Best GoPro for Fishing | Selection By A Professional Angler

There you won’t find such an enthusiast fisherman who doesn’t like to capture the precious moments of fishing. Whether you fish from the shore or beach or from a kayak or fishing boat, every time you can record and capture all precious and memorable moments. Actually an ordinary camera or the camera with your GPS can’t efficiently memorize or capture the exciting moments as the GoPro fishing camera is able to efficiently do it. These reliable cameras are easy to carry and you can mount it in your head, in your rod, kayak and boat. So a GoPro can easily capture the remarkable images without taking your so much effort to handle it.


So to record the realistic fishing moments with a high resolution camera you need such a device as literally these cameras are made with specific design and technology. But can you guess which one is the best for fishing? There have been invented lots of GoPro with different design and technology. But it does matter which is going to work better for fishing. That’s why I have put my effort in this post to show you the five best GoPro for Fishing.


Five Best GoPro for Fishing- Top Selection

Below I have reviewed for the five best Fishing GoPro. All cameras on below are water proof while they have been composed with some great technology as if you can capture and record your memories with 100% perfection. Their minimum 1080p x 720p resolution with 60FPS would give you an amazing experience to capture your memories.

Fishing GoPro's LenseBurst Mode Resolutions Our RatingsWaterproofPrice

GoPro Hero Session

8 Megapixels Yes1080p4.4Yes

Garmin Virb XE

12 MegapixelsYes1080p4.4Yes

GoPro Hero5 Black

12 MegapixelsYes1080p4.5Yes

GoPro Hero4 Black

12 MegapixelsYes1080p4.4Yes

DBPOWER EX5000 Action Camera

14 MegapixelsYes1080p4.6Yes


1)GoPro Hero Session

GoPro Hero SessionNo doubt one of the popular gadget that has gained numerous popularity to outdoor enthusiasts. One of the great things this camera provides its operating system. You don’t need any prior experience of using a GoPro to use this device. Because when you will press the easy one-button the camera will start recording while you can use its 8 mega pixels camera to capture the photos. On the other hand, to fish in the rugged condition it is composed with waterproof technology that is going to ensure the splashes of the water or the rain isn’t going to harm the camera.


Even if it falls accidently in the water, it is going to be safe in up to 33 feet water. You can simply use different GoPro mount stands to mount it in your head or spinning rod or kayak. As well, it comes with burst mode that can take 10 photos per second. So that you can be very live with your fishing adventures to discover best photos during catching a fish. On the other hand, the Bluetooth and WiFi technology will provide extra advantages to share and analyze your records.


2)Garmin Virb XE

Garmin Virb XE

The Garmin Virb XE is a versatile camera that even can be used as a GPS device, because it can track the heart rate, speed, distance and cadence. But literally, it’s not an efficient GPS, the manufacturer just included the Global Positioning System to enhance its usability. You would feel surprised to know its capability as a camera. Because it’s 1080p resolution with 60 frames per second will ensure that the camera is able to capture the real time photos with a true perfection and in slow motion it can also capture up to 240 frames per second.


The capability of Garmin Virb XE to capture your moments isn’t going to end here, because the burst mode of it, can capture a bunch of photos in a quick time. You can also record the high definition audio through wirelessly connecting it with a microphone or headset. Moreover, if you think to use it in a rugged condition of the water, especially when you are fishing in the sea, its waterproof technology will save it from the unfair damages.


3)GoPro Hero5 Black

GoPro Hero5 Black

The Hero5 Black comes you to provide the optimal advantages that you ultimately expect to get from your GoPro. This Hero5 is composed with the right technologies you need to comfortably handle your device. Because the touch screen display of this device simplifies everything as if you can operate the functions easily. Its waterproof design without housing ensures the camera is still able to take the photos in water(up to 10m).  You can just turn on the camera and start taking photos by pushing its simple one touch button while the touch display allows you change the settings necessarily.


It also included 4k video technology that records crystal clear video as you expect. On the other, the 12 megapixels camera of the device can capture amazing photos while you can use the burst and lapse mode to take the photos conveniently. Moreover, you can use GoPro plus subscription where you can store your photos and videos for a quick analyzing whenever you need.


4)GoPro Hero4 Black

GoPro Hero4 Black

The Hero4 Black gives the hands free control in 600 feet distance from the camera where you placed it. You can install the GoPro App in your smartphone to control the camera from a limited distance. It is also Wifi and Bluetooth enabled that provide the advantages to necessarily share the contents. The Hero4 includes 4k video recording system to ensure high quality videos with 1080p and 120FPS video system while 720p 240p video in slow motion provides a great analyzing system of your records.


To capture the photos in interval the camera features lapse mode that can take the photos from a range of time(0.5 to 60s). So active this mode in your preferred time, it will automatically take the photos in your fixed interval. Even if you fish at night or fish in low light, the night photo, night lapse and low light mode will even help you to capture your moments.


5)DBPOWER EX5000 Action Camera

DBPOWER EX5000 Action Camera

The DBPOWER EX5000 is one of the super portable camera that only weighs 58 grams what actually equals to an egg. If you bring this camera to your fishing expedition, its two rechargeable batteries will help to active the device for a long time even in the video mode. It supports up to 32 GB memory card that even can store five hours of videos what you will record in 1080p. You can simply start recording the videos on 1080p or 720p while the 720p will allow you to record almost 8 hours of video clips.


The lens of DBPOWER EX5000 can focus a large wide area. Because it includes 170 degree wide angle fisheye lens that can cover a wide area during capturing. Moreover, it has a waterproof case that can protect your camera beneath the water and if you want some underwater shots, then obviously you shouldn’t be worried.


What To Consider For A Solid Choice?

(Our selection includes all these required features and technologies)

Selecting a GoPro camera isn’t a difficult task, but you should know that it has the required functions and features while it also should be quality. Because you are literally going to spend your hard earned cash behind your desired device. On the other hand, if it hasn’t the right efficiency to be properly used on your fishing expedition, then your mission to capture or record the fishing memories would be unsuccessful. So you can follow the guidelines in below that would be helpful for choosing the right fishing GoPro especially if you are a beginner.


Quality Of The Photos

No one would want to take the shady photos of their memorable moments. That’s why you should obviously pick a high resolution camera to take the live photos. The higher resolution means the great quality of the photos or videos. So make sure your device is composed with high resolution camera as if the images look like super realistic. Actually a camera with 1280x720p is enough to take the high quality picture, but if you want the super quality in pictures, then 3840x2160p or 4k resolution would be amazing.


Waterproof Design

When you use a GoPro of fishing in inshore or offshore, getting it wet because of the rain or the splashes wouldn’t be a surprising incident. Moreover, there can have many reasons of loosing it from your hand into the water as you will be staying on the edge or over the water by kayak or boat. That’s why your fishing GoPro should be waterproof as if you can still record and capture your memories in any condition.


Frames Per Second

The higher number of FPS means, the higher quality of the video you are getting. If a high resolution camera hasn’t the higher FPS per second, then it is still unable to provide quality video. So when you will pick a high resolution camera, you should also make sure it has a higher number FPS in second. Actually the 60FPS is approximately enough for taking quality photos, but going for 120FPS would be outstanding. Here is a video from an expert that gives a proper explanation over using the FPS.


Storage Ability

Most of the GoPro cameras support external memory card. Because you would like to record lots of video clips and photos. So if the GoPro only supports like 10GB or 5GB memory card that wouldn’t be enough to store lots of records. That’s why you should go for such GoPro camera that approximately supports 32GB memory card. So you can simply store all of your records.


Final Verdict

You may know the advantages of GoPro how easily it can record your unforgettable moments. It is easy to operate and very comfortable to handle. So when your effort to use a GoPro to record your memorable fishing memories, undoubtedly these five best GoPro for fishing will make your dream really true. Their rugged design with waterproof technology will give you a solid service.

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