Best Fly Fishing Rods | A Depth Buying Guide

Undoubtedly the fly fishing has been a trend since last few decades that basically use the artificial fly to attract the salmon, bass, trout, panfish and many other fish species. Although fly fishing can be a tricky job, but you can simplify it by knowing the science and arts of it. No matter where you want to cast the fly line, the first thing you have to have the fly fishing tackles. And almost all of the tackles of fly fishing would be different than other fishing tackles. So when you are about making a decision to collect the tackles to start fly fishing, you need a special fly reel, rod, line and lures.


Basically, when you want to ensure a successful casting, you need a good fly fishing rod for a good cast and handling a large size fish. Although the size of your rod would decide how far your line will be cast, but a robust and lightweight fly fishing rod makes it reliable when you want to cast the line in the targeted distance and handle a fish with an efficient mind. So if you want to be rewarded with a great fly rod, follow our simple and efficient buying guide of the best fly fishing rods.

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Our Recommendations For The Ten Best Fly Fishing Rods

See these ten rods and read the specifications to reveal the reasons why I have listed them in this ten best fly fishing rods.

Fly Fishing RodsMaterials(Blank)PiecesActions(It varies with the rod's size, length and line weight)Our RatingsPrice

Fiblink 4

Carbon Fiber4Medium Fast4.4

Maxcatch Explorer

24T Carbon Fiber4Medium Fast4.6

Plusinno Ultra Portable Rod

30T Toray Carbon Fiber5Medium Fast4.6

Piscifun Sword

IM7 Graphite4Medium Fast4.5

Fenwick AETOS

Carbon Fiber4Fast4.5

Tailwater Outfitters Toccoa

IM8 Graphite4Fast4.7

TFO Temple Fork Lefty Kreh

Graphite4Medium Fast4.7

Maxcatch Ultra-lite Fly Rod

IM8 Graphite4Medium Fast4.6

Ugly Stik Bigwater

Fiberglass and
Carbon Fiber
2Medium Fast4.6

TFO BVK Series



1)Fiblink 4-Piece Graphite Fly Fishing Rod

Fiblink 4-Piece Graphite Rod

You may know the meaning of an ultra light, strength and large rod, this fly fishing rod from Fiblink is that sort of thing that would be liked for the efficiency. This medium fast action rod would give the ability to cast the line in your targeted distance while you don’t need a ton of energy to cast the line. The rod used the solid graphite material that is one of the high quality fishing rod materials. It gives a good flexibility while it maintains the sturdiness and sensitivity. This 4 piece rod should be easy to carry and you can proudly cast the line in saltwater with kicking out the worries that your rod will lose the quality.

What We Like:

  • Incredibly lighter and tough carbon fiber construction that is sensitive while it flexes appropriately as a medium fast action rod.
  • The sensitivity is efficient when it comes for bluegill and crappie fishing.
  • Stainless steel guides with ceramic inserts as if the line slides very smoothly.
  • Cork grip handle gives the reliability while you hold it in your hands.
  • Hook keeper to safely grab the hook on a comfortable position.


2)Maxcatch Explorer Graphite Fly Fishing Rod

Maxcatch Explorer Graphite Rod

Whether you are a beginner at fly fishing or you have been experiencing it a lot, you would absolutely enjoy the power and efficiency of the Maxcatch Explore Rod. This medium fast action IM6 carbon fiber tapered graphite rod will have an outstanding role when it comes to manage a large bass, trout or salmon. Alongside the sturdiness, the sensitivity of the rod will retain a great balance and good control in managing the fish and an accurate casting of the line. It used anti corrosion stainless steel for the guide that prevents salt watering damages while the ceramic rings in the guides remove the fractions and ensure fast casting.

What We Like:

  • 24T carbon fiber blank for high strength and sensitivity.
  • Portuguese cork handle gives a reliable line and lure presentation.
  • Lightweight and slim body for better line presentation and accurate line distance.
  • Ceramic rings with the stainless steel guide for 100% non sticky line slide.
  • The sensitivity vibrates the rod and transfers it to the line to attract the fish.


3)Plusinno Ultra Portable Fly Fishing Rod

Plusinno Ultra Portable Rod

Honestly, you can call the Plusinno fishing rod is an ultra portable rod. Because you can put every piece of rods in the portable bag even when the reel is attached. From casting the line to catching a big fish, you won’t be so much tired because of the weight of the rod. The sleek design with the lightweight blanks give a comfortable feeling when you throw the line into the air. On the hand, the durable rings with the high end finish doesn’t create any fatigue when the line comes out from the reel. Moreover, the rolled 30-Ton carbon fiber blanks smoothly take the pressure at the time it comes to managing a hooked fish.

What We Like:

  • 30 Ton Toray Carbon Fiber What generates the expected performance during the lure presentation and catching fishes.
  • Lighter slim body for casting with maintaining the distance.
  • Anti corroded reel seat is high strength that is aggressive in preventing the rust.
  • Skid resistant cork grip for dependable gripping.


4)Piscifun Sword Graphite Fly Fishing Rod

Piscifun Sword Graphite Rod

The Piscifun Sword Rod is another good piece of the fly fishing equipments that is even compatible for beginner to professionals. From the multiple types of actions, line weight and size you can easily make your decision of what is the most suitable one regarding to your experience level. The IM7 graphite construction in the reel ensures high end durability while the lighter body enhanced lots of usability of the rod. When you require an attachment of the reel, the reel seat with lock rings strongly lock the reel in place and when you insert the rod blanks, you can put them in the tube to carry without any hassle.

What We Like:

  • IM7 graphite blank for a robust body while it is sensitive and lighter.
  • It lets you hitting the line without consuming your energy.
  • Chromed guides for a flawless line presentation.
  • Superior cork handle to be smoothly setup in your hand.


5)Fenwick AETOS Fly Rod

Fenwick AETOS Fly Rod

When you expect the quality & high end performance from a rod, then this Fenwick Aetos ensure it for beginner to experienced people. Compared to other rods the cost of it would be in the expensive price range, but it is mostly appreciated for the high end quality and performance. The efficient design of the guides help the line to easily come out and fly without making any line fatigue. If you use the high action design of the rod, then the power and efficiencies of it will let you have some great fishing moments with game fishes. You will end up a successful fishing day without accusing the performance of this rod.

What We Like:

  • Fast casting power and it helps you easily tire the bass, trout.
  • Fast action rod to fight with the game fishes.
  • Top grade cork handle.
  • Gunsmoke guides with thick diameter.


6)Tailwater Outfitters Toccoa Fly Rod

Tailwater Outfitters Toccoa Fly Rod

If you have already completed your beginning months with fly fishing, or already had the first successful season, then starting the next season with a medium fast or fast action rod to fight with large bass, trout can be an appropriate choice. Because your experience with the lightweight rod might have provided that decent experience what you can apply to handle a fast action rod. This Toccoa fly rod is the perfect invention that can be your sword to start fly fishing with a fast action rod. Its superb power would drag the line to the accurate position even in the windy environment.

What We Like:

  • IM8 graphite specified the durability and optimal sensitivity.
  • Double lock rings to give the utmost power on reel attachment.
  • A rod tube for secured storage what offers easy transportation and obviously convenient off season storage.
  • Not any inferior material in the whole rod.


7)TFO Temple Fork Lefty Kreh

TFO Temple Fork Lefty Kreh

It may not an incredible rod, but this is the one that suits with the minimal or maximum experience of any pro, avid or newbie anglers. Its weight, shape and power at least won’t frustrate you on sending the fly with retaining the accuracy. Its power accommodates pan fishes to decent size bass and trout while no hassle to fly the tackle into the air as it hasn’t any excessive weight that would be problematic on presentation. Because the full graphite blank hasn’t been integrated with heavier something that would make you tired during line presentation.

What We Like:

  • Great creation for any level of experiences.
  • Cast the line like a pro even through the windy environment.
  • Multiple rings to lock the reel strongly.
  • Graphite based lighter body.


8)Maxcatch Ultra-lite Fly Rod

Maxcatch Ultra-lite Fly Rod

Do you like weekend pan fishing time or a beginner on fly fishing? If you want to catch the pan fish or rainbows by floating lures or tackles on a stream,  then this is our best recommendation for starting purpose or catching small fishes by fly line. The line can be cast on up to 35 feet distance what is great as the maximum height for beginners. The rod’s quality is praiseworthy as IM8 Graphite construction while the sensitivity is great what supportively works to attract the pan fishes. Moreover the ceramic and chrome snake guide doesn’t stick to the line for smooth line flowing.

What We Like:

  • Great as a beginner rod for fly fishing enthusiast.
  • Ergonomic guides for clear line flowing in the air.
  • Great cork grip for perfect line casting.
  • IM8 Graphite blank.


9)Ugly Stik Bigwater Fly Rod

Ugly Stik Bigwater Fly Rod Fly Rod

The Shakespeare Ugly Stick is a popular name in the spinning reel world and their pattern of the construction is different than many other popular manufacturers. Instead creating a molded graphite or carbon rod, their blend of the carbon fiber and fiberglass give better sensitivity and combined strength. The blend of these two top grade materials provides a delicate presentation as the way a fly fisher deserves during throwing the line in the air. Moreover, the SS snake guides of the rod are efficient in removing the pop outs as if  the line tangling wouldn’t make your fishing complicated.

What We Like:

  • Constructed from fiberglass and graphite to be decently sensitive.
  • Snake guides for removing the pop outs.
  • Great for any environment.
  • Smooth grips.


10)TFO BVK Series Fly Fishing Rod

TFO BVK Series Fly Fishing Rod

So, do you want to catch several species from the stream by the fly with targeting small panfish to large bass and trout?. Here is a trustworthy solution that tackles the game fishes wisely. With this fast action rod you can start your game fishing journey in stream after being perfect in catching common whitiwater small fishes. You can use this fly with all specific lures for bass, trout, northern pike and walleye. It is reliable for an avid fly fisherman who looked for a replacement of his medium action rod.

What We Like:

  • Fast action provides impressive power.
  • High end lighter weight for an effortless line flying.
  • Carbon fiber reel seat for compact reel adjustment.


Consider These Things Before Choosing

You may consider a few things when you even choose other conventional fishing rods like spinning and baitcasting rods.  So there is not any exception for a fly rod, you may know about the materials and carefully select the size, line weight and the type of actions you want.


Materials Type

Till now like other rods the fiberglass and graphite are usually used to build up the fly rods. Although the graphite is such an outstanding material that retains greater sturdiness with being lightweight. But the fiberglass rods are heavier and would be cheaper than graphite rod. On the other hand, the bamboo rods are a good addition in the fly fishing rods, but this slow action rod with heaviness would be a problematic thing for the people who love lightweight and fast rod. Overall, I would recommend the graphite material based rods, although it is not 100% robust or sturdy like fiberglass, but it is 100% comfortable for any avid, newbie and experienced users.


Size, actions and line weight

Since the time I have been involved in fishing, I saw the size of a rod, the type of action and line weight determine lots of things, even your purpose should be clear when you are selecting the size, action and line weight. If your target is casting the line in a long distance, of course a 9ft rod is good enough while a fast or medium action with 7wt, 8wt and 9wt line weight can efficiently handle a medium to high size fish.

You can also gain some good ideas from Chris Myers’s video.

Size: like baitcasting and spinning, the fly rods also don’t offer any exception or different way to cast longer by a small rod. A longer rod would cast the fly onto a remarkable distance where you target to post the lure by standing on the bank while the line would smoothly overcome the very shallow points, submerged big rocks and anything else you would like to avoid. The conventional fly rod size can be started from 6 feet and ended up at 10 feet. So how you would take this requirement, it probably depends on the experience and undoubtedly on the purpose. I mean a big stream requires a large rod as you would like to cast the fly on any crucial distance.


Action: Action can be responsible in creating the casting distance and fish management after biting the lures. The action is differentiated into three categories and it has been named lightweight, medium and fast. So what is action into a fishing rod? The answer how flexes it is when you cast the fly and handle the catch. A heavy action rod stays and flexes minimally while casting and handling the large bass trout. On the other hand, a lightweight action rod flexes a lot comparably the medium and heavy. But they are incredibly better for small distance casting and handling pan, wary and all small species. So be a little bit tricky on choosing the action.


Line Weight: Line weight and rod weight are two related things in fly fishing while the rod weight follows the line weight. But, you could be surprised (if you are a newbie), the rod weight isn’t actually its own weight. The rod weight gives a concept about how it is structured for a specific line weight. The weight is basically determined by numbered ratings what clarifies your concept clearly. The ratings of the rod and line start from 2 and end in 12. The problem would be created when you use a 4 weight rod to cast a line that is 6 weight. You would lose the perfection on casting distance as well as handling the fish.


Because the thickness of the line varies the line weight and the rod manufacturer follows this method at the time they build up a rod. Reasonably they bring the changes into the natural weight of the rod and of course in the structure. So where and how would you use the line weight and rod?. If you often go for saltwater fishing and look for gaming with big species of saltwater on a large stream, from 8-12 weight is the best for you. But for the small stream or creeks, 2-4 is great while 5-8 fights better with bass and trout.


Rust Resistant Guides

The guides hold the line with the shaft and maintain the fly to cast or whatever you do. Literally the guides are big part of your rod and if they are weak on holding and casting the line or unfortunately break during fighting with the fish, it could be frustrating for a fly fisherman. So the guides must be robust to take the pressure while it requires high end compact finish to let the line slide smoothly. But overall what would determine its lifetime, is the power of preventing the rust. So the stainless steel can be that super component to give that guarantee.


Make Sure The Rod Combines Perfectly With The Fly Reel

Do you already have a fly reel? If you have, then you might have already followed the ratings of the line weight. But if you didn’t own, make sure you are maintaining the line and rod weight ratings when you are nearly leading for making a purchase. The ratings of the reel originally specify which number of the line weight it accommodates. Maintaining this simple requirement would make you wise on casting the fly. Moreover, the right reel with the right length of the rod creates a balance what gives incredible perfection in setting the line on right distance.


Three Piece, Four Piece Or Five Piece

Fly rods are longer than spinning and Baitcasting rods. So, carrying a 7 or 8 feet long rod isn’t easy unless the shaft is designed into a few pieces. The fly rods sometime include a case where you can put every individual part to carry the rod by your conventional fishing backpack. Eve if the rod hasn’t any case, the parts of the rod are still reliable for carrying purpose.  But how many individual pieces are great in a rod, there isn’t wise opinion about it.  It should depend on your personal choice.


Final Verdict

So take a little bit of time and research the specifications of these five best fly fishing rods. Their quality and construction, both impressed me, so when you want to pick one, select the size, action and line weight after determining the type of fishes, size of fishes and casting distance.

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