Best Fishing Pliers For Saltwater | Top Picks and Buying Guide

There are lots of tools have been invented to use for fishing and fishing pliers are actually one of the most important tools for anglers that you should carry to take its outstanding advantages. Although in some cases, most of the anglers don’t really care about the plier, but once you know the importance and advantages of it, then you would be care a lot to get it for your fishing expeditions. Mostly the major tasks that a fishing plier can do to remove the hooks from fishes, cut the line, set up spilt rings and many other tasks what an angler basically would feel the need of it during fishing.

On the other hand, carrying this small tool is not a difficult task, in some cases the fishing jacket  features a lash tab to safely hold this tool. Moreover, you can put it in the fishing bag or in the compartment of the kayak and of course a fishing plier doesn’t worth hundred bucks. So why you wouldn’t want to have this great tool? There have been designed lots of high quality and sturdy pliers by some reputed manufacturers and I had spent about 10 hours to research and discover some best fishing pliers for saltwater.


5 Best Fishing Pliers For Saltwater | Our Top Picks

Using the saltwater fishing pliers don’t bring any risk of being corroded, that’s why you can feel confident to use it without thinking the conditions of water. So finally here you can discover the 5 best fishing pliers for saltwater.

Fishing Pliers Core MaterialsGreat For Saltwater?Our RatingsPrice

Piscifun Aluminum Pliers

Aluminum Frame and Titanium Coated Jaws Yes4.7

Fiblink Saltwater Aluminum Pliers

Aluminum Frame and Titanium Coated Jaws Yes4.7

Booms Fishing X1

Aluminum Frame and Carbon Coated Jaws Yes4.7

MadBite Fishing Pliers

Aluminum Frame and Stainless Steel JawsYes(Average)4.5

Zitrades Aluminum Fishing Pliers

Aluminum Frame and Stainless Steel JawsYes(Average)4.5


1)Piscifun Aluminum Pliers

Piscifun Aluminum Fishing Pliers

The Piscifun Aluminum Pliers are genius and I like it for the handy design with sturdy and lightweight materials. The jaws are titanium coated and inside the coat it uses stainless steel for the ultimate convenience to remove the hook. With the strong teeth, it is simply able to strongly grab the hook. On the other hand, the lightweight handles are composed of machine cut aluminum for the ultimate durability and lightweightness.  With the ergonomic grip you can conveniently hold it in your hand and when it comes to cut the line and heaviest mono leader the replaceable sharpest Tungsten carbide cutters can do that in the matter of seconds. And finally the whole corrosion resistant body is great to simply use it for a long time while it is perfect for saltwater/freshwater.


2)Fiblink Saltwater Aluminum Pliers

Fiblink Saltwater Aluminum Fishing Pliers

The Fiblink Saltwater Aluminum Pliers are the one that offers almost the same kinds of features. Its ergonomic split ring design maximizes the easiness to use it to remove the lures. The lightweight aluminum corrosion resistant handles have the built in grips as if you can hold it in your hands reliably while it will not be damaged because of the saltwater environment. The replaceable cutters are in it very sharp and can perfectly cut the line and wire. Moreover the titanium coated jaws are enough efficient and durable to perform greatly when you remove the hook and as a durable fishing plier you won’t have any problem to hold anything strongly by these jaws.


3)Booms Fishing X1

Booms Fishing X1 Aluminum Fishing Pliers

With the spring loaded handles and ergonomic design The Booms Fishing X1  is made of anodized aluminum material to ultimately protect it from saltwater environment. The 70+ HRC Tungsten Carbide Cutters are excellently sharp that can perfectly cut the tough braided line. The stainless steel jaws with carbon coated exterior can perform great, especially when you hold the hook to separate from the fish or crimp the lead, sleeves and split rings. As well, the handles with built in grip design gives a comfort gripping and this lightweight plier has a steel wire coiled lanyard and nylon holster to ultimately secure the plier from losing in the water.


4)MadBite Fishing Pliers

MadBite Fishing Pliers

The MadBite Fishing Pliers are slightly different from other pliers, but it retains the same sturdiness like the previous ones of this list. If you like to fish in the night time, then it can do lots of important tasks. The powerful Ultra Bright 18000 Millicandela LED bulb will light up the front of the plier as if you can properly do the necessary tasks. It has also spring loaded handles to use it single handedly and the silicone grip handle will help you to grip the plier effortlessly. The grips do not slip and odor and that’s why you will never feel mess to use it. Moreover, the handles are made of aluminum and jaws are made of stainless steel, so the saltwater environment will not corrode it.


5)Zitrades Aluminum Fishing Pliers

Zitrades Aluminum Fishing Pliers

The Zitrades Aluminum Pliers also come with a lightweight and excellent corrosion resistant body. It looks sleek and attractive while it is especially designed for anglers. The skidproof handle on it is another excellent addition that likes most of the anglers and the handles are composed of special deluxe aluminum for extreme comfortability. Like the previous ones there is no exception for the quality of the cutters, it will work great to cut any kind of fishing line while the jaws can be simply used for stripping, pulling and cramping. As well, the 18 cm long body and lightweight structure won’t create any problem to use it.


Have You Considered These Things?

Surviving it in the saltwater not only the requirement, but also it should be handy, sturdy, corrosion resistant, well designed and able to do its job perfectly. So to be happy with your fishing plier during your fishing time you must make sure, you have got the right one.


No matter how sleek and attractive the plier is, if it is not made of the right materials, then there is no guarantee that it will survive in the saltwater and as the result it will be corroded soon. I might not say that the pliers should be made of carbon fiber, but to protect it from the corrosion the aluminum is a great material that is lightweight and able to resist the corrosion. On the other hand, because of the extreme sturdiness it is easy to use when you remove the hooks or other necessary tasks.

Grip In The Handles

If the plier slips from your hand when you work with it, then you would feel a very inconvenience to unhook the fish, split rings, cut the lines and crimping the leads. That’s why the handles should be designed with built in grips or rubber silicone grips as if you feel comfortable when you hold it in your hands. Moreover, when you unhook the fish and if somehow the handles slip from your hand, then you would be injured. So you must go with the one that has excellent grips.


A fishing plier is simply able to do multiple tasks while some innovative ones would feature some handy options like featuring LED bulb to use at night. But to accomplish the basic tasks, it should have the sharp cutters, sturdy long nose and crimper to cut the fishing lines, remove the fish, crimp the lead and split lines. In some cases, if it has additional options, then that is a plus.



No doubt fishing is one of the enjoyable activities, but having this handy tool for fishing adds the reliability for many tasks. So include this one in the backpack with other tools and enjoy a great fishing time without any hassle.

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