Best Fishing Backpacks In 2018 | Reviews & Our Top 10 Selections

No matter whether you confirm a fishing trip on the remote areas or local spots, if you want to a have a memorable fishing trip, of course you have to get arranged all accessories that you need for a successful fishing trip. Honestly an ordinary backpack can’t offer you that you can arrange the fishing rods, lures, trays, lines and other things in it. So if you want to get all your items in arranged, then better to use a fishing specific backpack. And when you are thinking for such a backpack, the question comes what are the best fishing backpacks?


As an angler I know this feeling as I also used to find out them. So the time has come to help others and that’s why I spent numerous time only to research out what are the quality backpacks for anglers.  And finally I have been able to present you the 10 best of them. The backpacks in the list are waterproof and have a wider storage option with lots of compartments. You can properly arrange your all items with the specific zippered compartments while the adjustable straps, cushioned paddings on the strap and back can provide you a comfortable feeling when they are in use.


10 Best Fishing Backpacks- Our Selections and Comparison Table

The price tag for these backpacks would be different, but their surprising quality, neat and hassle free storing system would be liked by every angler. So let’s spend few times to make sure what they really offer to us.

Fishing BackpacksCore Materials Capacity Our Ratings Price

Spiderwire Fishing Tackle Backpack

Polyester Medium4.7

Wild River 3606 Multi-Tackle Backpack

Polyester Upper Than Medium 4.8

Wild River by CLC WT3604

Polyester Upper Than Medium 4.8

Fiblink Single Shoulder Fishing Tackle Backpack

NylonLower Than Medium4.5

Piscifun Sports Shoulder Fishing Tackle Bag

Nylon/420D PVC CanvasLower Than Medium4.6

Superfisher Waterproof Heavy Duty Fishing Backpack

Heat Resistant- Non Sticky Thicken ClothsExtensive4.3

Shimano Blackmoon Fishing Backpacks

Textured FabricMedium4.6

Fly Fishing Backpack

Mesh, PolyesterLower Than Medium4.6

Maxcatch Fly Fishing Vest Pack

PolyesterExtensive (When Both Are Paired)4.7

Calcutta Framed Tackle Backpack



1)Spiderwire Fishing Tackle Backpack

Spiderwire Fishing Tackle Backpack

So, to safely and easily carry out the gears this Spider Fishing Tackle Backpack can be a very perfect choice for anglers especially who looks for a bag with keeping the wallet safe. The bag has three different compartments in the middle that can keep things cold like the food, drinks and baits. The top compartment of the bag can safely hold all of your personal things while the lower compartment can include three utility boxes. Furthermore, the bottom of the backpack is flat, that means you can keep the backpack upright on any surface. The backpack also has a foam molded sunglass case that can keep the sunglass safe without letting it to get scratched.


2)Wild River 3606 Multi-Tackle Backpack

Wild River 3606 Multi-Tackle Backpack

The Wild River 3606 can be an ideal backpack for the professional level angler or fisherman. This large backpack has been designed to provide a wide storage option with an ultimate safe while the compartments of the bag can be easily accessed. Amazingly, it has an upper storage area with removable divider that can hold the large items and to neatly hold the trays it comes with a compartment on the lower of the bag that can hold four 3600 style trays. Even you can surprisingly use the bag as your work surface as you can easily fold down the large front pocket that looks like an amazing work surface. The clear internal pocket of it also ensures a safety place for the maps and license that are always visible.


3)Wild River by CLC WT3604

Wild River by CLC WT3604

The CLC WT3604 also comes from Wild River that offers some amazing options what you would miss on the Wild River 3606. This compact backpack looks extraordinary as you can discover some innovative options in it. Firstly, you would notice an integrated LED light on the bag to comfortably pass the fishing time from dusk to dawn. The light also has three different output levels to active the right lighting mode you need for fishing. As a top quality backpack for fishing it has a protective rain cover to immediately save the things that have been loaded into the bag. As a large backpack it has the padded and adjustable shoulder straps as if you wouldn’t have the feeling of numbness into your shoulder.


4)Fiblink Single Shoulder Fishing Tackle Backpack

Fiblink Single Shoulder Fishing Tackle Backpack

This single shoulder backpack is completely suitable for camping, hiking, cycling and fishing. That means this all in one pack is the right gift for outdoor enthusiast people. In truth this is a waterproof bag that uses water resistant nylon for the inner parts and every compartment. The nylon that it used to be constructed, that not only great to save the gears from water, but also amazingly perfect to provide you a durable bag. It ensures you will be using the backpack with ultra comfort by providing the padded compartment, back support and shoulder while you can enhance the comfort by positioning the shoulder strap onto the right or left. The multiple inner and exterior compartments are properly designed to hold your outdoor gears.


5)Piscifun Sports Shoulder Fishing Tackle Bag

Piscifun Sports Shoulder Fishing Tackle Bag

This fishing bag with single strap may not look too large, but the 8.66 inches long and 7.08 inches width main compartment can properly hold some needable gears of fishing. The user mostly likes it for quick accessibility without getting the bag down from your shoulder. With the main compartment the external zippered compartments can hold the other accessories. The padded single strap of the bag provides the ease of use without feeling the numbness and because of the 420D PVC canvas material it as much durable as you want. It’s also multipurpose, so feel free to use it for other activities.


6)Superfisher Waterproof Heavy Duty Fishing Backpack

Superfisher Waterproof Heavy Duty Fishing Backpack

This Superfisher Fishing Backpack is amazingly large with spacious compartments. So you can say good by the limitation of carrying out your items, foods, clothes and other things you additionally wish to carry on the spot. The front pocket cover of the bag is foldable and anytime you can make it as a work surface by unzipping the front pocket cover. Furthermore, they used the high quality thicken cloth that is waterproof, heatproof and has the proper firmness for the inner and outer surface. This affordable and useful backpack also features the adjustable padded soft shoulder straps for the angler’s comfort.


7)Shimano Blackmoon Fishing Backpacks

Shimano Blackmoon Fishing Backpacks

This is a very highly durable backpack that comes with the full padded straps to finally prevent the numbness. The front cover of it slightly different that features two zippers for a very comfortable access for the zippers. To give the ultimate support for safely storing your accessories you will get multiple compartments for adding the accessories into the bag neatly. It has specially designed side pockets for holding the rods while the additional side pockets are a great addition to the bag for the additional accessories. And if you suddenly face the rain, you can immediately save the contents by using the cover.


8)Fly Fishing Backpack

Fly Fishing Backpack and Vest Combo


This is one of the immensely popular backpack that you will love for the quick accessibility and sometimes you can get the required gears without getting down the bag. The front of the backpack is like a vest that is designed with a zip closure to remove or wear the bag with a great adjustability for the shoulder and waist straps. It has numerous zippered pockets onto the front and rear that means any little or bigger gears won’t be displaced.  To keep you comfort and sweat free it has backed with the meshes to provide you the best comfort with the proper air reachability for your skin. No doubt you can ensure a great arrangement for your accessories with this handy bag. Like the other sports bag it also includes a water bladder to keep you completely active in fishing with keeping you hydrated.


9)Maxcatch Fly Fishing Vest Pack

Fly Fishing Backpack

This is another vest style backpack in the list that has lots of amazing advantages for the anglers. To ensure some highly protective compartments for any important thing, like the files, license or other cards, it has two highly protective shell pockets that can safely carry out these things. It is designed with a rod holder strap on the front part where you can adjust the rod. The three main zippered compartments are extremely useful to hold the fishing gears that you want to put in it while the expandable storage system can enhance the space. On the bottom of the bag it has also the rod holder strap to hold an additional rod.


10)Calcutta Framed Tackle Backpack

Calcutta Framed Tackle Backpack

As a very fishing specific backpack the Calcutta Framed Tackle Backpack ensured that it meets the needs what you expect. Firstly, you would like it for the ability of storage that provides the excellent ability to get your things in a very arranged position.  The construction with waterproof material will save your accessories from being damaged while the padded pockets or compartments likely hold the angler’s things in a comfort mind. This backpack also can hold 3-360 trays while the foldout lure storage pocket can provide extra advantage. Overall, it’s such a backpack the provides the utmost quality for the anglers.



Things To Know To Be Wise At Purchasing A Fishing Backpack

Actually, no all fisherman needs an ample backpack. Because all of us, isn’t the fan of large bass and trout while everyone won’t go to adventurous fishing destinations with a large fishing boat to catch tuna, marlin, sea trout and sailfish. Some newbies also just feel better in catching pan fishes. So how many things you would pack in the backpack, sometimes it can be determined by your plan of where and which fishes you would catch. As an example, if you intend to catch pan fish in farming ponds or creeks, you don’t require multiple trays, different baits, additional fishing lines, reels, rods and food for lunches.

But if you start fishing from dusk and end at dawn, you must have to bring your lunch, snacks and waters that consume decent spaces of the backpack. On the other hand, from bass, trout to sea tuna, almost all big species become trickier while they come across to the bait. So you need different artificial baits and even live baits to become more than trickier than the fishes. As well, you should use several rods and reel combo to be expectedly succeeded and all these things demand enough spaces to be stuffed and in this case a compatible backpack required what can be large.


Don’t Only Count The Compartments, But Also Ensure They Are High-end Reliable

For a tidy organizing of the gears and quick access in any situation you need multiple compartments including small, medium and a mother of all secondary compartments. The secondary compartments are expert to hold accessories and your personal electronic gears. But the desirable core compartment should be reliable to hold tackle boxes alongside your waterproof vest and life jacket.

Although another truth is all backpacks won’t follow the way to be designed with a bigger size. Because the minimally enthusiast fisherman won’t make a big checklist for fishing. Because they are mainly intent on freshwater fishing as just a hobby and they don’t gather numerous gears to pack in the bag.


How Comfortable To Have A Specific Compartment For  Trays Or Tackle Boxes?

The professional fishing backpacks sometimes use a big portion of the core compartment to make a specific place for holding the tackle boxes or trays. This part actually consumes the second half part of the bag where should be accessed from the front end part of the bag with easy access zipper. No doubt, an avid fisherman would praise it a lot, because the tackle boxes are the most useful stuffs to a fisherman. So when you have this specific option, you are always allowed for a most simpler access for the trays.


Water Resistant Is Good, But Waterproof Is Better

You may know the clear difference between water resistant and waterproof. To be honest, sometimes the manufacturer claims like the backpack is entirely waterproof, but the doubt is still alive regarding how protective service it can give if the bag falls in water or rain wets it excessively. From my opinion, I think choosing a water resistant bag can be adequately reliable for gears if you cover it by rainfly. But if the waterproof construction is trustworthy, then purchasing it can be your perfect decision.


Padding With Foam And Meshes Eliminate Sweating and Numbness

After loading the equipments the weight would be generally maximized and it pressurizes over the shoulders when you hang it on the back. But after a time you would feel at least minimal hurt on the shoulders because of the pressure of loaded stuffs while air breathability would be blocked at the contact point. But all these problems would be fixed if the backpack has reliable paddings with several layers of meshes on major contact points.


Quality Materials and Durable Stitches Maximize The Backpack’s Lifetime

Backpacks use an array of materials for the major parts and the material wisely confirms the durability and the weakness of the bag. If the material is durable, the bag should be long lasted. The recommended materials (that should be on your backpack) are Nylon, Polyester, PVC Canvas, Cotton Canvas, Ripstop Nylon and Kodra. But end of everything make sure the pattern of stitches looks compact and durable.


How You Can Arrange The Gears and Tackle Boxes Properly In The Backpack

Arranging the gears and your stuffs properly in the backpack would give you an amazing comfortability when you open out and start using your stuffs. Moreover, arranging the stuffs in the right way creates more spaces and opportunity to put more stuffs in the backpack. On the other hand, you will be comfortable to carry a neatly arranged backpack. That’s why here we added a video (from Intenseangler) that basically gives a guideline to arrange your stuffs in a great way.




I hope after seeing the best backpacks for fishing you won’t have any problem to get the right backpack for your outdoor fishing trips. Although these backpacks are different in style, but end of the day their features and comfortability will ensure they are the right ones what every angler wants.

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