Best Fishing Kayaks Under $600 | Reviewed & Recommended By A Fishing Enthusiast

For me the fishing is not only just a thing, but also it can be an amazing sport and the source of entertainment. As a fishing enthusiast, I spend lots of time through fishing on the neighborhood lakes or rivers and sometimes I also go to the remote areas to enjoy the same thing. The angler who wants to be more efficient in fishing or like to catch the fish randomly through locating the position via fish finders, they can’t avoid to have a good fishing kayak. No doubt a fishing kayak easifies your attempt to catch the fish in many ways and that’s why you should buy a fishing kayak to become an efficient angler.


When you got to buy a kayak, at first you may ask how much you should spend? But the question how much you should spend and how much you can spend are different. So my priority at first goes to how much you can spend. And if you want to spend 600$ for a kayak, undoubtedly there are several great fishing kayaks that waits for you. The fishing kayaks under 600$ as you see here, all of them offer amazing quality and features what the anglers look for. So take a little bit of time and go through the description to decide which one is compatible for you.


9 Best Fishing Kayaks Under 600 Dollars on The Market

In the list you can discover different kinds of fishing kayaks under 600$, So please spend a little bit of time to choose the right one by judging the quality and features.


1)Sevylor Coleman Colorado 2


This is one of the exceptional inflatable fishing kayak with double seats for an amazing outdoor activity with your best buddy. The bottom of the kayak is designed with 1000D tarpaulin while the 840D nylon cover helps to prevent the kayak from getting punctured. It has several air chambers as if you can float on the water without having the risk. The additional air chamber means the kayak will be still floating if it unfortunately gets punctured. Moreover, such a quality construction also keeps the kayak safe when you are underlying it over the gravels.


To give you a reliable and hands free fishing time the boat has several adjustable rod holders where you can simply mount the fishing rod. And additionally by adding a trolling motor on the kayak you can enjoy a convenient fishing time.

What We Like:

  • The straps with buckles on the seats are great to set out the thickened comfy backrest on the right angle.
  • Multiple air chamber decreases the risk of deflation of the whole tube if it is punctured.
  • 1000D tarpaulin on the bottom saves the tube from damages in the shallow water.
  • Rod holders and trolling motors fitting capability make the kayak more useful.



2)Lifetime 10 Foot Sport Fisher Tandem Kayak

Lifetime 10 Foot Sport Fisher Tandem Kayak

The Lifetime Sport Fisher Tandem Kayak has come up to give the anglers a new level of fishing experience. This amazingly stable kayak can carry out up to three anglers as it has the 500 lb weight capacity. So the angler can enjoy an amazing fishing sport with his/her friends or buddies. This kayak with hull design allows the anglers to stand up for fishing or sitting on site saddle with ignoring the fear of getting the boat turned over. That means you can always catch the fish at your preference with saying good by the restriction of the kayak.


To ensure that the kayak is fitted to all sizes, they designed it with foot rests as if you can sit on the kayak with a pure relax. The lifetime 10 also includes three rod holders for hands free fishing and additionally to keep the bottle of drinks in safe it has center holes as if the angler can enjoy the fishing at its best.

What We Like:

  • It can accommodate up to three people as if you can add your buddies to enjoy the fishing expedition.
  • High density polyethylene to ensure the maximum strength of the hull.
  • Double paddle holders secure the both paddles when you fish.
  • Stable hull ensures the less tendency of imbalancing in rough water.



3)Coleman Sevylor 24-Gauge K5 Kayak

Coleman Sevylor 24-Gauge K5 KayakThe Coleman Sevylor 24-Gauge k5 Kayak is an innovative and amazing single person fishing kayak that is simply portable. To give you a strong inflatable kayak they made it with rugged 24-gauge PVC while the 600D polyester cover gives a great protection from the leaks. It has an amazing zippered storage compartment as if you can simply carry out the fishing gears. This kayak as an affordable single person kayak, it is very compatible for the guys who are thinking to get started.


Moreover, you shouldn’t worry about the kayak size as it properly stable and has two fishing rod holders on the center and side. To cradle the pedal in safe it has also the holders on the side and as a portable kayak you can easily pack it up to carry out in your home.

What We Like:

  • 600D polyester on cover saves the hull from leakage and ensures it is safe in the shallow water.
  • Zippered storage compartment works like a secured compartment of the polyethylene based kayak.
  • Rod holders to ensure that you can manage several fishing rods.
  • Handles on both ends to simply bring it on the edge of the water.



4)Sun Dolphin Excursion 12

Sun Dolphin Excursion 12-Foot Sit-in Fishing Kayak

Every angler may know the reputation of Sun Dolphin and the quality of their kayaks. This Sun Dolphin Excursion is a superb creation for the anglers that come with almost all of the required things for a reliable fishing experience. This durable and stable kayak offers a portable accessory carrier that you can safely put on the rear tank and simply carry out anywhere by the portable handle when you are not in the fishing. This kayak has a comfy seat with the adjustable back while the flush mount holders and a swivel rod holder ensure a hassle free fishing time.


The kayak is really noticeable for its amazing storage options and additionally with a rear tank it has a convenient front storage compartment. Moreover, the large cockpit with foot braces in the kayak also give an excellent easiness for fishing. The Sun Dolphin Excursion as a professional level fishing kayak perfectly suits on the calm or moving water.

What We Like:

  • Portable accessory carrier to be used out of fishing and during fishing. The rear tank with cord can easily grab it.
  • The lightweight hull is made from high density polyethylene to be carried out easily and protect from damages.
  • The manufacturer added a specific compartment closed to the cockpit to access over all fishing accessories.
  • A swivel rod holder to keep the fishing rod on your required angle.



5)Old Town Canoes & Kayaks Vapor 10

Old Town Canoes & Kayaks Vapor 10

This 10 foot kayak comes from the Old Town Canoes & Kayaks and of course an ideal choice for the anglers who look for a stable kayak without breaking the bank. This sit in inside kayak features a comfy seat as if you don’t feel the numbness after spending some quality time on fishing. The hull of the kayak is efficiently designed as if you can reliably control the kayak through the moving water. As well, the specious cockpit on the kayak also maximizes the reliability and brings the smile on angler’s face.


To keep the anglers hands free the kayak is designed with two flush mounts for a simple adjustment of the fishing rods. And to have some drinks on the fishing the kayak has a hole to grab the cup.

What We Like:

  • Roomy cockpit is great to sit comfortably and cast the fishing lines without any discomfort.
  • Comfortable seats with the foot braces can save you from fatigue.
  • Drain plug to clean out the deck if the water stretches over the deck, or you want to clean it with water.
  • Double handles for an easy transportation.



6)Lifetime Tamarack Angler 100

Lifetime Tamarack Angler 100

This is an incredible creation for the anglers especially who like whitewater fishing in the calm water. An expensive kayak might cost more than $1000 and this is something a pro angler would want to afford. But, if you are an amature fishing enthusiast and fish in the river, lake and any large calm water source, its stable hull design with 124 kg weight capacity ensures you can fight with the big catches and cast the line without getting your little watercraft imbalanced. This 10 foot long kayak with 31 inch width has the full stability to float on the water without tilting down.


An angler can find the things in it they require to fish from it. The two flush mount holders will grab two rods and the secured hatches can store the accessories. The hull remains sturdy without being impacted by the sunrays. Because, the polyethylene hull is molded with UV resistant material as if the sunrays can’t damage it.

What We Like:

  • Flip resistant hull design ensures the stability even when the water becomes rough.
  • UV resistant hull remains sturdy for years and the color remains unchanged after years.
  • Two hatches to secure the fishing accessories, snacks and foods.
  • Front and rear shock cord can make an extra space for the fishing cooler and other accessories.



7)Sun Dolphin Excursion 10

Sun Dolphin Excursion 10

If you usually fish in the calm lake and river, you actually don’t need to depend on a monastery pro fishing kayak. A kayak with the capability to hold you up on the vast water source is enough to maintain your weight, the accessories like rods and the moment of catching a big fish. A pro sea fishing kayak costs a lot as it would need to overcome large rough water source. So, in the lake and river you can spend a quality fishing time with the kayak like Sun Dolphin Excursion 10. Firstly, it comes at the budget you look for and the quality you expect. The wideness of the hull in the center and the slimness at the ends combinedly ensure the adequate tracking ability and stability.


This sit-in top kayak is lightweight and the high density polyethylene can easily protect it from cracking. So, if the shallow lake is stretched with the tough stuffs the bottom of this kayak won’t break or crack. A fisherman also needs the secured space for accessories and that’s why it has a compartment with a secured lid to prevent the water. To keep your body safe from fatigue, it has a padded backrest to consistently support your back.

What We Like:

  • It tracks with the stability and remains stable if you paddle faster in the conventional roughness of the calm water.
  • A storage space with a fully secured lid keeps the expensive things safe from water.
  • High density material ensures the hull won’t crack for the frictions and hits.
  • Large cockpit to get an extra comfort when you sit in it to fish.



8)Perception Pescador

Perception PescadorThe Perception Pescador is an efficient kayak and a true money saver for those who like recreational kayaking and fishing. The hull is designed with the features to use during water excursion and fishing. Its 10 foot long hull with 32 inch wide is perfect to overcome the roughness of water and you can decide to fish in a large water source. In summer, if you want to enjoy cruising or exploring on the massive lake or any favorite water source, you can put your trust on the stability of this. Either you need to store the accessories and foods, the dry storage compartment and hinged hatch protects them from water and makes an easy accessibility.



To carry a fishing cooler it has a rear open storage with cord. The adjustable seat back also can be personalized considering your comfort. The thick padded seat and this comfortable backrest can help you to deal with hours of comfortable kayaking time. The ventilated paddings of the seat also can be helpful to remain cool and sweat free.

What We Like:

  • Designed to perform similarly for water excursion and fishing with all essential features.
  • It can beat the roughness of water and remains balanced during casting the line and fighting with the fish.
  • The hinged hatch ensures an easy access into the compartment and it helps to protect your things from water.
  • Comfortable seat and backrest with ventilations can keep any user cool and sweat free.



9)Emotion Stealth

Emotion Stealth

From my experience of researching the fishing kayaks, I have determined that it’s not easy to  afford a great kayak under $600. Because of the high manufacturing cost, you have to expense a lot for an effective fishing kayak. But, we still find the effective kayaks under $600 and this is why we made it possible to build up a list with 9 great kayaks that are under the affordable price tag we look for. Actually, the Emotion Stealth can fulfill your dream to afford an effective kayak that would remain balanced in the rough water. The most remarkable addition to the Emotion Stealth is the long hull that is longer than many single person kayaks.


This extra length also adds the tracking ability to ensure that you can easily maneuver through the moving water. It is also UV protected that literally aims to save the hull from cracking and fading. The solace storage on it should be helpful for any user as you can put the items in there. Moreover, the rear tankwell with cargo net is also great to hold the item like fishing cooler.

What We Like:

  • Extra length to keep this kayak balanced, even when the water is rough. It also maximizes tracking ability.
  • UV protected to save it from cracking and fading.
  • Multiple storage system to secure the required accessories you want to carry.
  • Self bailing scupper holes to keep the deck dry and free from water.



How Great The Inflatable Kayak Is?

The inflatable kayak has a great popularity for water excursion. But, nowadays the anglers also pick the inflatable kayak for fishing. Because, the manufacturer designs it with the storage compartment and rod holders for anglers. So, it is still perfect for fishing, but only in the calm water or where controlling the water isn’t a big deal. That’s why I won’t probably recommend it to control the rough water. On the other hand, sometimes the tube leaks and it can be problematic for serious anglers. So, use it where the water is calm while you should be aware about the leakage.


Make Sure The kayak Has Enough Capacity

An angler requires to control the fishing lines, catches and sometimes you would even require to stand up over the kayak. So, the balance is required on any source of the water and that’s why the capacity determines the balance and power. Before picking a kayak you must look over the capacity to confirm whether it can hold your weight or not. If your weight is 70 kg you should choose the one that is able to hold more than 100 kg. So, it will be able to hold you up on any condition.


Wider Hull or Slim Hull

The size of the hull will determine the tracking ability and the power of staying balanced in the water. The kayak appears with the two types of the hull. The sit in kayak mostly appears with the slim hull while the sit on top kayaks are a little bit different. Actually, the wide hull can create better stability than the slim hull and it remains stable if the water has a different behave. But, it tends to remain slower when you paddle fast. On the other hand, the slim hull can run faster and you can expect better speed from it. Even it can run fast through the rough water. But, the stability can be slightly lower than the wide hull based kayak.



If you want to have an efficient fishing kayak by avoiding the expensiveness, undoubtedly these would be the perfect examples. Although the quality and feature may change with the price, but end of the day they are the best at the price they offer.

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