Best Fly Fishing Sunglasses To Prevent UV Rays, Glares & Dirts

I won’t ever want to spend even a minute without the sunglasses during fishing. Because, I don’t want my billion dollar eyes getting injured because of having no sunglass on my eyes. Basically, whatever you do, eye protection is the first priority and when it comes about fishing on a sunny day, you need to protect the eyes for multiple reasons. At first your eyes can get injured by the insects, dusts or any weird things and secondly the harmful UV rays would negatively affect the vision of your eyes. So, you should deal with a perfectly polarized & UV protected sunglass for these two reasons. On the other hand, it removes the glare, reflections, etc and make the vision expectedly clear. Once you have worn the sunglasses, you won’t have to struggle to cast and maintain the line in heavy sunlights. It can make a cool and environment friendly view for the fly fisherman.

Some sunglasses offer multiple colored lenses to deal with the multiple environmental condition. So if the environmental condition doesn’t go right for you, you can change out the lenses to continue fishing in low light. Even if you have the plan to fish at night, you would have a pair of different lenses to make the environment friendly for you. So, we have hardly worked to discover most user friendly polarized sunglasses that have efficiency to make the environment friendly for you with efficiently securing your eyes. You can comfortably enjoy the fly line casting, maintaining and fighting with the big species when the sunlight looks extremely heavy for you.



Things To Consider

Before buying you should ensure the lenses are polarized, the sunglass is durable and it has the optimal UV protection to block UV rays.


It Must Be Polarized

The polarized lenses basically use a specific coat for the anti blur and anti hazed protection what the non polarized lenses never include. So, in the heavy sunlight you would be able to deal with the cool view while the reflections and glares nothing can negatively impact the view. So, during fishing or out of fishing whatever you do in the heavy sunlight, the polarized lenses would give an excellent comfortability.   


UV Protection  

You may know about the UV radiation and how it impacts over the human vision. The common harmful rays of the sunlight are UVA, UVB and UVC. The Wikipedia provides a broad explanation about these rays and the lenses of your sunglass must have the protection to eliminate their negative effect over your eyes. So, you must ensure the lenses on your sunglass have a specific coat to eliminate these rays.


Durable Frame and Scratch Resistant Lenses

The abrasion can scratch over the lenses and it could be problematic when you expect a cool and clear view. But, you can keep the lenses scratched free against small abrasion if the lenses have a specific coat to prevent the scratch. Mostly, the polarized glasses use a specific coat over the lenses to build up an anti scratch surface. So, make sure the lenses have this anti scratch coat to eliminate the scratches.


The lenses are mostly built out from polycarbonate, because the polycarbonate is shatterproof and can save the lenses. Sometimes the frames use the polycarbonate and silicone to make the frames durable and virtually indestructible. So, before purchasing make sure which materials in the frames and glasses to prevent breakage.


Comfortable Contact Points  

The faulty contact point can make the sunglasses uncomfortable for you. So, the specific soft rubber or silicone grip can eliminate the discomfortability. You would keep a sunglass hours after hour over your eyes and the contact point can make a difference on your comfortability. So make sure, it is perfectly designed to fit with the comfortability of your nose and ears.

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Best Fly Fishing Sunglasses- Our Recommendations

So, overall the protection is must from the glares, harmful rays and fishing hooks. That’s why, to enjoy the fly fishing with a great way we have got the best fly fishing sunglasses.    

Fly Fishing Sunglasses Polarized?UV Protection?Our RatingsInter Changeable Lenses? Price

Flying Fisherman Cove


Flying Fisherman Fowey


Suncloud Milestone Polarized


Duduma Polarized Sports


BATFOX Polarized Sports


1)Flying Fisherman Cove

Flying Fisherman Cove

If any fly fisherman looks for a very specific sunglass to use during fishing, then this polarized sunglass can be remarkable for them. Because, the AcuTint lenses include the polarizing filter that removes the glare and restores the true and natural color you expect during fishing. So, you are not going to struggle to make the perfect views for you and without any fatigue you are able to see the right natural color you expect. Its perfect and complete polarized lenses block the harmful rays as if they can’t negatively impact on the vision of your eyes. The lenses of the sunglasses use the blend of pigment for more natural and glare free view while the scratch resistant lenses stay scratch free.

The durable polycarbonate lenses keep the sunglass safe while the full coverage lenses ensure the whole eye protection. Moreover, the non slip nose and temple pads contact strongly and protect it from falling off during your body’s movement. You can comfortably cast the line with safely keeping the sunglass in its contact point. The lightweight construction won’t also numb the contact points of your nose and ears.


  • Acu tint lenses clear the vision through removing the glares and restoring the natural color you need. So, you won’t feel fatigue to find a clear vision.
  • Scratch free lenses save the glasses from scratch and the minimal abrasion won’t be able to blunt the clearness.
  • Polycarbonate frames for durability and to save it from accidental breakage.
  • Softened contact points to eliminate the numbness.


2)Flying Fisherman Fowey

Flying Fisherman Fowey

Also from the same manufacturer, but the design looks stylish while it also aims to give you the advantages of having the polarized lenses on your eyes. The glares that produce from the water and sand for the reflection of sun rays, its lenses aim to remove them from your vision and make a clear appearance of the natural color. On the other hand, the UVA and UVB rays are completely blocked while it is in your eyes. The lenses use five different coats like mirror coating, scratch resistant hard coating, outer glass, Acu tint polarized filter and inside glass. These five different coats not only filter out the vision  with blocking the harmful rays, but also build up the construction of the lens durable and scratch free. Any fly fisherman would be simply comfortable with the perfectness of the lenses.

This stylish sunglass comes in different color of the lenses and frames and the manufacturer offers a one year warranty. The efficient contact points would make it comfortable for any users and you would have no complaints over the service it offers.


  • Stylish design and efficient contact points for the comfortability and not to make any fatigue in the contact of ear and nose.
  • Efficient in restoring the natural colors as the polarized acu tint lenses eliminate the glares for the most perfect natural color you expect.
  • Scratch resistant lenses protect the naturality of the lenses and eliminate the blurred look.
  • Durable frame and lenses maximize the lifetime and save it from breakage.


3)Suncloud Milestone Polarized

Suncloud Milestone Polarized Sunglass


The Suncloud Milestone is a versatile sunglass and you can use it for driving, hiking, cycling and fishing. It is highly optimized in order to build up the clearest vision and most incredible eye protection against the harmful rays. The injection molded polarized lenses mean you are able to highly achieve the optimal protection to give you a reliable safety on your eyes. Such a lens is also durable for the specific coating and you can achieve a reliable value for the money. The lens also provides the complete coverage as if the heavy wind can’t negatively impact on your eyes. Moreover, the scratch resistant coat can save the lenses from undesired scratches and overall the quality of the lenses is unbeatable when it comes to add the contrast and remove the glare.

It has also the adjustable nose or temples that ensures the comfort and best contact with your nose while the curvy frames also build up a comfortable contact with the ears. It includes a safety case that would always protect it from the unfairness.


  • Injection molded polycarbonate lenses easily eliminate glare from your vision and make a cool view you expect.
  • Adjustable temples ensure it would always make a smooth contact with the nose and there is no fatigue after using it hours after hours.
  • Full coverage lens to save the eyes from heavy wind.
  • Microfiber storage bag to save it from all the unfairness.


4)Duduma Polarized Sports

Duduma Polarized Sports Sunglass

A widely populated sport sunglass that is designed to fit for any outdoor activities and if you want a wallet friendly sunglass to bring on any activity like fishing, hiking and travelling during heavy sunshine, then it is great. It can’t only eliminate the reflected and scattered light, but also it makes the very cool appearance of the sunlight with filtering out the harmful lights. It also includes nine different coats for almost any protection and putting up the durability in its lenses. With the strengthen protection, an anti scratch coat also prevents the undesired abrasion from creating any scratch over the lens. Overall, a wide combination of the protective layers ensures an optimal performance what every user expects.

The whole sunglass is made from polycarbonate including the lens and frame what can save it from lots of undesired things. The size of the lens is also adequate for the optimal protection and those lenses are windproof and sandproof. You can find this Duduma Polarized in 12 different colors and styles what might offer you the most competent design to choose out. The manufacturer offers a lifetime breakage warranty for the lens and frame and this is undoubtedly offering the best value for your money.


  • Specifically designed to fit for any outdoor activities. So, It can provide the optimal safety during any activity with the heavy sunshine and wind.
  • 9 coats for any desired protection, including the protection from harmful sun rays, scratches and weakness. The whole polycarbonate body strengthened it a lot.
  • Stylish and lightweight with the full coverage lens.
  • Lifetime warranty for the lens and frame. That means you can replace if something breaks or damages unexpectedly.         


5)BATFOX Polarized Sports

BATFOX Polarized Sports Sunglass

We were told you about the sunglass with the interchangeable lenses to use considering the lighting condition. So, this BATFOX Polarized Sports offers the interchangeable lenses and it comes with three lenses and those are polarized, yellow and transparent. Amazingly the three lenses it includes all of them provides the complete UV400 protection. Although the main lens is only polarized that eliminates the glares, reflections and scattered light to restore the most natural true color. On the other hand, you can use the yellow lens as your night vision lens while the transparent one can be suitable during low light condition like foggy and snow weather. The revo coated main lens also almost used 12 coats to make the most sharp view under any circumstance.

Faulty setting up of the sunglass over your nose can numb on the contact point while it can easily fall off the ground with your simplest body movement. That’s why, it comes with silicone nose pads that perfectly hold it over your eyes and prevent it from falling off. The shatterproof lenses last a long time while the flexible frame is indestructible and easily fits into the contact point.


  • Multiple lenses to fit with multiple lighting conditions while all of them come with UV 400 protection as if the sun rays can’t negatively affect over your vision.
  • Soft nose pads for the comfortability while it doesn’t move from the contact point during your body movement.
  • Shatterproof lenses and silicone legs that protect the glass from breakage.
  • Revo lenses restore the sharp color under any circumstance.

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