Best Fishing Kayaks Under $500 – Reviewed By An Expert

Every angler and recreational user want to pick the best kayak at a budget friendly price tag. Although you can spend a thousand dollars for a kayak if you have an expensive budget. But spending $500 doesn’t mean you are going to choose an inferior kayak. Because it is completely possible to pick a high quality kayak that offers stability, durability and excellent tracking ability even in the rough water. The reputable manufacturers even design high quality and stable kayak in this price tag. And after working hard through researching I am going to show the four best fishing kayaks under 500 dollars that come from reputable kayak manufacturers while these kayaks are renowned for their stability, durability, storage space and excellent hull design to improve the tracking ability.


Four Best Fishing Kayaks Under $500 For Your Fishing Expedition

So see here the result of my hard work. These four best fishing kayaks under $500 are truly stable, durable, lightweight and have great storage space with a perfect hull design.

Fishing KayaksCore MaterialsCapacityOur Ratings Price

Vibe Kayaks Skipjack 90

High Density Polyethylene300 lbs4.8

Sun Dolphin Journey 10

High Density Polyethylene250 lbs4.5

Sun Dolphin Excursion 10

High Density Polyethylene249 lbs4.7

Third Coast Huron 100 Sit In Angler Kayak

Molded Polyethylene325 lbs4.6


1)Vibe Kayaks Skipjack 90

Vibe Kayaks Skipjack

The stability makes a kayak properly reliable in using as if you can confidently fish in the rough water. The Vibe Kayaks Skipjack 90 is truly a stable kayak for the angler that has a wider hull. Although the kayak is 9 feet in length, but the wider hull enhances the stability. The 32” wider hull protects the kayak from tilting down in the rough water while you can necessarily stand up over the kayak’s hull. The 300 pound weight capacity should be enough to handle your weight over the water while you can put the gears and necessary equipments in the sealed hatches for a secured and dry storage. Moreover, you can manage several fishing rods at the same time without keeping you busy to hold them as the four flush mount rod holders can perfectly hold your fishing rods.


2)Sun Dolphin Journey 10

Sun Dolphin Journey 10

This Sun Dolphin Journey 10 is completely able to accomplish a great job for inshore fishing. The kayak is designed with a large cockpit and seating area as if you can place your legs very comfortably. A secured and mini sealed box is located in the middle of the open cockpit as if you can safely put the required gears to get them easily in hand whenever you want. Moreover, the adjustable foot rests can be necessarily positioned to comfortably place your legs while the additional portable accessory carrier can hold your foods, snacks and drinks very safely. It used high density UV stabilized Fortiflex polyethylene that is amazingly rugged and can retain the quality and color even after using years after years in the sunshine. Because it can prevent the harmful UV rays.


3)Sun Dolphin Excursion 10

Sun Dolphin Excursion 10

This Sun Dolphin Excursion 10 is undoubtedly a reliable, perfect and quality kayak for amateur anglers who actually like to spend some amazing times during the holidays. It might not be great for rough water, but very perfect for fishing in slow moving water and lakes. It is approximately able to take 113 kg weight and it would be enough for fishing in slow moving water. Like the Sun Dolphin Journey 10  it is also made of UV stabilized Fortiflex high density polyethylene that ensures the hull is not going to be damaged by the harmful sunrays. If you want, you can use two or three rods for fishing, because in front it has a flush mount rod holder and in the rear it includes two additional rod holders for an extra advantage. Finally the secured storage area in the rear would provide an advantage through safely holding your gears.


4)Third Coast Huron 100 Sit In Angler Kayak

Third Coast Huron 100 Sit In Angler Kayak

The Third Coast Huron 100 is an amazing invention for angling in inshore. The kayak is designed completely like a professional fishing kayak while it features all necessary stuffs that should have in a fishing kayak. The storage compartment of the kayak really looks impressive and they have the excellent ability to securely hold the stuffs. It comes with a cushioned seat that decreases the numbness and provides a comfy feel during hours after hours. It includes a paddle holder that cradles the paddle safely and ensures your paddle won’t hide in the water. When you sit on the kayak you can use the foot braces to enhance your comfortability and when you are thinking to get the kayak edge in the water, the cushioned carrying handles will help you a lot.



What You Must Consider Before Choosing

Of course, like me, you can’t waste your hard earned cash behind a kayak that doesn’t provide any value. That’s why I am highlighting some points that would always help you to be a proud owner of a quality kayak. Although in above I have the recommendations for the four best fishing kayaks under $500 that I have discovered after an extensive research. But these points always will help you to make a solid choice whenever you go to choose a fishing kayak.



No matter how perfect the kayak looks like, literally, it’s not going to provide the right value unless it is well constructed. When it comes about the construction the material defines everything that the kayak used to be constructed. Although if you want to choose the inflatable kayak, then it’s going to be a different matter. But if you choose a non-inflatable sit in top or sit in kayak, of course the hull should be uncrackable, durable, lightweight and stable. In truth the high density polyethylene can do this job perfectly as the impact with rocks and other impacts can’t damage it. Because it is durable, lightweight and won’t be easily cracked by the impact. That’s why you can transport and handle the kayak easily and always paddle comfortably in shallow water without thinking about the damage.


Tracking Ability

You won’t want to fight with your kayak in water for maneuvering. Like other recreational users or anglers you want to paddle the kayak simply and move ahead with the speed you expect. Literally A lightweight kayak with V shape hull design will simplify this job as if you can paddle the kayak with simple effort. If you have at least minimal experience of kayaking, then you can determine the tracking ability by observing the design and shape of the hull. From my experience I saw the V-shape hull provides the utmost speed and tracking ability.


Storage Space

Every angler and even the recreational users would need to carry the food, gears, fishing cooler, fish bag, backpack and other equipments. Moreover, you wouldn’t always have a kayak deck bag (A bag that safely holds your stuffs during kayaking) and that’s why you need a secured and even an open deck space with bungee to reliably put your items. That’s why your kayak should at least one secured dry storage compartment  and open deck compartment with bungee to keep your fishing backpack, fish bag or fishing cooler. So before choosing the kayak you should obviously make sure that it has storage spaces for a great advantage.


Final Verdict

When you are thinking to choose a kayak in this price tag, undoubtedly anyone of these fours would ensure a great value for the money. As I have previously said these kayaks include all the stuffs you need for kayak fishing. That’s why you can confidently plan for kayak fishing in lake and river and end of the day you would come back to the home with some great fishing memories.

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