Best Fish Cleaning Tables- Make Filleting Easier!

Cleaning a fish isn’t an easy task and you literally need a serious effort to clean it out. But, we can make it simpler than it literally is if we use a specific table that’s been intentionally made to do it easily. You can bring such a table to your garden, campground or any remote place. It would have a specifically designed surface to place the fish properly and at the same time you could simply use your fillet knife without feeling uncomfortable. Sometimes, it could come with a faucet and sprayer to make the whole task as simple as you expect. You can get the source of water by the hose of your garden as some units literally accept it.


Although, all tables aren’t designed to be used in the home, garden and campground. You can find the board that is designed for the boat. So, if you want to catch and cook the fish in real time, you can pick these boards for your boats. These small units are also portable and able to be adjusted without any serious effort.


8 Best Fish Cleaning Tables To Use In Different Places

So, here we have 8 picks of tables that have been designed to use in different places like, garden, campground and boats. If you want to clean fish on different situation, you can pick one of them.

TablesPerfect ForMade WithFaucet IncludedOur Ratings


OutdoorPolyethylene Yes4.8


OutdoorPolyethylene Yes4.7

Kotulas Fish Cleaning Camp Table

OutdoorPolyethylene Yes4.7

Coldcreek Outfitters Outdoor Washing Table

OutdoorPolyethylene No4.5

Gymax Fish Table

OutdoorPolyethylene Yes4.5

Magma Products Combination Bait/Filet Mate

BoatPolyethylene No4.6

Magma Products Econo

BoatPolyethylene No4.5

Five Oceans Cutting Board

BoatPolyethylene No4.4


The Seek Skft-48s looks comfortable as it offers an ample working surface to simply turn the whole fish into pieces. Instead a fully flat surface, it offers a sloped working space as if the water can easily leave the place during the time you wash your fish. Aside the sloped side the raised area is also great to make a good working surface. The faucet it include is able to be simply connected with a garden hose while the extended sprayer could leave the water with a force to clean with more comfort. The faucet with sink is also a perfect area for an ultimate wash out and the attached hose with the sink should be able to pour the water elsewhere.


It’s foldable and that’s why you can keep it elsewhere after working. On the other hand, the wire mesh shelf should be helpful to keep any tool in the place during working. It’s also versatile and you might use it for other outdoor work as you need.

What We Like: 

  • Sloped surface and raised edge make a comfortable place to work with a smile on the face.
  • Faucet and sprayer to leave the force of water where it needs.
  • The garden hose can be used to active the faucet and sprayer.
  • A sink is adjusted for an additional support.
  • Foldable legs for portability and storing in a little space.

What We Don’t Like:

  • The spray nozzle might not work properly.
  • Price would be expensive.


2)LIFETIME 280560LIFETIME 280560

This is such a table that could overcome the maximum abuse when it comes to cutting the fish into pieces. The high density polyethylene surface is tough and stain resistant and you won’t see any scratch whether you use it for any outdoor work or cleaning fish. Aside from the stain resistant surface, the tough hull would withstand the negatives of the unwanted hits. On the other hand, the powder coated  steel frame is quite strong to simplify the pressure while it would remain safe from the rust. I would also praise the height settings that would help anyone to keep the table on a preferable height.


You can use the hose of your garden and the sprayer with two spray settings will provide a different force of the water to work comfortably. It folds form the middle while the legs can be collapsed when it comes to put it in the car or your home.

What We Like:

  • Stain resistant surface keeps it always perfect to work.
  • Strong to avoid the cracks against unwanted hits.
  • Height settings to make it fully comfortable to use.
  • Two spray settings to apply the force of water perfectly.
  • Foldable to easily keep it in the car for camping.

What We Don’t Like:

  • The price might be expensive compared to contenders.
  • Might be a little bit uncomfortable to adjust the height.


3)Kotulas Fish Cleaning Camp Table

Kotulas Fish Cleaning Camp TableWith a sloped surface and raised edge it would be an ideal space to work without feeling distressed. The water you will apply during cutting a fish will directly move into the adjusted basin without creating any force. A hose with the basin will help to force the water to move elsewhere. The surface remains safe from the scratch of the knife as it is stain resistant and strong. To work wisely it comes with a faucet to easily use the water like the one of your kitchen. You could adjust the hose of your garden to get a source of the water while the locking legs of the table can keep the table in place.


To pack up the whole unit the legs can be collapsed and it can go straight to a store room of your home. Moreover, you can either adjust or remove the drain hose as you would need during your work.

What We Like:

  • Adjusted basin and stainless steel faucet will be helpful to work.
  • Combination of sloped and raised surface for extra comfort.
  • Removable drain hose is helpful for portability.
  • Scratch free working area to use the knife without distressing.
  • Locking legs save the table from unusual movement.


What We Don’t Like:

  • Wouldn’t be able to hold huge weight.
  • Drainage hose looks short.
  • The faucet wouldn’t last like a couple of years.


4)Coldcreek Outfitters Outdoor Washing Table

Coldcreek Outfitters Outdoor Washing Table
It’s a versatile table and intentionally designed to clean out multiple things like veggies, cookware, meats and fish. It comes with a working area to fillet the fish, cut the veggies and meats. Although, you can instantly make a full working space by closing the sinks. The sinks have the flaps to easily close the sinks and after closing you can turn it as a full flat table. The polyethylene in the table is scratch proof and you can use the knife without getting it scratched. Such a tough working space is lightweight to make it a portable unit for outdoor use. Moreover, the collapsible parts on it make it more suitable for transporting and it is high enough to work perfectly.


The sinks have removable drain plugs, that means you could remove the hose when it needs to transport. The stainless steel sturdy foldable legs simply turn it as a portable unit and while you work the easy snap locking system in it is able to hold a plastic bag to contain the dusts.

What We Like:

  • Two deep sinks to wash out multiple things at the same time.
  • Flaps are able to quickly make it as a full working area.
  • Tough material can overcome the abuse.
  • A specific hole with an easy snap locking system to hold the plastic bag.
  • Removable drain plug for portability.

What We Don’t Like:

  • The legs aren’t strong enough to contain heavier things.
  • A pre attached faucet would make it more useful.


5)Gymax Fish Table

Gymax Fish Table

It can be an effective solution to prepare things like veggies, chicken and fish for cooking. The unit is portable and built up with portable legs to eliminate the complications of carrying it elsewhere out of your home. The iron legs are enough to consume the pressure of your stuff and the polyethylene board is great to keep it protected from cracks and scratch. The table is simply great for outdoor enthusiasts as it has a sink where you can simply wash out your cooking stuff. To get the supply of the water you can use the hose with loaded water of your garden.


On the other hand, the extending sprayer is a unique addition to this table that is able to help you to necessarily apply the water pressure. The telescoping drain hose is also an effective addition that is able to extend up to 34 inches to pour the water a little bit away from your workplace.

What We Like:

  • Sturdy polyethylene board remains crack free after years of use.
  • You can fold the legs to bring it on the campground.
  • Sturdy legs are able to consume the pressure.
  • Extending sprayer to apply the water effectively.
  • Telescoping drain hose to easily pour the water away from your workplace.

What We Don’t Like:


6)Magma Products Combination Bait/Filet Mate

Magma Products Combination Bait/Filet Mate
It comes with a different design and should be great for a boat. The angler would be able to enjoy a great time with this table as you can simply fillet your catches while you fish. It would be able to be strongly mounted on your boat by a flush mount rod holder. It includes a LeveLock fish rod holder mount and you could keep the table on any preferable angle. This UV stabilized and polyethylene based table is safe from the damages of sun rays and the strong character of it would help you to fillet the catches comfortably. It doesn’t tend to absorb the odor of the fish and that’s why it remains usable for any certain need.


It has a perfect drainage system with a slotted back. If you keep the back a little bit down the water will easily move elsewhere. Moreover, it has a knife and plier holder to work with the perfection you deserve. After your fishing trip, you could simply insert the table from your boat and this simple and lightweight unit shouldn’t be a problem to transport.

What We Like:

  • Safe from cracks, mildew and the odor of fish after use.
  • Able to fit on any perfect angle.
  • Slotted back to keep the water out while you work.
  • Additionally can be used as a food preparation table.
  • Simply fit in flush mount rod holder.
  • Can hold the fishing plier and knife.

What We Don’t Like:

  • Might not be great for home.
  • No faucet. So, you would require the water supply from another source.


7)Magma Products Econo

Magma Products Econo

Also made by the same manufacturer, but it’s a bit different to mount with the boat. Instead, mounting the board with a rod holder, it offers a mounting bracket to install with the boat. The bracket also includes a push/pull pin to easily secure the table. The hinge bracket with the table will ensure, you could simply attach and detach it easily. Whenever you need to store this unique unit, the hinge bracket won’t be a problem as it folds. It has a specific knife and plier storage slot as if you can keep them secured when you filet the catches.


To make the drainage easier, it has a slotted back to force the water go out without struggling. It is also odor resistant as if you can get it still fresh on next use. The UV stabilized material also secures it from harmful rays and the flat surface is mildew resistant. Aside filleting the fish, you can also use the surface of it to prepare the bait.

What We Like:

  • Easier mounting system with a sturdy mounting bracket and easy push pull pin.
  • Knife and plier storage slot.
  • Also great as a food and bait preparation table.
  • Mildew and odor resistant surface.
  • Slotted back for a perfect drainage system.
  • Virtually indestructible and safe from UV rays.

What We Don’t Like:

  • The hinge wouldn’t be able to hold huge pressure.
  • A faucet with the board would be fine, but it’s missing.


8)Five Oceans Cutting Board

Five Oceans Cutting Board
Compared to other tables this cutting, fillet and serving board is smaller. But, to be honest, it’s another great cutting and serving board to use on the boat. You could simply prepare the foods, veggies, fish or meat on this board to start cooking. As a portable board, it is able to fit on the flush mount rod holder while you could set it out on any comfortable angle. The board has the little storage compartments to hold the pieces and you could properly arrange the things on it as you expect. Like other boards, it has smaller holes to hold the fillet knife and pliers


The aluminum pole on the board keeps it sturdy and the polyethylene based material on the board can keep it crack and scratch free. The clean surface won’t absorb the odor of the fish and you wouldn’t have any problem on next use.

What We Like:

  • Perfect as a fillet table, cutting board and food preparation table.
  • Fits on flush mount rod holder.
  • Aluminum shaft keeps it sturdy during use.
  • Tray storage to properly keep the pieces.
  • Doesn’t absorb the odor to keep the surface fresh.

What We Don’t Like:

  • The plastic wouldn’t be as tough as it describes.
  • The working surface is too short.


Few Things To Consider

Fish cleaning tables are certainly efficient and effective to fillet the fish. But, you need to ultimately confirm that it’s also going to be effective for you. The perfect features and quality can do this simple trick and you would get the best value of your money. So, we have analyzed a few factors that would be helpful.


Does it have the faucet and sprayer?

I think it’s a great addition to any fish cleaning table. You can connect the hose of your garden to your faucet and sprayer to get a perfect supply of the water. So, after cutting the fish you can wash them in the sink and the faucet will help like the one you have got in your kitchen. The sprayer also would be effective to use the force of water and it would be great to precisely apply the water on any certain spot. So, getting a faucet and sprayer on the table would literally make the table more useful.


Should it be lightweight and portable?

To comfortably bring the unit out of your home it should be portable. That’s why the legs should be at least collapsible as if you can easily leave it in your car. With the foldable legs the board also should be lightweight as if the weight can’t make you uncomfortable. But, make sure the board and legs both are sturdy as if it can survive under the conventional pressure. During research, I have noticed some people complained on some tables that the legs get broken because of the pressure. So, make sure your picks can go through under any certain condition.


Should you care about the material of the table top?

The table top would have to go through under the hits of the knife and other conventional abuses. So, it shouldn’t have any scratch after the use while it shouldn’t also start weakening because of UV rays. The molded UV resistant polyethylene (that the kayak uses) in the table top might be great as It won’t easily crack. On the other hand, it would remain perfect even after getting the hits of the knife. Such material is also virtually indestructible that would make the table sturdier.


Are The Legs Rust Resistant?

The legs also make an important role when it comes to judge the stability of the table. The sturdy legs would be able to overcome the conventional pressure. But, a non rust proof material on the legs won’t make the lifetime longer of the table and reasonably the legs should be rust proof. If the legs are rust proof, the saltwater won’t even be able to damage it.

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