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The backtrack GPS devices are different from the handheld GPS and it doesn’t include as many features as the handheld GPS does. That’s why it is smaller than the handheld GPS and the price is inexpensive compared to the handheld GPS. Once you have marked the point you can simply keep it in your pocket and when you will start to go back to the main point, the backtrack GPS will give you the accurate direction as if you don’t lose yourself. So whether you start the day with kayak fishing in the river or go somewhere from the campsite, you will always get you back on the right point after having the trip. Furthermore, these kinds of devices also can display the current time, temperature and altitude. So the backtrack GPS also can be versatile in some cases.


What You Shouldn’t  Forget To Consider

There are a few things you can consider before choosing a backtrack GPS. A quality GPS means it will be long lasted and able to track the data very accurately. So get an idea by following the lines on below to choose a right backtrack GPS.

Ability To Store The Data

Although all of the GPS devices have the ability to store the records. But it does matter how many records it can store. For a backtrack GPS it can record the five waypoints to 20 waypoints. So make sure the storage ability, the higher storage ability means it is able to record lots of data for your multiple outdoor activities.

High Sensitivity Receiver

Although a backtrack GPS doesn’t store a lot of information as it is basically used to track the route you overcome to reach on the destination. But a high sensitivity receiver on a GPS makes it powerful to track and receive the data properly with better accuracy on any condition of the outdoor.

Battery Life

If the GPS loses the battery life during the outdoor’s activity, then you will be in trouble. So make sure the GPS can provide a good battery life. Most of the backtrack GPS devices use AAA size batteries while a GPS shouldn’t have the battery life less than 20 hours.

Weather Resistant Design

You will use a GPS on various conditions, so it should have the weather resistant feature as if the condition of outdoor can’t eliminate the ability of it to track the route.


Five Best Backtrack GPS For Multiple Outdoor Activities

Don’t think the post is written by a guy of Bushnell (=D). Honestly, when I researched to find out the best backtrack GPS on the market, I saw the GPS from Bushnell has got the most positive feedbacks from users. Moreover, I use the Bushnell FishTrack Personal GPS as an angler, so I know how effectively it works for me and if you read the specifications of these GPS devices on below, you would also have the idea why they are best for multiple outdoor activities.


1)Bushnell Backtrack Point 3

Bushnell Backtrack Point 3

The Bushnell Backtrack Point 3 retained the simplicity as a backtrack GPS. Literally the GPS will be controlled by two easy buttons. Just mark the point and go wherever you want, because you can simply go back to the point you started after reaching the destination. So no matter how far you have gone, you will always have the easiest way to go back to the home without losing yourself for a second. On the other hand, the larger screen of the GPS clearly shows the data and that’s why you should haven’t any problem to read it in the sunlight.

This high sensitivity GPS uses uBLOX receiver and digital compass for greater accuracy and faster loading capacity while it can store up to the three locations. Literally, it is no matter, whether you use the GPS for fishing, running, walking or finding a car in the crowded parking lot, you will always have the way to operate it on the easiest way.


2)Bushnell BackTrack Original G2 GPS

Bushnell BackTrack Original G2 GPS

This sleek and lightweight Bushnell BackTrack G2 GPS is one of the handy backtrack GPS device out there that is ergonomically designed for the best use. This small GPS can be easily placed in your pocket and easy to operate with the two intuitive buttons. Like the last one it is also composed with high sensitivity GPS receiver for a quick loading and analyzing capacity for the data. With this GPS it is no matter where is your destination, keep going fearlessly until you have reached on the destination and end of the day start coming back by following the screen. It uses grayscale LCD, so no problem to read it anywhere.

It has a weather resistant feature that lets you to use the GPS fearlessly on any condition. Like the previous one it is also able to store up to three locations and to be operated the GPS it needs two AAA batteries that provide a longer lifetime.


3)Bushnell GPS BackTrack Personal Locator

Bushnell GPS BackTrack Personal Locator

This GPS has been made with a high sensitivity SiRF star III receiver that lets you to get the data quickly on screen. No matter, where you marked the point, you will always be on the right track when you are about to find the way to go back. You can use the service of it to track the route or way for many purposes like if you are going away from the campsite, or visiting a mall or having a day with fishing randomly in the river, or if you parked the car on a very crowded parking lot. The GPS can give the guarantee that once you marked the point, then you will get the access easily to your starting point.

It is also composed with a self calibrating digital compass that maximizes the usability and lets you to get an update of the level of temperature of outdoor or current time of where you stayed or  the altitude. You can use two AAA batteries for the GPS that can give an optimal lifetime to active it for approximately 20 hours. It is also weather resistant, so don’t worry to use it on any condition of the outdoor.


4)Bushnell FishTrack Personal GPS

Bushnell FishTrack Personal GPSThe Bushnell FishTrack Personal GPS is a very useful backtrack GPS device for fishing that lets you to easily reach on the dock by displaying the record of where you have been on the sea or river. It can mark up to 25 locations, that means you will never lose yourself on the way. It simply draws a map that displays where you have been and simplifies the system to easily find your way. As well, you can also analyze the data of your trip for the last 48 hours. So no worries about the ability of it for storing the record.

The GPS also can additionally track the time, temperature, weather condition and barometric pressure while the feature of predictive fishing information and lightning detection will be helpful to expect a successful fishing trip. Amazingly, you can also share these records of the trip with your friends on social media.


5)Bushnell Bear Grylls Edition Back Track Original G2 GPS

Bushnell Bear Grylls Edition Back Track Original G2 GPSLiterally the Bushnell Bear Grylls Edition G2 GPS is an improved version that additionally includes a rescue mirror. But the basic features of it like the Bushnell Backtrack Point 3 and also should be used for the same purpose. It is able to locate and store up to locations while it also uses high sensitivity receiver. The GPS is compact and lightweight and you can just put it in the pocket. It ensures that you will not get lost again on any way you have used to reach on the destination.

Just mark the point and start tracking the route effortlessly. You can do everything by just two simple buttons and on the mission of getting back to the point you started, it will give you a complete direction. Like the other ones you can also operate the GPS by two simple AAA batteries.


Final Verdict

After reading the above description, now you may know why I called them the best backtrack GPS on the market. Undoubtedly, these backtrack GPS devices are handy and can track the way from the point 100% accurately while the high sensitivity receiver allows you to read and analyze the quickly. But if you are an angler, then I would recommend the Bushnell FishTrack Personal GPS as it has some additional features for fishing.

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