baitfeeder

KastKing Sharky Baitfeeder


The KastKing Sharky Baitfeeder is a great invention by KastKing that has a front and rear drag for a precise and smoothest control. The carbon fiber drags are lightweight, powerful and corrosion resistant while it has a maximum 33LBS drag rating. Moreover, it has 10+1 corrosion resistant bearings that provide a smooth operation while the 5.2:1 gear ratio is great to spin the line with better control. The CNC machined aluminum spool is strength and has a great line capacity(the line capacity varies with the size of the reel). It also offers a spare graphite pool that would be comfortable for carrying additional lines.

Overall Specifications:

  • CNC machined aluminum spool eliminated all the doubts on durability.
  • High-end balanced rotor ensures maximum perfection on casting.
  • Smooth shielded ball bearings for smooth and powerful torque.
  • Several sizes with different line capacities remove the complicatedness on selecting the perfect one.
  • Allowed for offshore saltwater fishing.


4)Penn Fierce

Penn Fierce Spinning Reel

The Penn Fierce is another strength and high quality reel on the list that has a full metal body to protect it from being corroded. You can simply enjoy a smooth and powerful operation while a metal body and the side plate also ensure, the precise gears will actively work on any pressure that receives the reel during the time of catching. Furthermore, the strength aluminum spool is able to take the high pressure of the line while the infinite anti reserving system helps to maintain the line with greater control.

Overall Specifications:

  • Oiled felt drag hides the noises and raises the smoothness.
  • Infinite anti reserving makes the game fishing convenient.
  • Stainless steel shaft for high-end tackling.
  • The precise gearing system gives maximum line maintaining support.


5)KastKing Kodiak

KastKing Kodiak Saltwater Spinning Reel

The sleek and versatile Kastking Kodiak is an ultra strength invention that even can be applied to catch big size fish. It has the carbon fiber drag washers that aren’t only lightweight and strength, but also has the ability to fight with large size fish(up to 18 kg). On the other hand, the fat bail wire on the reel prevents the line break while the aluminum spool and rotor not only provide powerful and smoothest performance, but also prevent the water and sand from getting clogged into the spool.  Furthermore, the way it has been designed, it also can reduce the fatigue and protect the line from breakage.

Overall Specifications:

  • Powerful drag washers to confidently fight with saltwater fishes.
  • Aluminum rotor and reel resist the corrodes and enhance lifetime.
  • Fat bail wire reduces the line breaking possibility.
  • Comfortable handle for easier casting.


6)Yoshikawa Baitfeeder

Yoshikawa Baitfeeder Spinning Reel

This is such a reel that is very suitable for the beginners and skilled anglers. To active the free spool mode just turn on the small lever without touching the bail. Such an easier and amazing option on the reel is really useful to immediately turn the spool into free mode. The whole body is corrosion resistant as the side plate has been constructed with Titan Graphite and the aluminum spool is CNC machined. Moreover, the stainless steel shaft and the aluminum handle also have been added into the design to make it a completely non-corroded reel.

Overall Specifications:

  • Combined with all top grade materials what we expect to have to achieve the quality.
  • Graphite & Aluminum reduced the weight to let you feel comfortable in operating.
  • Baitfeeder drag system to quickly turn it into free spool mode for fighting with the big fishes.
  • 5.5:1 gear ratios for easy line retrieving with speed.
  • Variety sizes and line capacity allow you find the right one.


7)Pisfun Fishing Reel

Pisfun Spinning Fishing Reel

You would like the Pisfun Reel for many reasons. Firstly the multi drag systems on it are oil soaked and able to provide a powerful operation when you fight with the catches. Secondly the corrosion resistant body of it that is literally completed with high quality, strong and non corrodible materials. Moreover, the six ball bearings with anti reserving system always can provide a powerful and smoothest operation you need in fishing. As well, the Pisfun manufactures this reel with multiple sizes, so you can pick the perfct one as you need.

Overall Specifications:

  • Several drag washers for maximum strength and oiled felt for noiseless rotations.
  • Ergonomic for whitewater fishing.
  • Also great on salt water.
  • One of the good ones for starters.


8)Daiwa Opus

Daiwa Opus Saltwater Spinning Reel

This is inexpensive but has been owned some high quality features and possibly this is one of  the main reason why most of the inshore anglers like it. Like the previous one of the list it is also designed with multi disc drag for the smoothest and powerful operation you need to fight against a big fish. The twist buster line helps to maintain the line comfortably and neatly while the limitless anti reserving system ensures a superior control and easy operation. You can confidently use this fishing reel for any operation in the saltwater.

Overall Specifications:

  • Twist buster eliminates line twisting.
  • Multi disc drags for exceptional power.
  • Versatile and forget the side effects of salt water.
  • Infinite anti reserving promisingly maintains the requirement of a fisherman.


9)Penn Pursuit II

Penn Pursuit II Spinning Reel

If you want a perfectly crafted reel with being inexpensive, then the Penn Pursuit II would provide a great value for your hard earned money. Because of the inexpensive cost and quality materials, it is a favorite reel for many professional and amateur anglers. This lightweight body is composed with 4+1 shielded stainless steel bearing that literally provides a powerful operation. As well, the infinitive anti reserving system is also great while the whole corrosion resistant body lets you to use confidently on the saltwater.

Overall Specifications:

  • Graphite and aluminum combinedly hold the strength and power.
  • Different design of the handle brings power and smoothness during reeling.
  • Ergonomic usage of the top grade materials.
  • Shielded ball bearings with anti reserving.


10)Okuma Avenger ABF

Okuma Avenger ABF Graphite Bait Feeder Reel

The Okuma Avenger ABF actually has been noticed for the bait feeding system and easy to reach lever that allows you to turn the spool in free mode by just a simple flip. The oil soaked drag washers provide a very smoothest reeling with a CNC machined spool and as a corrosion resistant reel the saltwater won’t be able to damage the body. Such a handy creation can be used to catch some great spices like walleye, catfish and rockfish.

Overall Specifications:

  • Bait Feeding system to instantly turn the reel into free running mode.
  • Anti reverse bearing with six ball bearings.
  • Aluminum handle for maximum rigidity and decreased weight.
  • It includes a spare graphite spool for extra support.



Why You Should Use A Spinning Reel?

The spinning reel is a trustworthy equipment to a newbie, because the maintenance is easier and simpler than the baitcaster.  You don’t need huge practice before ensuring a final operation. It’s functional and it maintains the simplicity on casting and confirms the reduced possibility on backslash and line tangling. Either the breezy air or heavy wind, the line would be cast expectedly well on the target distance. The baitcaster gained dependability and trust because of being the high-end equipment of game fishing. But managing a 250 pounds tuna or marlin by a baitcaster is not the matter of few day’s experiences and using the heavy lures and managing the game fishes would require vast experiences.

Literally it has been trustworthy because of being a handy simpler equipment for handling smaller applications. It also has that strength and power to play some games on the adventurous offshore and it at least maintains that capability to be used as an equipment for fighting with medium size offshore fishes. But when you are out of offshore, you can also use these reels to catch bluegills on farming ponds or creeks while no restrictions on catching bass and trout.

Another thing is, it doesn’t offer the limited usability. An aluminum or graphite reel can tolerate the effect of harsh environment, I mean, if you continually go for fishing on the popular saltwater fishing destinations, neither the water would corrode the reel, nor any other partial damages.


Be Efficient On Choosing!

To be efficient on purchasing any reel requires your previous experience or your overall idea over the mechanism and internal and external construction of the reel. So here is a shorter deep analysis of construction, size, materials and other mechanisms what might eliminate your hesitations on selecting a great spinning reel.


At first know how manufacturer determines the size

Sometimes understanding the size of the reel can be crucial to a newbie. Because the manufacturer indicates the size in different manner what looks like complicated to understand if you actually don’t know how they settled the numbers to highlight the size. On the other hand, misunderstanding on selecting the size can affect the line capacity you want. It sometimes even affects the gear ratios. So what you should intend on haven’t any mistake in meeting the desired reel size.

Basically the size can be indicated by a range of certain numbers what sometimes defines the similar meaning of 10 into 1000 and 40 into 4000. But if you want the size in certain categories like small, medium and large, then you can find the numbers here that would eliminate your hesitation in finding the reel size.


-Small: 10/100/1000 – 35/350/3500

-Medium: 40/400/4000 – 55/550/5500

-Large: 60/600/6000


Strong drag washers stay strong on huge pressure

The drag washer is the bone on a reel what directly tackles the pressure during catching a fish. The thin or low quality drag washer breaks when the line falls under pressure. The quality drag washer ensures a confident fight with the game fishes. So a thin metal washer would break your trust on the reel, but the best one would make your hand strong on conquering the hooked fish. Expert always would like you want to choose oiled felt carbon fiber drag washers for low noises and extreme power. But on average or low budget, the aluminum washers are also fair.


Spinning reels are mostly the combination of  a few components

It can be a rare case that the full body is made from a single type material. The shaft, side plate, rotor, washers, handle and spool every part is molded of different material. But aluminum, graphite and carbon fiber are still efficient to maintain the user’s requirement. Because, these materials are 95% encouraged to show their efficiency than their 5% weakness. Their combinations are positively responsible for high end superiority with sturdiness and less weight.

Any harsh or salty environment can’t suck the core strength of these materials. Although sometimes you would have to allow the stainless steel to maintain your choice and other factors.


Gear ratios affect the reeling speed

When the line comes into the spool the speed of line retrieving depends on the gear ratio. So if the gear ratio is likely 5.5:1, the explanation is simple. I mean the spool would rotate 5.5 times for every strike of the handle. So how fast retrieving speed you want on every rotation, simply select that by confirming the gear ratio when you are buying.

Despite the slow speed isn’t against the effectiveness, because it gives a fair management on maintaining a big hooked fish.


Final Verdict

So if you want a spinning reel in this price tag, then this list with the details would help you. Because these handy and remarkable creations for fishing have been composed with high quality, strength and corrosion resistant materials as if the saltwater can’t damage the body. And that’s why these reels can provide greater service for years.

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