8 Best Fly Fishing Nets To Trap The Catch!

You won’t want to lose a well deserved catch before putting it in the bucket. There you need to put the effort to catch a fish after spending hours, but getting it lost at the bank or shore would hurt you. That’s why, you need a net with the depth in the mesh to ultimately trap a fish near the shore. It would make controlling a large fish easy and you would be able to easily pick up a large catch when it is nearly to the shore. Literally the nets are efficient and a must needed equipment for fishermen. Whether you are a fly fisherman, or fish from a kayak or boat, you would always need the support of a perfect fishing net that comes with a strong frame.


Telescopic Or Fixed Shaft?

The shaft on a net might be different and you could discover it with extendable or non extendable shaft. The extendable one would have a shaft to maintain the length and you can define it as a telescopic fishing net. But, the rest one with a fixed shaft would have a built in fixed shaft and you couldn’t either extend or reduce it. Although they are popular, but, would be a little bit unfriendly to carry it out. On the other hand, the ones with extendable shaft would be friendly for transporting and you could do the operation from away. It would also have a detachable handle and you could depart it after your fishing trip to put in a backpack.


8 Best Fly Fishing Nets To Ultimately Trap A Fish

No matter how energetic or large the catch is, if you have the right net to trap it, you won’t fail to get it on the bucket. So, here we got the name of the 8 best fly fishing nets.

NameShaft MaterialTelescopic Net's MaterialOur Ratings

FishPond Nomad Emerger

Carbon Fiber & FiberglassNoRubber5.00

Freestone Outfitters Fly Fishing Set

Wood and BambooNoRubber4.80

ForEverlast Generation 2

(Unknown)NoRubber Coated4.80

YONGZHI Fishing Net

Carbon Fiber & FiberglassYesNylon4.70

SF Fly Fishing Landing Net

Wood and BambooNoRubber4.60

PLUSINNO Fish Landing Net


Fiblink Folding Aluminum Fishing Landing Net


EGO S2 Slider Large Landing Net


1)FishPond Nomad Emerger

FishPond Nomad Emerger

To lift up a fish at the most perfect time the FishPond Nomad Emerger can work wisely with letting the user have a comfortable operation. The mix up of a minimal weight and strength certainly makes it as a perfect net to pick up a fish. The frame is molded from carbon fiber and fiberglass to combinedly reduce the weight and maximize the strength. You could simply put it in the water during the most challenging time and it would be simply able to trap a large fish. The rubber net would also hold the fish wisely with reducing the force of the catch.


The rubberized paint on the handle can help to make the operation easy even when the handle is wet. It is waterproof and weatherproof to beat any condition while it is able to float to save it from being sunk.

What We Like:

  • Strong frame can easily lift up the catch and it is lightweight.
  • Weather and waterproof to stay with the user in any condition.
  • Floats as if it doesn’t go under the water if it falls.
  • Rubberized grip to stay in the palm when it is wet.
  • Rubber net to wisely trap the fish.

What We Don’t Like:

  • Nothing has been found.


2)Freestone Outfitters Fly Fishing Set

Freestone Outfitters Fly Fishing Set

It is wise to simply trap a fish as the rubber mesh tends to stay disappear under the water. So, when you’ll capture the fish, the fish won’t move away because of the appearance of the net. Moreover, the fish net is also effective to save the delicate natural slime and it simply reduces the friction when the catch is trapped. Aside from this unique addition, the teardrop shape is also effective to easily capture the catch. Although, the frame of it isn’t made from carbon fiber or fiberglass, but the hardwood shaft and the teardrop wooden frame would do a great job to handle the weight of the fish.


To catch up a fish more conveniently, it has a magnetic release to free up the net. The retractable coil keeps the connection strong and makes the job easy. It’s also guaranteed by the manufacturer and if it breaks within a year, you would get a replacement.

What We Like:

  • Soft and strong rubber won’t damage the delicate natural slime.
  • Stay invisible as if the fish doesn’t frighten because of the appearance of the net.
  • Tough wooden frame to easily handle the weight.
  • Teardrop shape to capture with simplicity.
  • One year guarantee included and the manufacture would provide a replacement.

What We Don’t Like:

  • The holes are large and would be imperfect for small catches.


3)ForEverlast Generation 2

ForEverlast Generation 2
Every fisherman wants to trap the catch without damaging the skin of the fish. It helps the catch to easily get back into the normal life if you don’t put it into the bucket. That’s why the mesh should be soft and strong as if it can’t damage the catch. So, the ForEverlast Generation 2 comes with a rubber coated mesh that reduces the friction. It also has a large opening top to easily accommodate the large fish while it can help to land the net easily. It’s also designed with floating materials to save it from being sunk and the long handle would be comfortable to land the whole net with your simple effort.


The long handle also includes a grip to lead a comfortable operation and if the water is still a threat for metal stuff, you shouldn’t at least think about it.

What We Like:

  • Rubber coated mesh minimizes the frictions to eliminate the damage.
  • Floating material included to force it to keep afloat.
  • Long handle to operate it from a bit away.
  • Grip attached to use it strongly when it is wet.
  • Large opening to easily accommodate the length of the catch.

What We Don’t Like:

  • The grip might wear.


4)YONGZHI Fishing Net

YONGZHI Fishing Net

You would have a different reason to deal with the innovative design of this net. The telescoping handle is able to be extended up to 55 inches and it would let you trap the fish from a certain distance. Aside from maintaining the length you can also fold down the handle to put it in the fishing backpack. The carbon fiber and fiberglass mixed handle can easily maintain an energetic catch without getting the handle broken. The triangle shape frame also contains a waterproof mesh as if it doesn’t get wet and become heavier after capturing a fish. The nylon mesh it comes with also has a less prone to get tangled with the hooks.


To enjoy a comfortable operation, it has an EVA handle and the connection between the folding parts are strong to handle the pressure of a large fish. Aside from fly fishing, it is also suitable for kayak fishing, lake fishing and boat fishing.

What We Like:

  • Telescoping handle to maintain the length of the shaft.
  • Strong connection to handle the pressure of the catch easily.
  • Collapsible to get a space in your fishing backpack.
  • Waterproof coated mesh to save the net from tangling with hooks.
  • Eva handle to have an easy operation.

What We Don’t Like:

  • The handle in a full length wouldn’t be expectedly stronger to maintain a large fish.


5)SF Fly Fishing Landing Net

SF Fly Fishing Landing Net

Probably one of the popular nets that has been a dependable choice for the quality and design. Personally, as an angler I like the magnetic net release system that enhances the usability and lets a user place the net effectively. The rubberized net also traps a fish gently and its virtual disappearance in the water won’t force the fish to deny the entry. The small holes of the net also ensure the smaller fish won’t slip through the holes. Moreover, the rubberized holes won’t tend to tangle with the hooks and this would make a safest land the way we expect.


The shaft it comes with is strong and constructed from a mix up of bamboo and hardwood. The special coating on the handle also makes it waterproof and safe from abrasion. Such a coat also would be able to enhance the lifetime of the frame and make it comfortable to hold.

What We Like:

  • Won’t tangle with the hooks to make the landing safe.
  • Virtual disappearance won’t force the catch to deny the entry.
  • Small holes to save the little catches from getting caught in the holes.
  • Magnetic release system to place the net with more options.
  • Waterproof and abrasion resistant handle for an expected lifetime of the net.

What We Don’t Like:


6)PLUSINNO Fish Landing Net

PLUSINNO Fish Landing Net

Another efficient net with an innovatively designed telescoping handle to lengthen up the handle. You could lengthen it up to 28 inches to conveniently capture a fish and at the same time you could reduce the length by an easy length maintaining switch. You can also fold down the handle to reduce the size and it would be helpful to carry the whole net. The handle also includes a sturdy carabiner for a quick and simple magnetic release and at the end of handle it has an EVA foam grip to get the comfort in your palm. The super strong magnets keep the net secured even when you move.


As an efficient net it also has a virtually invisible rubber mesh that has the ultimate goals to save delicate fish and stay invisible. So, the fish would make an easy entry into the mesh with saving your efforts.

What We Like:

  • Easy to maintain the length of the handle to photograph a fish effectively.
  • Foldable to bring it to the fishing spots.
  • Sturdy carabiner and magnets to keep it secure and properly use the magnetic release.
  • EVA foam at the end to handle the net with simplicity.
  • Rubber mesh won’t tangle with the hooks

What We Don’t Like:


7)Fiblink Folding Aluminum Fishing Landing Net

Fiblink Folding Aluminum Fishing Landing Net
This is another perfect landing net that has a detachable handle and foldable net. So, you could reduce the size of the net to put it in a backpack and the detachable handle can be readjusted when you need to use it. The handle is also telescopic to maintain the size and operate the net from a distance like 30 inches. You can also collapse it to 11 inches when you need to pack up the unit. The handle is made from aluminum to make it efficient for saltwater. It will also reduce the weight to make it as a perfect and portable stuff.


The waterproof and silicone mesh also keeps the net lighter when it gets wet and it won’t damage the skin of a fish. Moreover, the skid resistant handle can help any user to simply trap a fish.

What We Like:

  • Detachable handle to easily pack it up after fishing.
  • Foldable net is backpackable and you can keep it in your fishing backpack.
  • Telescopic design of the handle to control the length.
  • Different size offers different lengths of the handle to pick up the right net.
  • Silicone mesh is waterproof to save a fish from getting hurt.

What We Don’t Like:

  • Not perfect for big catch as it’s not huge sturdy.


8)EGO S2 Slider Large Landing Net

EGO S2 Slider Large Landing Net
If we compare it with our other picks, this landing net would be pricey. But, if you fish on offshore with your boat or kayak, the large extendable handle would be effective to pick up the fish from a distance. The large size is able to be extended up to 60 inches and you can just push a simple switch to extend the length. It has a large grip that is larger compared to other contenders and you would be able to comfortably do the operation from your boat. On the other hand, the mesh depth would be up to 31 inches to ultimately trap the large fish. To bring it easily you can detach the handle from the net and it is another great feature you would love.


It also floats and that’s why you shouldn’t worry about this expensive model. If you lose it in the water, you will still have the chance to find it out.

What We Like:

  • Extendable handle to operate it from your boat.
  • Automatically extends after pushing the switch.
  • You can detach the handle to transport without difficulty.
  • 31 inch mesh depth to ultimately grab the whole fish.
  • Large grip to comfortably handle the extended length.

What We Don’t Like:

  • The foam on the handle would lose firmness.


Differences Of The Quality In Fishing Net


Wooden Or Aluminum Shaft

Sometimes the fixed handle comes with a wooden shaft and you can also steadily handle a large fish by a wooden shaft based net. But it needs a proper coating to resist the water. Otherwise, the water would damage it as it tends to suck the water which can degrade the quality. But, if it is properly coated with a specific water resistant element, it could still have a long lifetime. On the other hand, a low quality aluminum shaft would be a threat for fishermen. Because it would bend or break when it will be used to handle a large fish. But, a well thickened aluminum shaft would be effective as it won’t go down because of pressure.


Aluminum is definitely lighter than wood and an aluminum based telescopic shaft would be more useful as it might include a large shaft compared to wood based net So, you could trap a fish from a bit away and it can make the landing more safe.


Silicone or Nylon Mesh

Literally the silicone mesh is more effective to use on the net. Because, it won’t tangle with the hooks and it won’t suck the water. So, the weight of the net will remain same even after getting it wet while you can release the fish easily as there is no tangle with the hooks. Moreover, the soft silicone won’t damage the delicate slime and this is where the nylon mesh would fail. Although,  the mesh with silicone coat is also great to use. But, the nylon mesh tends to damage the delicate slime and makes the weight higher than silicone based net. So, the silicone mesh is reasonably better than nylon.


Some Things To Consider


Handle Length

After reading above, you should have the idea, how important the handle length is. You may know the telescopic handle is larger than the fixed handle and it would let you pick up a fish from a distance. But to be honest, the fixed handle is stronger than telescopic handle. Although, not every handle of the telescopic fishing nets isn’t weak. The one with high quality aluminum and strong shaft will be stronger. But, your budget needs to be higher than an average budget.


Depth Of The Mesh

The proper depth of the mesh is a requirement to have in the fishing net. The depth will help to trap a catch accurately and the large catch won’t be able to struggle roughly. So, don’t forget to consider the depth and aside from the depth, the holes should be small as if the small fish won’t get stuck in the holes.



You know, like other equipment you have to carry out the net and the heavier one might not be your choice. So, the strength and weight both are important to consider. Without strength you won’t be able to perfectly handle a fish while the heaviness would make the job difficult to transport a net. That’s why it should be lighter and strong for portability.

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