10 Best Fishing Rods And Reels Combo To Simplify Saltwater Fishing

If you are confused to find a perfect match between the reel and rod, then the fishing rod and reel combo should be for you. Because, considering the action and size, the manufacturer adjusts it accurately. So, you would get a right balance and power whenever you fish and the things won’t be like you have adjusted a powerful reel with a lightweight action rod. The manufacturer makes the combination considering the action and size and that’s why there is no chance of getting the faulty stuffs to fish.


On the other hand, they are cost effective and if you get limited by the budget, the combos are the things you should choose. If you either like whitewater or saltwater fishing, you can simply use these fishing equipment in any condition. Because of the perfect adjustment, these combos would always perform the best. Basically, there is no difference between the conventional reels and rods. The manufacturer just matches up the right ones and makes it cost friendly and this is why you need it.


10 Best Fishing Rods And Reels Combo- Our Research, Selections and Recommendations

To be honest, not every manufacturer matches up the quality stuffs. But we only focused over those manufacturers that emphasize over the quality and we selected the 10 Best Fishing Rods And Reels Combo from some popular manufacturers and you may depend over them.

Fishing Rods and Reels CombosTypeGear RatioBall BearingsOur RatingsPrice

Sougayilang Fishing Rod Reel


LONPAR Fishing Rod and Reel


KastKing Sharky III


Cadence Fishing CC5


Sougayilang Fishing Reel and Rod


Burning Shark Fishing Rod and Reel


Penn Pursuit II


Piscifun New Fly Fishing Rod Reel


NetAngler Fly Fishing Combo


FTK Fishing Rod Reel


1)Sougayilang Fishing

Sougayilang Fishing Rod Reel Combo

I am always a big fan of the telescoping rod as it modestly collapses in its own structure and can be immediately lengthened up and down. That’s why, you can simply store a few of them in a fishing backpack. Basically, this is an excellent combination of a telescoping rod and reel and you would love the quality and the way it has been made. Because, it has been made with high density carbon fiber and fiberglass, so reasonably you would get the reliable flexibility with the high-end durability when it comes to managing the catches. The guide rings are made of SIC ceramic that aims to dissipate the heat perfectly and on the other hand, the EVA grip on the handle is comfortable to handle the rod. To avoid the negative impact of the saltwater the stainless steel reel seat eliminates the rust.


The corrosion resistant reel also ensures you can be fearless for the saltwater fishing and as a quality reel the 13 + 1 stainless steel ball bearings can beat the impact of saltwater while it runs smoothly when you need to retrieve the line. The 5.5:1 gear ratio means a perfect line retrieving in less time and the powerful drag washers simplify over catching a big fish. It has also a specially designed line roller that aims to eliminate the line breakage and achieve a quick line casting.

What We Like:

  • High quality rod that has been made with carbon fiber and fiberglass to be flexible and strong while it simply storable in the backpack.
  • Stainless steel reel seat to stay free from the rusts and ceramic guide for a perfect line flawing with quick heat dissipation.
  • Sealed ball bearings that eliminate the entrance of the water and keep the inside smooth.
  • Strong drag washer with 5.5:1 gear ratio for quickest line retrieving and tackling the pressure of the big catches.


2)LONPAR Fishing

LONPAR Fishing Rod and Reel

Great for the beginners and if you want to fight with the freshwater and some saltwater species, you can start with it. If you also love the telescopic rods considering the advantages it offers, then it is something to be dealt. The rod determines the expected durability through being molded of carbon fiber and fiberglass. Whenever you want to jump with a fishing kayak in the saltwater, it has the ability to stay secured from the impacts of the saltwater. Because, the stainless steel guides can stay safe from the corrosion while the ceramic rings reduce the frictions and simply accept multiple size of the line. You can also throw the line on the necessary distance as the ceramic rings won’t impact over the line’s speed.


On the other hand, with the efficient drag washers you can confidently fight with a big fish while the graphite body and aluminum bail eliminate the saltwater’s impacts. Either you are a left handed or right handed, you can simply exchange the handle of the spinning reel. The high shield 8+1 ball bearings are powerful, strong and efficient to give the smoothest and maximum service during fishing. Moreover, the 5.2: 1 gear ratio is adequate for a beginner to start with and it also can be a perfect line retrieving speed.

What We Like:

  • Collapsible rod is made of high quality materials and it blocks all the environmental impacts to survive properly.
  • Ceramic rings simply eliminate the frictions and let the line to be released easily.
  • Powerful drag washers and high shield ball bearings to handle the pressure and spool the line smoothly.
  • 5.2: 1 gear ratio for fast retrieving of the fishing line.


3)KastKing Sharky III

KastKing Sharky III Spinning Rod Reel

Offered by a reputable manufacturer that has been well known since they join in the market. Basically, the cast king sharky III is a popular saltwater spinning reel and you would praise its water resistant design to prevent the water from damaging the reel. It prevents the water from damaging in the body, rotor and spool while the sealed drag washers would allow you to operate smoothly with blocking the access of the water. The drag washers are powerful to hold enough pressure as the triple disc carbon washers are strong for a reliable operation. Considering the species or the size of the fishes you would like to catch, you can choose out the small, medium and big sizes of this reel while the corrosion resistant body determines the optimal protection from saltwater.


The IM7 graphite rod is made for giving the sturdiness with flexibility and to catch the pan fish to large bass and trout, you can choose out with the different actions and sizes. The rod is equipped with fuji guides and less frictioned O rings to survive under a good pressure while it ensures a reliable line casting. On the other hand, the EVA foam grip is always considered as a great grip to grab strongly.

What We Like:

  • Triple carbon fiber drag washers to hold the extreme pressure of the large catches while the sealed chamber makes it smooth and free from the water.
  • Water resistant construction with the corrosion resistant materials extends its usability and lifetime.
  • High shield ball bearings and 5.2:1 gear ratio for a dependable line retrieving.
  • IM7 graphite rod and smooth rings that reduce the friction to release the line 100% freely.


4)Cadence Fishing CC5

Cadence Fishing CC5

In this combo there is a noticeable mixed up and if you have any purpose to intend yourself over a little bit game fishing, the Cadence Fishing CC5 would be enough. You would at first probably praise the way the reel has been made. The carbon composite on the frame and the carbon fiber on the drag washers, built it up incredibly strong as if you can simply beat the energetic bass and trout. These drag washers not only reliable to beat the power of the big fishes, also when the saltwater is a concern, these corrosion resistant parts eliminate the impact. Moreover, the rest parts are made of aluminum that also contributes in providing required durability and keeps the reel away from the rusts. The reel is also optimized with the right design and equipments you need to eliminate the line tangling.


With the 8 ball bearings it also features an anti reverse bearing to have the best advantages during fishing. This combo doesn’t only have a strong spinning reel, it also offers the rod with the variety of actions and sizes to deal with the species you need to catch. The 24 ton graphite construction wisely mixed up the durability and flexibility. So, if it comes to fish with the right mood and power, you would simply get the deserved ability you expect.

What We Like:

  • The reel has been strengthened to have a little bit of domination over the game fishes and its quality material can absorb a good pressure without being beaten.
  • The combination of the carbon and aluminum wisely prevent the salt water’s impact while its design withstands the line tangling.
  • Carbon fiber washers can put the best control over the large hooked fish and it withstands the natural damages.
  • 24 ton graphite rod with the multiple actions and sizes to deal with the desired size fishes.


5)Sougayilang Fishing

Sougayilang Fishing Reel and Rod Combos

Also from the Sougayilang, but this is not a telescopic rod with a spinning reel. If you like the baitcasting reel to achieve some solid fishing experience, then you can deal with this package. Basically, both have a sleek look with the blue and dark blue combination and if you ever find a beginner level fishing stuff for baitcasting, it is recommended for you. Because the reel comes with a robust body that turns it something like a pro baitcaster. With the robust frame, the CNC machined aluminum spool aids to retrieve the high pressured line. Moreover, the water resistant body, precision cut gears and stainless steel screw would eliminate being disappointed when you expect multiple years performance with the accuracy. Its fast line retrieving capacity simply beats any other reel as the gear ratio is 7.0:1.


No exception if you compare the level of efficiency of the rod with the reel. Because, the triple layer of the carbon fiber in the rod brought the optimal durability. This storage friendly four piece rod has corrosion resistant O-ring line guides that have literally no impact over the line casting. The robust reel seats also have the power to simplify all the pressures and the EVA handle means a comfortable garb over the handle.

What We Like:

  • Remarkable color combination and its benefits and quality something like a pro baitcasting reel.
  • Water resistant and robust body that promisingly contributes to simply handle the big catches.
  • 7.0:1 for the fastest line retrievement and this is a remarkable gear ratio.
  • Triple layer of the carbon fiber in the rod for the reliable sturdiness and flexibility.   


6)Burning Shark Fishing

Burning Shark Fishing Rod and Reel

People who want to catch the big freshwater species, this combined rod and reel is a great creation for them. At first they are budget friendly and they are able to go under huge line pressure. The reel has the expected quality to handle the big fishes and prevent the environmental damages. The carbon fiber drag washer means the fishes aren’t able to beat the power and sturdiness and you can single handedly control the large bass and trout. Its 13+1 ball bearings ensure a smooth line retrievement without generating the noise and the 5.2:1 gear ratio is reliable to get the fishing line quickly in the spool. The handle on the reel is CNC machined and the robust main shaft is dependable to tackle the pressure. You can simply change out the interchangeable handle if you are left handed.


The rod is something travel friendly as it turns into a small rod after inserting the poles. Because it is four pieced and lightweight. With the maximized strength level, the rod has the enough sensitivity to simplify the pressure and you would probably like the 24 ton carbon fiber. The ceramic guide rings also reduce the friction and force the line to come out smoothly.

What We Like:

  • Budget friendly and it ensures a quality optimization to provide a high performance reel.
  • Strengthened drag washers to tackle the huge line pressure while you can simply increase or decrease the power of dragging.
  • Robust shaft, strong handle and spool to show a great character of the sturdiness.
  • Strong rod with the sensitivity to simplify the pressure and make it easier to catch the big ones.


7)Penn Pursuit II

Penn Pursuit II

This is the one among popular creations. The reel is made with graphite and aluminum and the primary goal of it is preventing the rust. Either you want the replacement  for the old one or want to buy a new one to get started in fishing, the reel with this rod is great for your purposes. The aluminum spool, side plate and graphite rotor can give the pro level performance and these components are safe from the environmental effect. The techno balanced rotor ensures the line retrievement would be more organized with no line tangling and the limited weight of the reel ensures you can handle the fishing pole with less fatigue in your arm. Like a highly efficient reel, the oil felt drag washer helps to put more strong resistance over the line. The gear ratio is also enough when you truly want the reliable line retrievement.


Aside the lightweight reel, the lightweight rod with the sturdiness and sensitivity would help anyone to achieve a good performance. By this rod you can simply fight with the fishes as the way other graphite rod performs. It also comes with an EVA grip to simply control the whole fishing pole.

What We Like:

  • To prevent the rusts and be comfortable in any environment, it has the quality materials that withstand the toughness.
  • Techno balanced rotor to safely arrange the line and prevent the line tangling.
  • Oil felt washers to put more ergonomic resistance over the line and work efficiently at the crucial moment.
  • Sensitive and sturdy rod to easily hold the line pressure of a hooked fish.  


8)Piscifun New Fly

Piscifun New Fly Fishing Rod Reel

Do you love fly fishing and want to get started? This combo from the Piscifun is the one to beat the bass and trout. The fly reel is composed from die cast aluminum that is unbeatable under the power of big catches. The die cast aluminum saves it from rusts and allows you to fish through any condition of the water. A bunch of holes in the reel force the line to be dried out quickly while it can easily shed the dirts. Basically, the large and mid spool on the fly reel are more helpful than a small spool, because the large spool reduces the line memory and prevents line tangling. So it comes with a medium spool that helps over a quick line pick up and reducing the line memory. If you want the quick drag engagement during fishing, the smooth and powerful drag engagement ensures you can simply dominate over the big fishes.


Although, the package offered a fly rod with the lightweight action for catching medium to small sized fishes. But, this 4 pieced 5 foot six inch rod is travel friendly and made to hold an optimal pressure. The anodized aluminum reel seat is strong while the oversized guides excellently reduce the friction for a fast and accurate line casting. On the other hand, the half wells cork handle is also helpful for getting better advantages during fishing.

What We Like:

  • A medium arbor for containing lots of lines and reducing line memories while the open holes hold air flows to quickly dry out the line.
  • Die cast aluminum for the trustworthy protection from corrosion.
  • Soft and quick drag engagement for the simplistic and powerful domination over the hooked fishes.
  • Oversized guides and half wells cork handle for the optimal accuracy over line casting.    


9)NetAngler Fly

NetAngler Fly Fishing Combo

If you want to start fly fishing to catch the whitewater fishes, then this NetAngler Fly Fishing Combo with a lightweight action rod can be great to simply beat the species of whitewater. Although, the reel is unbeatable under the effect of saltwater and this specific power can make the reel long lasted. So, it is able to go through under any condition while the aluminum construction determines it is simply great. The reel with a bunch of holes ensures it will simply release the dirts and dry out the fishing line in less time. On the other hand, the large arbor spool forces the line to be retrieved quickly while it remarkably reduces the line memory. The teflon disk drag system is also perfect for simple and quick drag engagement.


The carbon fiber fly rod is ready to beat the abuses and it can handle the whitewater fishes without sweating. The rod is four pieced to be user friendly and the adjustable reel seat can adjust the reel ergonomically. Moreover, the stainless steel advance guides aid the line to freely come out without being tangled and frictioned and the ergonomic wooden handle makes the line casting easier.

What We Like:

  • Large arbor with the ability of backing 98 foot fishing lines and the speed of the line retrievement is remarkable.
  • Teflon disk drag design with the breathable holes in the frame to easily dry out the lines.
  • Adjustable reel seat simply adjusts the reel and the advanced guides save the line from being huge frictioned.
  • Wooden handle for a wise management and accurate line casting.


10)FTK Fishing

FTK Fishing Rod Reel Combo

Back with another telescopic rod! But, this time we are surprised to see such a rod with an alloy handle. The alloy handle made the rod even lighter and it is optimally able to save it from the corrosion. The adjustable reel seats look impressively stronger that powerfully keep the reel adjusted with the rod. Probably we don’t need to say again how a telescopic rod determines the advantages and this collapsible rod includes those benefits. The flexibility and durability have been ensured by the high density carbon fiber and fiberglass and you can simply dominate over the whitewater fishes. The ceramic guides obviously won’t be a reason to slow down the line casting, rather it would make the casting faster by removing the frictions.


If you are a little bit discomfortable with the alloy handle, you can use the included adhesive tape to grab strongly. On the other hand, the 5.3:1 can be a good gear ratio for whitewater fishing and the graphite construction can be a great component to ultimately eliminate the saltwater’s effect. The combo also includes 100 meter fishing line to get started quickly.

What We Like:

  • Alloy handle that makes the rod’s weight even lighter. If you are discomfortable with the alloy handle, you can use the included adhesive tape for creating a great grip.
  • Carbon fiber and fiberglass to ultimately make the rod strong and sensitive.
  • Ceramic guides almost create zero impact over the line casting. So the line comes out faster from the reel.
  • Strong alloy reel seats that keep the reel secured.



Buying Guide

We also trust on quality and we have written up a buying guide for you.


Spinning, Baitcasting or Fly Combo

No matter, what kind of fishing you like, you can find the right one out there. So, before choosing one, you should initially make sure what kind of fishing you like and you can find out the fishing combo in spinning, baitcasting and fly. The manufacturer offers the multiple fishing stuffs considering multiple types of the fishing.


Ability To Eliminate The Saltwater’s Effect

Whether you like the saltwater or freshwater fishing, I would want the one to eliminate the saltwater’s effect. Basically, the saltwater is a threat for the metal components. But the aluminum, carbon fiber and graphite can eliminate this negative impact and that’s why you should focus over the construction. Although, in these days they used the essential and effective components to eliminate the environmental impacts and some reels are even water resistant to ultimately eliminate the impacts.


Rod’s Action and Reel’s Size

Although the manufacturer won’t make a mistake to match up the action and size. But, the action and size determine how powerfully it would dominate over the hooked fishes. If your goal is catching the large bass and trout, you would need a medium action rod with a 6-7 foot size. But, if you want to catch small to medium sized fish, a lightweight action rod with five foot size is enough. Although, the action of the rod impacts over the casting distances as a fast action rod can’t bend like a lightweight action rod. So, you would usually achieve the better casting distance with a lightweight action rod. But, it would struggle when it comes to catch the large fishes.

You shouldn’t think about the reel size as the manufacturer always matches up the right one considering the action of the rod.


Gear Ratios Of The Reel

The gear ratio impacts over the line retrieving speed. So, you have to determine how fast the line retrieving speed you want. Although, it’s not a big deal for a fly reel. But whenever, it’s all about the spinning and baitcasting reel, you should know the gear ratio. If the gear ratio is 5.0:1, it means the reel will rotate five times for every single rotation of the handle. So, while you are buying the combo, looking over the gear ratio can give a clear idea of how fast it can retrieve the line.


Telescopic Or Pieced Rods

Basically it is hard to write about the advantages of the telescopic or pieced rods. The telescopic rods are a new incredible addition to the fishing equipments as it is collapsible and can be packed into a fishing backpack. On the other hand, it is hard to write about the pieced rods as in some cases they would provide better services. Although, the telescopic rods are amazingly portable and you can put a few ones in a fishing bag.

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