Best Fly Fishing Rods | A Depth Buying Guide

Undoubtedly the fly fishing has been a trend since last few decades that basically use the artificial fly to attract the salmon, bass, trout, panfish and many other fish species. Although fly fishing can be a tricky job, but you can simplify it by knowing the science and arts of it. No matter where you want to cast the fly line, the first thing you have to have the fly fishing tackles. And almost all of the tackles of fly fishing would be different than other fishing tackles. So when you are about making a decision to collect the tackles to start fly fishing, you need a special fly reel, rod, line and lures.


Basically, when you want to ensure a successful casting, you need a good fly fishing rod for a good cast and handling a large size fish. Although the size of your rod would decide how far your line will be cast, but a robust and lightweight fly fishing rod makes it reliable when you want to cast the line in the targeted distance and handle a fish with an efficient mind. So if you want to be rewarded with a great fly rod, follow our simple and efficient buying guide of the best fly fishing rods.


Our Recommendations For The Five Best Fly Fishing Rods

See these five rods and read the specifications to reveal the reasons why I have listed them in this five best fly fishing rods.

Fly Fishing RodsMaterials(Blank)PiecesActions(It varies with the rod's size, length and line weight)Our RatingsPrice

Fiblink 4

Carbon Fiber4Medium Fast4.4

Maxcatch Explorer

Carbon Fiber4Medium Fast4.6

Plusinno Ultra Portable Rod

Carbon Fiber5Medium Fast4.6

Piscifun Sword

Carbon Fiber4Medium Fast4.5

Fenwick AETOS

Carbon Fiber4Fast4.5


1)Fiblink 4-Piece Graphite Fly Fishing Rod

Fiblink 4-Piece Graphite Rod

You may know the meaning of an ultra light, strength and large rod, this fly fishing rod from Fiblink is that sort of thing that would be liked for the efficiency. This medium fast action rod would give the ability to cast the line in your targeted distance while you don’t need a ton of energy to cast the line. The rod used the solid graphite material that is one of the high quality fishing rod materials. It gives a good flexibility while it maintains the sturdiness and sensitivity. This 4 piece rod should be easy to carry and you can proudly cast the line in saltwater with kicking out the worries that your rod will lose the quality.


2)Maxcatch Explorer Graphite Fly Fishing Rod

Maxcatch Explorer Graphite Rod

Whether you are a beginner at fly fishing or you have been experiencing it a lot, you would absolutely enjoy the power and efficiency of the Maxcatch Explore Rod. This medium fast action IM6 carbon fiber tapered graphite rod will have an outstanding role when it comes to manage a large bass, trout or salmon. Alongside the sturdiness, the sensitivity of the rod will retain a great balance and good control in managing the fish and an accurate casting of the line. It used anti corrosion stainless steel for the guide that prevents salt watering damages while the ceramic rings in the guides remove the fractions and ensure fast casting.


3)Plusinno Ultra Portable Fly Fishing Rod

Plusinno Ultra Portable Rod

Honestly, you can call the Plusinno fishing rod is an ultra portable rod. Because you can put every piece of rods in the portable bag even when the reel is attached. From casting the line to catching a big fish, you won’t be so much tired because of the weight of the rod. The sleek design with the lightweight blanks give a comfortable feeling when you throw the line into the air. On the hand, the durable rings with the high end finish doesn’t create any fatigue when the line comes out from the reel. Moreover, the rolled 30-Ton carbon fiber blanks smoothly take the pressure at the time it comes to managing a hooked fish.


4)Piscifun Sword Graphite Fly Fishing Rod

Piscifun Sword Graphite Rod

The Piscifun Sword Rod is another good piece of the fly fishing equipments that is even compatible for beginner to professionals. From the multiple types of actions, line weight and size you can easily make your decision of what is the most suitable one regarding to your experience level. The IM7 graphite construction in the reel ensures high end durability while the lighter body enhanced lots of usability of the rod. When you require an attachment of the reel, the reel seat with lock rings strongly lock the reel in place and when you insert the rod blanks, you can put them in the tube to carry without any hassle.


5)Fenwick AETOS Fly Rod

Fenwick AETOS Fly Rod

When you expect the quality & high end performance from a rod, then this Fenwick Aetos ensure it for beginner to experienced people. Compared to other rods the cost of it would be in the expensive price range, but it is mostly appreciated for the high end quality and performance. The efficient design of the guides help the line to easily come out and fly without making any line fatigue. If you use the high action design of the rod, then the power and efficiencies of it will let you have some great fishing moments with game fishes. You will end up a successful fishing day without accusing the performance of this rod.

Consider These Things Before Choosing

You may consider a few things when you even choose other conventional fishing rods like spinning and baitcasting rods.  So there is not any exception for a fly rod, you may know about the materials and carefully select the size, line weight and the type of actions you want.


Materials Type

Till now like other rods the fiberglass and graphite are usually used to build up the fly rods. Although the graphite is such an outstanding material that retains greater sturdiness with being lightweight. But the fiberglass rods are heavier and would be cheaper than graphite rod. On the other hand, the bamboo rods are a good addition in the fly fishing rods, but this slow action rod with heaviness would be a problematic thing for the people who love lightweight and fast rod. Overall, I would recommend the graphite material based rods, although it is not 100% robust or sturdy like fiberglass, but it is 100% comfortable for any avid, newbie and experienced users.


Size, actions and line weight

Since the time I have been involved in fishing, I saw the size of a rod, the type of action and line weight determine lots of things, even your purpose should be clear when you are selecting the size, action and line weight. If your target is casting the line in a long distance, of course a 9ft rod is good enough while a fast or medium action with 7wt, 8wt and 9wt line weight can efficiently handle a medium to high size fish.

You can also gain some good ideas from Chris Myers’s video.



Final Verdict

So take a little bit of time and research the specifications of these five best fly fishing rods. Their quality and construction, both impressed me, so when you want to pick one, select the size, action and line weight after determining the type of fishes, size of fishes and casting distance.

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