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The advantages of kayak fishing are great, because you can cover a large area in a single day while you can properly use the target hot spots. As the reason, you would be rewarded with lots of fishes than other normal day. Actually, there have been invented some great kayaks for pro anglers. But, the pro fishing kayaks are specifically designed for offshore fishing and such pro kayaks are large, greatly stable (as they have to survive in very rough waters) and cost higher than a beginner kayak. Sometimes the professional fishing kayak costs under $1000 or at least under $500 while the high quality or best beginner fishing kayaks aren’t so much expensive.


That’s why we have to follow different tricks to choose a beginner fishing kayak. At first these kayaks should be very budget friendly as if you can be easily owned of your very first desired kayak. On the other hand, you wouldn’t immediately jump for offshore fishing at the beginning. Because you have to literally gain the experiences, learn the tricks and then you may be allowed to start fishing in the sea or offshore. It would approximately take a year to become a skilled angler to start adventurous fishing in offshore.


So are you looking for the best beginner fishing kayaks that are budget friendly, durable, stable and easy to maneuver? Don’t worry… you are in the right place where you are literally going to discover the right things you want. I have written in a few of short paragraphs that actually tell why these kayaks in below are best for beginners.


The kayaks Are Durable: a durable kayak ensures that it will be safe during the time it hits over the rocks in shallow water. On the other hand, when you pull the kayak after adjusting it with a kayak cart to get it on the edge of the lake or any spot, the hull of it won’t be cracked because of the bumps or impacts. Moreover, the durability makes your kayak properly stable as if you can really enjoy the stability and control in water.

The Kayaks Are Stable: I don’t want that your kayak loses the control because of the lack of stability. You actually need the comfortability to maneuver your kayak in water. So if there has the lack of stability, then the chances are higher of being failed to necessarily maneuver your kayak. On the other hand, the stability will retain your kayak properly even over the rough water. So you can easily cast the line and handle the hooked fishes properly without thinking that your kayak would be tilted down because of the sway body movement.

The Kayaks Have Rod Holders: The rod holders on the kayak let you easily manage several fishing rods at the same time. Actually using a single rod won’t give you so many catches. That’s why you should bring several rods to your fishing expedition to be rewarded with lots of catches. So the rod holders on the kayak give hands free managing for the rods.

The kayaks Have Safe Storage Compartments: You can’t skip to bring the tackle box, lures, foods, snacks and gears to your fishing expedition. The dry storage compartments actually keep them safe and ensure they are in the place where the water can’t reach. Although some beginner kayaks don’t include the dry storage compartment and in that case you should use a kayak deck bag or waterproof fishing backpack.


Three Best Beginner fishing Kayaks To Get Started In Kayak Fishing

So meet the best beginner fishing kayaks that are ergonomically designed for newbie anglers. You can successfully enjoy a regular or a weekend fishing trip by these kayaks.

Fishing KayaksCapacity Rod HoldersDry Storage CompartmentsCore Materials Our Ratings Price

Sun Dolphin Excursion 10

250 lbsYesYes High Density Polyethylene4.7

Sun Dolphin Journey 10

250 lbsYes Yes High Density Polyethylene 4.5

Old Town Vapor Town 10

275-325 lbsYes NoHigh Density Polyethylene4.5


1)Sun Dolphin Excursion 10

Sun Dolphin Excursion 10

To start your inshore fishing expedition the Sun Dolphin Excursion 10 is an ideal vessel that has a very strong hull, ergonomic design and stability for the optimum balance and easy maneuvering. The tough polyethylene material maximizes the durability while the polyethylene hull is comparably lightweight. The V shape hull also maximizes the tracking ability and retains a great balance during cornering. On the other hand, it is able to hold 250 pounds what is enough to retain you and your all necessary stuffs over the water.

It is also designed with a large cockpit as if you can manage yourself in the kayak very comfortably while the adjustable seat will give you comfort. The dry storage hatch on the kayak ensures that your gears are safe and away from the water.  Moreover, if you want to properly manage the rods, the flush mount and swivel rod holders give hands free managing system for the rods.


2)Sun Dolphin Journey 10

Sun Dolphin Journey 10

The Sun Dolphin Journey 10 is a sit on top kayak that gives the optimal comfortability. There are many reasons why this kayak has been renowned as one of the great kayak for beginners. Its large seating area, open cockpit and foot braces give the superior comfortability to sit and stretch out your legs properly. It includes a portable accessory carrier that can be used for dry storage while you can easily place it on rear open storage compartment that secures the P.A.C by bungee cord. On the other hand, the bungee cord on the front of the kayak is also great to securely hold the fish bag or backpack.

The swivel and flush mount rod holders can hold three fishing rods at the same time. So you would be more comfortable to manage your rods. It has also a mini dry storage compartment on the deck to hold and provide your necessary mini gears at the right time.


3)Old Town Vapor Town 10

Old Town Vapor Town 10

Although the Old Town Vapor Town 10 isn’t designed with a dry storage compartment, but the stability and durable hull of the kayak would impress you. The hull of the kayak is composed of polyethylene that is excellently durable and lightweight as if your kayak becomes easier to transport. This sit in kayak maximizes the user’s comfortability by adding a comfort flex seat that is comfortable while your body won’t be fatigued even after hours of fishing. It has a molded cup holder where you can put your drink or water bottle as if you won’t feel the lack of hydration.

It also has a molded paddle park where you can let your paddle to safely cradle. As well, if the floor has some excess water, you can use the drain plug to pour them out elsewhere. Although, it hasn’t any swivel rod holder, but the two flush mount rod holders can handle two rods. Check Out Our Review


Final Verdict

So if you are thinking to get started in kayak fishing, you can perfectly use them for your purpose. Because these kayaks offer the true advantages that you want from your desired fishing kayak. That’s why getting started in fishing with these kayaks would be the right decision.

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