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Sometimes you wouldn’t want to spend thousand dollars for a fishing kayak or you would wish to have a great kayak in your very limited budget. Although I have noticed a confusion into the people as they sometimes don’t believe that it’s really possible to have a great fishing kayak under $400. The list of the great or best fishing kayaks under $400 would be limited, but it’s still possible and I am showing you some examples of them by my research. The number one and two in the list are very fishing specific kayak while the rest ones are compatible for multiple activities in the water.


4 Best Fishing Kayaks Under $400 For The Anglers Who Got Limited By Budget

So no worries even if you get limited by budget. These 4 best fishing kayaks under $400 would help you to get a great fishing kayak in your very limited budget.


1)Lifetime Muskie Angler Sit-On-Top Kayak

Lifetime Muskie Angler Sit-On-Top Kayak

I personally prefer this Lifetime Muskie Angler Sit-On-Top Kayak as it has come up with some incredible things for fishing. Although that would be common for a fishing kayak, but it’s amazing to see these options on an affordable kayak. Firstly, this stiff kayak is made out of high density polyethylene that is uv protected and impact resistant. The kayak has a good capacity for taking 275 lbs weight and very stable over the water. So you can perfectly and confidently stand on it as I had researched and saw some users easily stand on it without getting the kayak shaken.


It has two large compartments for storage on the center and rear and a padded seat with adjustable straps. With this kayak you shouldn’t think too much about your height as the footrest braces can help you to stretch your legs with full relax. And to mount the rods simply it has two flash mounts and a top mount.


What Makes It Great?

  1. The sturdy hull won’t start weakening because of the negative hits of the sun rays. The UV protected high density polyethylene simply does the trick.


2. The shrap bow enhances the speed while the flat bottom ensures it is greatly stable on the water.


3.Tracking skeg ensures a straight paddling with your simple effort while it saves the kayak from unusual turning.


4.Adjustable padded seat back ensures your back is in the comfort.


5.Paddle Keeper helps to secure the paddle as if you don’t get it lost in the water.


2)Sun Dolphin Excursion 10-Foot Sit-in Fishing Kayak

Sun Dolphin Excursion 10-Foot Sit-in Fishing Kayak

Although it’s a 10 foot long and 30 inches wide kayak, but end of the day you would be amazed for its capacity, stability and other useful features it has. It can take the weight up to 250 lbs that is completely amazing. With a padded seat back and interior foot braces for stretching the legs, it’s an amazing kayak that is swift and has several fishing rods mounting option. The hull of the kayak is made out of very durable polyethylene that ensures you will be pedaling the kayak more swiftly. This lightweight kayak is very easy to handle as it has two carry handles, so the anglers can easily lift up and down from the car.


The kayak is also designed with great stability. That means if you are in the beginning, but not in expert to control the kayak in water, then you don’t need any extra attempt. Considering the ability to store the gears it has a large compartment on the rear and to keep every angler hydrated it has a water bottle holder on the front.


What Make It Great?

  1. The rear storage compartment is large to hold the fish and ice cubes and it secures with a large flap and strong cord.


  1. UV stabilized high density polyethylene makes it sturdier and more protective under the sunlight.


  1. Adjustable foot braces would help you to stay comfortable in the kayak.


  1. One swivel and two flush mount rod holders mean you can handle multiple rods with a minimal effort.


  1. A specific paddle and water bottle holder to add more comfort.


3)Sevylor Tahiti Hunt and Fish Kayak

Sevylor Tahiti Hunt and Fish Kayak

This kayak is one of the cheap kayak in the list and recommended for fishing and other activities. This is an inflatable kayak with double seats, so of course you should avoid it to use on highly surf and tides based river. It’s very compatible for using the lake or slow moving river. Although it hasn’t any storage option to store the gears, so of course you have to carry an additional box to store your gear or other thing. The greatness of this inflatable kayak it has multiple air chambers, so don’t worry if the one gets punctured as the others will keep the kayak inflated.


Furthermore, it has double lock valves that provide a quick and easy inflation, and to provide the optimum comfortability to every angler it has the comfortable seats. As well, it is outfitted with the spray covers that will keep you dry when you pedal.


What Make It Great?

  1. Multiple air chambers enhance protection in the water as there is a minor chance to get both the chambers leaked at the same time.


  1. Adjustable seat to keep your back on the right angle and put some comfort on you.


  1. Spray cover to keep you dry when you keep hitting the paddle in the water.


  1. Stable and designed to hold two people while 21 gauge PVC construction keeps it strong.


  1. Carry handles included to easily carry the whole kayak.


4)Sun Dolphin Aruba 10 Sit-in Kayak

Sun Dolphin Aruba 10 Sit-in Kayak

This Sun Dolphin Aruba 10 kayak also comes from Sun Dolphin! This is one of the amazingly affordable kayak for anglers. The kayak is stable and designed with an adjustable padded seat and foot braces for extra comfortability. Like the previous Sun Dolphin Excursion 10, it has a rear storage box to safely keep your gears and on the very front of the kayak it has a water bottle holder. Although it hasn’t been designed with specific fishing rod holders and that’s why you would need to manually adjust them by drilling.


Like the other durable kayaks on the list it also uses uv protected high density polyethylene to ensure it as a durable kayak.  Moreover, you can easily lift up the kayak onto the car for two carrying handles and lightweight body. The kayak is also compatible for other activities in the water.


What Make It Great?

  1. Large gear storage compartment with a secured flap saves the gear from water.


  1. Paddle holder to get the paddle secured when you won’t use it.


  1. High density polyethylene won’t tend to crack when the hull gets hit.


  1. Large cockpit ensures you can move in it without struggling.


  1. Multiple colors to pick the most favorite one.



Things To Consider


How Perfect The Inflatable Kayak Is To Fish?


You know there is a massive difference between inflatable and non-inflatable kayak. To be honest, to fish the inflatable kayak won’t be greater than a conventional polyethylene based kayak. You may choose an inflatable kayak when your budget isn’t huge and an inflatable kayak won’t be able to consume the abuse in water. But if you use it carefully, you will be able to enjoy the fishing by an inflatable kayak. The multiple chambers would help anyone to stay secure in the water as the kayak can float after getting a chamber leaked.


After fishing you could simply deflate the kayak to carry it easily.


Rod Holders

You can imagine a recreational vessel without rod holders, but it is impossible to have a fishing kayak without rod holders. Because, you couldn’t manage multiple rods without having the rod holders in the kayak. Whether it’s flush mount or swivel, such holders will help you to get the rods secured. Although, you could manually attach the holders by DIY method. But getting a few ones pre-attached would be helpful.


Storage Boxes

It would be difficult to keep everything secured without storage boxes. A wide and perfect storage box ensures your things of fishing are secured during your paddling. Aside the gears you need the storage compartments to keep the foods and snacks. One or two compartments in a kayak would be great and you should make sure that the compartments have a secured flap to keep the water out.


Slim or Wide Hull

There is a little difference in the performance between slim and wide hull. Although people don’t much care about this difference. But, the performance in real time would be a little bit different. Actually, the wide hull is great to achieve stability in the water and you could easily control the kayak. But, when you’ll hit the paddle in the water to push it forward it could be a little bit slower than a slim hull kayak. To use a kayak in the rough water, the wide hull would work better than the slim hull.


On the other hand, the slim hull kayak runs faster and you don’t need to highly struggle to push it forward. Your every stroke in the water will force it to go faster. But, it would be slightly unstable compared to a wide hull based kayak.


How Great The UV Stabilized Hull Is?

There is a difference between the normal and UV stabilized polyethylene. The normal polyethylene sometimes loses the sturdiness and color because of the UV rays. So, you need UV stabilized hull in the kayak as it can remain sturdy years after years. It doesn’t tend to crack after getting impact. If you fish, you would have to spend hours after hours under the sunlight. So, the low quality polyethylene would be a threat in the water. That’s why, to save your vessel, you should depend on UV stabilized polyethylene.



If you like fishing on the lake or river and want to start it with avoiding the expensiveness,  undoubtedly these best fishing kayaks under $400 would be the right things to get started. It’s difficult to find out the alternative ones for the cost they offer. So take your time and decide which one will go with you for your fishing adventure.


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