10 Best Fly Fishing Reels For Saltwater

If you are here as a fly fishing enthusiast, you may know the incredible feel of casting the fly line with artificial lures and getting hooked the bass, trout, northern pike, bluegill and salmon. Without making the differences conflicted I would say the spin casting, bait casting and fly casting, every traditional form of the fishings has a slightly different feel while we would almost like to be engaged with every form of fishing. So, the fly fishing as the one of that sort of thing you need preparation, tools and techniques to start. Although mastering the fly fishing is not as much difficult as mastering the bait casting. But, to gain the success in fly fishing and be skilled you need the right tools and techniques as the way you have prepared yourself for spin casting.


So, out of the equipments of fly fishing, the reel is one of the foremost equipments. From a small panfish to large northern pike or bass, trout, you would love to fight with a wide range of species. Moreover, you would have different requirements (when you are deciding to buy a fly reel) considering the fish type you like to get lured, the types of water and the actions of your fly rod. Because, the water would be fresh or salted, targeted species would be small or big, the actions of your rod would be lightweight, medium and fast and the line weight you want also would be different. So when all these things matter to a fly fisherman, we worked hard to find out the quality fly reels for all fly fishing enthusiasts.

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10 Best Fly Fishing Reels To Fish On Saltwater & Freshwater

Without a quality fly reel dealing with the saltwater creeks and streams to fight with the panfish to bass, trout and northern pike may not as desirably comfortable. So, we have wanted to make a great place for avid fly fishermen to discover the best fly reels to fish on saltwater and freshwater.

Fly Fishing ReelsMade FromCan Be Used On Saltwater? Arbor SizeOur Ratings Price

Piscifun Sword

CNC-machined Aluminum AlloyYesMedium 4.6

Piscifun Platte

CNC-machined Aluminum AlloyYesLarge4.8

Croch Fly Reel

CNC-machined Aluminum AlloyYesMedium 4.4

Goture Fly Reel

CNC-machined Aluminum AlloyYesLarge4.5

Redington RISE

CNC-machined Anodized AluminumYesLarge4.7

Okuma SLV

Die-cast Aluminum YesLarge4.5

Sage 2200

Machined Die-cast Aluminum YesLarge4.7

Dr. Fish Fly Reel

Aircraft Grade CNC-machined AluminumYesLarge4.8

AnglerDream Archer

CNC-machined AluminumYesLarge4.8

Piscifun Crest

CNC-machined Anodized AluminumYesLarge4.8


1)Piscifun Sword

Piscifun Sword Fly Fishing Reel

If you are conscious after getting degraded your first fly fishing reel by the rusts and want to break the obstacle of fighting with only small catches, then the Piscifun Sword is a recommended replacement to turn your intention in catching any fishes on saltwater stream or lake. Without thinking the effect of saltwater you can confirmly cast the artificial lures on any spot of fly fishing to tempt the fishes. Because it is possible by the Piscifun Sword to overcome the saltwater, because the CNC Machined 6061-T6 aluminum doesn’t sacrifice the saltwater to negatively effect over the reel.


The strong hollow design of the reel deducts some weight, but the CNC machined aluminum frame and spool hold the line pressure of the big catches with the power it needs. Actually, the strength it comes with, gaming with big catches won’t sweat the strong hollow shape of it. The quick drag adjustment with the smoothness of clutch bearing won’t bother you for line retrieving and the non-slip drag knob and stainless steel washer lead on grabbing the load of the lured fishes as powerfully as you like. Its quickness of line retrieving by mid arbor is satisfiable and it also provides a low memory to the line to not to be experienced with line tangling.

Things That We Like:

  • Great as a replacement of the beginning fly reel that you used for luring the small and medium fishes.
  • 6061-T6 aluminum can dominate over the lured big bass and trout without bowing down against the line pressure.
  • The reel is competent to be used with the saltwater river, stream and creek, because all the protections have been given by its construction.
  • Make a quick drag adjustment and cast the line with saying goodbye to the bothered noisy sounds.


2)Piscifun Platte

Piscifun Platte Fly Fishing Reel

So, if you have the intention to visit the fly fishing spots of where the large fishes can give some incredible pleasures of game fishing, then your time has come to place a powerful reel in the reel seat instead the one you used for fighting with a group of medium species. Basically, this Piscifun Platte is the strong combination of aluminum, carbon fiber and a little bit stainless steel. The large drag knob is compactly optimized to be infinitive on making resistance when you rotate it to tighten or loosen the line’s resistance against the fishes. The fully sealed drag design is safe from the water, sand or anything while its drag washers won’t be a reason to bother you by the unsmooth noises that you don’t like.


The anodized aluminum reel and spool have vented by lots of holes to summarize the weight, but it would conduct the lured fish and line casting with the amazing power of great body’s strength by being set into the reel seat. Those vents also easily shed the water and grits that come with the lines and the size of the arbor is larger what helps to pull the line quickly and reduces the memory of backing lines for a clear, accurate and tangling free line casting. The knurled knob looks perfectly extended and you can strongly grab it for quick spooling the line either for catching the fishes or necessary spooling.

Things That We Like:

  • A super smooth finish to use the reel as smoothly as you ever wanted.
  • Ventilated to be comfortable in weight, but the same vents can shed the grits or water to eliminate any mess into the spooled line.
  • Anodized aluminum strengthened the spool and reel frame even in this ventilated design.
  • Widened drag knob with the grip to immediately set up the drag in the infinitive adjustments while the sealed drag is safe from anything.
  • Large arbor spools the line in the limited amount of time as it retrieves very fast while the line memory stays low after getting released from the spool.


3)Croch Fly Reel

Croch Fly Fishing Reel

For a beginner fly fisher, being pleasured with catching bluegill, salmon and small trout would be their foremost intention and in most cases getting some money saved in your wallet also can enhance your pleasure for the purchase of first fly reel. But, it is questionable how quality a beginner fly reel would be at the low price tag. The answer is difficult, but the one of the best ones would be this Croch Fly Reel for quality and a small price  tag. A recommended reel to fly and cast the line in your targeted length of the creek and river. It can be remarkable to every beginner for its extended ability of conducting the fly line on any condition. The high impact durability of it won’t be bowed down for high end use and the saltwater isn’t problematic for this reel.


It has the strong disc drag to deal with the energetic fishes and to weaken a lured fish you can provide the resistance over the line by turning the knob of the drug on a dead stop mood. The optimized one way clutch bearing on it provides solid drag engagement while the smoothness during stacking the line into the spool won’t frustrate your expectation. Moreover, the widened ability to adjust the drug can easily fine and tune the resistance while the mid arbor with the adequate space of stacking the lines can accommodate almost 100ft fly lines.

Things That We Like:

  • Necessarily weighted to maintain balance and be perfect in the criteria of your expected weight.
  • The mid arbor stacks the line relatively in adequate time and the space is enough to stack 100 feet fly lines.
  • Durable reel and arbor don’t bow for the impact, pressure and any abuses that face a reel during casting and handling the lured fishes.
  • The drag can control its power by a wide range of resistances, so set the spool free to almost dead stop mode for handling the fishes and lines.


4)Goture Fly Reel

Goture Fly Fishing Reel

The Goture Fly Fishing Reel is the perfect replacement of the beginning reel and it confirms you’ll get a strong hand against bass and trout. It provides the strong backing you need with the decent space on the reel. Although, the backing of lines you want into the spool mostly would be decided by the diameter of the spool, so the size would be your message to be detailed about the line backing. But, to grab the pressure of hooked fishes and be long in lifespan the U shape spool with CNC mechanized aluminum can tackle the aggressive behavior of the lured fishes to give you incredible fighting moments. The composition of rust resistant spool and frame can hold the natural structure of the reel throughout the saltwater.


The U-shape spool with aluminum also has been incredibly compressed in weight as the numerous holes in the texture of the reel deduct the excessive weight. So, the grits and sands wouldn’t be glued into the backing of the lines and the large air space into the spool can dry out the backing lines. During fishing or in various times of fishing the resistance of the line for casting or pulling a fish on the water, the resistance should be extended or reduced by your manual direction. So, the drag-knob with the textures for gripping can setup the resistance by the use of your thumbs and index fingers for maximizing or minimizing the resistance.

Things That We Like:

  • Uniquely composed to lead better performance than a beginner fly reel like Croch Fly especially when you want to conquer the abuses of bass, trout and salmon.
  • The aluminum spool and strong dragging system combinedly maintain the fly lines with the different resistance level in multiple situations of maintaining a fly line.
  • It simply sheds the dirts and grits without being glued to them as the holes in the spool let those grits fall easily from the backing. Those holes also easily accommodate the air flows to dry out the backing lines.
  • Corrosion resistant construction doesn’t conflict to adapt the water’s type. A simple rinse after the use would save it from degradation.


5)Redington RISE

Redington RISE


If you want the fly fishing expedition like a fishing game where you want to conquer the abuses of big species of fishes, the Redington Rise can terminate the weaknesses there as you had to be experienced with an ordinary fly reel. The big fishes transmit huge power by the line and to game with them a strong fly reel is one of the foremost equipments like the rods, quality fly lines and strong reel. Simply a big fish transmits huge pressure over the drags and to enjoy these gaming moments, the sturdiness and dragging power, both should be the asset of your fly reel. Basically, the Redington Rise is built up with the power and sturdiness while it defines a longer lifespan by CNC machined 6061-T6 aluminum. Thus reinforced construction in the reel and spool double the strength level than an ordinary aluminum reel.


With a fast action rod this Redington Rise can conduct a great line casting with the extended distance in the wide river or creek while under the pressure it won’t sweat to drag the line of a big fish. The carbon fiber drags extend the dragging power and the washers hold the lines in dead stop mode with its high end skill. The knob controls zero to hundred percent dragging power. So you can direct the dragging power from your side to dominate on game fishing. Moreover, the full air flow design ensures no sand, grit, snow or water can mess the backing lines and the large arbor size ensures more line backing while it retrieves the line with incredible speed.

Things That We Like:

  • The great composition with the strengthened aluminum, carbon fiber washer and large arbor made it ready for a big fly fishing expedition to confidently handle a big salmon or trout.
  • Not an expert required to convert the reel for left arm, the quick release spool and a simple mechanism can convert it to the mode you want.
  • Its construction ensures the adeptness with all conditions and all the species you want to catch by fly fishing.
  • No maintenance or extra care required to save the Redington Rise from degradation.


6)Okuma SLV

Okuma SLV Diecast Aluminum Fly Reel

The Okuma SLV is a popular fly reel and the anglers choose the Okuma SLV for the efficiency of quick backing the fly lines and pulling the hooked fishes. Moreover, all the doubts are cleared why the anglers want to depend on Okuma SLV. Firstly, its capability to tire the fishes, secondly its ability of adapting the salt water. And these foremost things specified the capability and lifespan of a reel. So, with such foremost capabilities and affordable cost this fly reel is skillful to tackle the fly lines either for casting or controlling a fish. The Diecast aluminum is the eliminator of your doubts about the construction. After fishing just a perfect rinsing can add the protectiveness from the rusts.


To work like a high gear ratio spinning reel it is structured with large arbor that retrieves line as fast as you expect. The dragging power in it has been perfected by the stainless steel washers that act to be strong after your drug adjustment. Moreover, converting it for left handed people is  easy, just some manual work required without any specific skill to prefer it for a left handed fisherman. From a beginner to an advanced fly fisherman, the reel wouldn’t not conflict with the minimal skilled to high end skilled fishermen as it is simply maintainable and the rubberized grip with the handle builds up an ease over handling the reel.

Things That We Like:

  • Diecast aluminum withstands the rusts (rinsing required by whitewater) and it aids to build up a trust over its construction as it doesn’t specify the inferiority.
  • Multi disk drags with stainless steel conduct the line under the pressure without avoiding your direction while the drag engages as simply as other reels do.
  • Convertible to left with the ease in setting and the rubber gripped handle won’t bother the anglers during line backing.
  • The holes can keep the backing lines fresh and quick dry.


7)Sage 2200

Sage 2200 Fly Fishing Reel

From maintenance to bargain with the fishes, it delivers everything you need by the unbeaten carbon drag washers and strong body. The comfortable large drag knob rotates for being established in the mode with hearing your manual direction. The carbon washers provide the power for any immediate raise of the resistance and the sealed washers are safe from grits, water and anything else. So, the smoothness stays in the mode it should be and you don’t need to clean the washers after the fishing time. But, to hold the lifespan if you want to clean the other parts, you can straightforwardly release the spool and this straightforward releasing system also makes simple the left or right hand conversion.


The optimization of sealed washers also smoothens the noise that generates from the resistance of washers and the whisper smooth sound of the washers won’t force the fishes to run away. The frame and arbor have been made with die cast aluminum to survive against the rusts and the large concave arbor adapts the line efficiently while it won’t bore you during the line retrievement, because, the line backing ratio would be simply better than a small arbor. Moreover, the diameter of the arbor would vary when you want extended line weight and size of the reel.

Things That We Like:

  • Whisper smooth sound with powerful carbon drag washers don’t sweat against the pressure while the smoothness doesn’t force the fishes to change their place.
  • Sealed drag washers won’t attract the grits, sands and water to join into the washers. So, without any cleaning they stay smooth and doesn’t fall under damage.
  • Concave arbor provides a smooth line backing and the large size of it pulls the line as fast as you want.
  • Diecast aluminum spool and frame to conquer any condition while the sleekness stays fresh even after joining with you on a saltwater fishing.


8)Dr. Fish Fly Reel

Dr. Fish Fly Fishing Reel

If you want to combine a lightweight reel with your fly rod, then it is efficient to be a leader in conducting fly line with a medium or fast action rod. The lighter weight of the fly reel and rod aid an angler to hold the rod hours and hours without giving the pain or numbness into the joints of their hands. So extending the time to stay with the rod on the edge of water would be a decision that you can simply take while the combined reduced weight of the rod and reel would easily bring the fly to the spot in the large river. The hollow shape into the arbor has been strengthened by the aircraft grade aluminum. So conducting the fly line by it would be as dependable as like you are tiring a salmon without any noticeable tiredness of the reel. The abrasion and rust resistant don’t expect any special care from the users as it is capable to go through any condition that it would be forced to tolerate by the anglers.


The large arbor doesn’t only attend on the mission of fast line retrievement, but also it is spaced to be compatible with the adequate length of the fly lines. The spool is designed over the air breathable structure that contributes to easily shed the water and grits. On the other hand, the drag system based on one way clutch bearing that aids for smooth line retrievement and reducing the noises when the resistance is on. To strengthen the drag adjustment the whole system is optimized with stainless steel hardware that extends the power.

Things That We Like:

  • Aircraft grade aluminum spool and frame made it as a reel to be applied by the anglers on all weathers and waters without imagining how they affected an ordinary reel.
  • Stainless steel hardwares to bind the drag engagement as strong as the expected resistance doesn’t be blurred for the pressure.
  • Sealed ball bearings fasten and smoothen the power of the torque and the consistent rotation would be fairly smooth.
  • The arbor size is large while the bunch of holes works like an effective way to release the grits, water and sand from the lines.


9)AnglerDream Archer

AnglerDream Archer Fly Fishing Reel

Either you want to start fly fishing or replace the old one you used, the AnglerDream Archer can be set up into the reel seat of the rod for both purposes. Taking the challenging fights with the bass, trout and redfish wouldn’t be complicated if the line is being conducted by the Archer Fly Reel. Whether the river or creek becomes flushed with saltwater or freshwater, the reel is able to achieve the power of staying fresh under the effect of saltwater. Because, the CNC machined aluminum doesn’t bring the negative effect on the lifespan of the reel. Although a rinsing is required and non-sealed drag washers need to be washed after fishing in a saltwater flushed river or creek. But, the sturdiness and the praiseworthy protection from rusts would provide the value you expect.


The hollow design in the reel is praiseworthy, because it narrowed the weight, but it brought the high-impact durability in the hollow design with the sturdy CNC machined aluminum construction. You would also like the hollow design as it dries out the line and protect the line from being sticky by the grits and sands. The stainless steel hardware into the drag engagement can bring an extra power whenever you put resistance on the line and the center disk drag and one way clutch bearing can eliminate the harsh noise and simplify the left or the right hand conversion.

Things That We Like:

  • Lightweight reel aids for fast casting and reduces the weight in the combination of the rod and reel. The simpler the weight is, you would be more able to stand out on the edge of the water with ease.
  • CNC machined aluminum body and a simple rinsing by the freshwater can terminate the power of rusts.
  • Easier drag adjustment, easy left or right hand conversion and no harsh sound by the drag washers.
  • Hollow design for air breathability, easily shedding the grits and reducing the weight.


10)Piscifun Crest

Piscifun Crest Fly Fishing Reel

Sometimes the non-sealed washers attract the water and that’s why the drag washers should be rinsed to hold the smooth activities and power. But, the sealed drag washers provide the consistent activities without any cleaning up and the grits or anything can’t come into the place where the washers are engaged. So, you don’t need to reach in there for cleaning the washers even after casting the fly into the saltwater. On the other hand, the carbon washers compress the harsh sound and make it smooth while the lifespan of creating resistance can be longer for the sturdiness of carbon fiber. Generally the aluminum is lightweight, but the reel sheds more weight by the air ventilated design that is crafted with the holes for neat line backing.


Moreover, the arbor is large, but the capacity of line backing is great and the U shape of the arbor holds the lines compactly and reduce the line tangling by limiting the line memory. For CNC machined aluminum the reel can fearlessly face any condition of the water and outdoors while it comes with the adequate sturdiness to not to bow against the abuses of bass and trout. Overall, you can find the perfection in it of fly reel as it is incorporated with design, sturdiness and a great class of the fly reel.

Things That We Like:

  • It ensures a great lifespan of the drag washers as the drag is sealed and don’t allow anything into the chamber while the carbon washers are sturdy and they don’t lose the power as easily as other simple washers do.
  • High grade aluminum for the sturdy body and withstanding any difficulty that is improper for an ordinary reel.
  • A rinsing after each use can extend its lifespan and no tricks required for cleaning up.
  • A large U shape arbor for holding more lines and providing a limit over the line memory.



Buying Guide Of Fly Fishing Reels

The fly reels can be encountered to fish on a simple freshwater creek to coastal salted surf water. So, how efficiently it copes with the saltwater it would straightforwardly define the lifespan. On the other hand, the arbor size, reel size, design, construction and drag can shake the capability of the performance. Although, if you strictly hear your requirements, regard your targets and choose the fly reel by maintaining the rod size, action, line weight and the fishes you want to fight with, then you may follow your needs. But, this buying guide would explain about something to aid those who need to acquire the practical knowledges of finding a perfect fly reel.



To lengthen the lifespan, conquer the abuses and be qualified to overcome any natural effect of the water, the material can facilitate it unless it is not metal. Sometimes, the metal can be robust, but the heavier weight and the chances of degradation literally kill the value of it. So, we would like to give better feedback to aluminum than metal when it’s all about fly reels.


Machined Aluminum: The machined aluminum is robust and when it builds up a fly reel, it ensures like the abuses, roughness and harsh condition can’t overcome its robust and rust resistant shape. So, for the best performance, expecting the greater life span and conquering the abuses of trout and salmon, the machined aluminum reel is a great piece of fly fishing equipments. The machining process and robust structure let it to cast the fly and tire the fishes anywhere and in any condition.


Die-Cast Aluminum: In order to perform on a fly reel, the die-cast aluminum is nearly robust to machined aluminum. But, it is not as praisable to overcome the saltwater and environmental effect as the way the machined aluminum withstands. Although, these reels are great to start in fly fishing as with minimizing the expensiveness you can dream to cast the fly with floatable artificial lures to attract the bluegills, bass and trouts.


Sealed or Non-Sealed Drags

The drags aid to tire a fish when you finally get a fish lured with the line. When the fish pulls the line to escape, providing the resistance from your side can tire the fishes easily. Sometimes, the drag washers resist from 0% to 100% and sometimes it would put the resistance between the free spool mode or full dead stop mode. Moreover, the washers sometime stay sealed or open and they need different caring to continue the activities.

Sealed Drags:  The sealed washers stay in a chamber from where it delivers the resistance and a drag knob stays adjusted to increase or decrease its level. For saltwater fishing the sealed washers aid to add the lifespan as the saltwater can’t reach into the chamber. Mostly the sealed chambers stay lubricated to smoothen the noise and friction and that’s why no rinsing or lubrication required to bring back the original activity. On the other hand, no grits, sands or dusts can join into the engaged washers for the sealed chamber.


Non-Sealed Drags: The non sealed drags include a few washers into the mechanism. But, the washers can loosen the dragging power unless you timely clean up or lubricate them by greases. So after each use (especially in saltwater) lubricating and cleaning the washers can always bring back the right activity.


Arbor Size

The arbor not only holds the line, but also the size of the arbor effects on the length of the line casting and retrieving the lines. Basically, till now the arbors have been noticed in the fly reel into small, medium and large size. Although, the small arbor won’t retrieve the line as fast as the large arbor does and the large arbor won’t be suitable with small rods. And, that’s why the balance wouldn’t be appropriate during casting the line by a large arbor with a small rod. Similarly, the small arbor with a large rod can imbalance the line casting.


For a starter a small arbor with a small rod would be perfect and when you pick the large arbor, having a fast action and large rod would be great for line casting. Although, the large arbor retrieves the line impressively fast and saves the line from birds nesting or tangling by reducing the size of the oval shape after backing the line. With a fast action and large or medium rod (in some cases) you can cast a good fly line and tire the fishes impressively fast.


Line Weight

As the way you have chosen the line weight of your spinning reel and baitcasting reel, you can also similarly choose the line weight and capacity for a fly reel. But for sure, the line weight of the reel should be the same of the fly rod as you know the fly rods are also rated by the weight. So, the same line weight and rod weight would bring a balance and perfection for line casting and anything else you do during fishing.

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