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If you have a handheld fishing GPS, you will never lose yourself even in the unfamiliar fishing spots and if you ever lost the way of your favorite fishing spots, you can simply recover that by analyzing your previous records. Furthermore, the modern GPS devices are more innovative as they are mostly compatible with TOPO U.S. 100k, Recreational Lakes and Fishing Hot Spots. So if you are especially live in the US you can get advance information for hundreds lakes of US and their profiles. On the other hand, The GPS that is compatible with Fishing Hot Spots, that will help you to get a very detailed information of the top fishing lakes of US.

The Global Positioning Systems are in the list all come with a preloaded basemap as if you can analyze in advance to find the distance and waypoint of your target spots while those apps as I talked in the above paragraph that will help you to discover your desired fishing spots in the US.

After making sure these things in the listed GPS devices we built up a list of the five best handheld GPS for fishing.


Things To Consider Before Choosing a Handheld GPS

Using a GPS for fishing means you have to use it on different conditions and that’s why you should make sure these things (as I discussed below) are present in your GPS as if you can continue the navigating, locating and tracking anywhere in any condition.

Preloaded Basemap

The preloaded basemap on the GPS will be helpful for an advance navigation. So before a fishing trip on any spot you can find out the waypoints and distance. But if you additionally install and subscribe on some apps like TOPO U.S. 100k, Recreational Lakes, Fishing Hot Spots, Birds eye imagery, then your navigation effort for the top fishing lakes (especially of the US) will be more easy.  And that’s why I have ensured most of the handled fishing GPS on the list comes with these features for a great fishing experience.

High Sensitivity Receiver

Choosing a GPS with a high sensitivity receiver will help you to load the data quickly from the satellite. The quicker accessing system means you are in advance to navigate your necessary data in moments. So the high sensitivity WAAS and Glonass enabled GPS is the right device that provides a quicker access with better accuracy for the data.

Waterproof Design

You can’t give any guarantee that the GPS won’t slip from your hand or it won’t get touched by the splashes of water. So a handy waterproof GPS will make you able use it on any environmental conditions. That’s why you should choose a waterproof GPS as if you can keep it active in any condition and anywhere you want. I am also making sure that all the listed devices are waterproof.

Display Readability

The display readability one of the important feature for every GPS device. Because most of the anglers angling in daylight and if you can’t read the screen in daylight, then it will obviously be a big problem. So make sure the screen has readability in daylight and that’s why you can choose a sun readable TFT display or a kind of LCD display that is truly readable in sunlight.


Five Best Handheld GPS For Fishing

So are you looking for a best handheld GPS for fishing? Meet here the top five of them that are great for fishing.

Fishing GPSDisplayIPX7 Waterproof TechnologyImpressive FeaturesOur Ratings Sunlight ReadabilityPrice

Magellan eXplorist 310

Color DisplayYesPreloaded Maps of US's Lakes, Preloaded Worldwide Basemap and Paperless Geocaching 4.3Yes

Garmin eTrex 10

Monochrome Display YesWAAS Enabled, HotFix and GLONASS Supported and Paperless Geocaching4.5Yes

Garmin GPSMAP 64st

Color DisplayYesANT+ Sensors, Heart Rate Monitor, VIRB Action Camera, TOPO US 100K Maps and 3 Axis Maps4.7Yes

Garmin Oregon 600

Color DisplayYes3-Axis Compass, Accelerometer, Barometric altimeter, HotFix, WASS and GLONASS Enabled and TOPO U.S. 24k Supported 4.5Yes

Garmin GPSMAP 60Cx

Color DisplayYesBlueChart, City Navigator, U.S. Topo 24K, and U.S. Topo and Recreational Lakes with Fishing Hot Spots4.7Yes


1)Magellan eXplorist 310

Magellan eXplorist 310This is an extraordinary GPS for fishing that meets the features what every angler really wants in their fishing GPS. It includes the preloaded information for the hundreds of premier lakes of US with lake specific fishing tips and techniques. So If you are living in the US, then this information will help you to choose the lake by your preference while it can also specify the greatness of lakes for kinds of fishes like bass, trout, walleye and more. The paperless geocaching system also provides a depth analyzing system of every cache with all records you did.

The menus are easy to navigate for this Magellan Explorist 310 as the vibrant 2.2” color transflective screen provides the optimal readability even in the sunlight. Furthermore the 3-5 meter GPS accuracy provides a great accuracy for the data while the preloaded world map simplifies the advanced navigation. This waterproof GPS is completely rugged and has (18 hours)long hours battery life to continue the navigation till the end of your adventure.


2)Garmin eTrex 10

Garmin eTrex 10

The Garmin eTrex 10 is one of the versatile GPS that offers a quick navigating system with a large 2.2” monochrome display that even you can easily read in the daylight. The preloaded basemap in it is effective to navigate the target points in advance while it helps to easily find the route for river and lakes as if you can reach out there without losing yourself. This high sensitivity GPS is WAAS enabled and supports the HotFix and Glonass for the most quick and easy positioning. On the other hand the paperless geocaching system also helps you to download and analyze the data easily without having any hassle of printing out.

To navigate the data in an advance way you can pair the device with BirdsEye satellite imagery that will transfer limitless images of satellite to the device. And end of the day you can connect it to your computer for analyzing all of your records. If you use it for fishing the IPX7  feature will provide an ultimate protection from the water while it supports two AA batteries that can keep the GPS alive for 20 hours.


3)Garmin GPSMAP 64st

Garmin GPSMAP 64st


The Garmin GPSMAP 64st comes with a variety of options for hiking, camping, cycling and fishing. This high sensitivity GPS from Garmin has Glonass receiver, that means you will be able to navigate the waypoints and routes more quickly with greater accuracy.  On the other hand, the quad helix antenna ensures a superior and established connections with quicker access. The preloaded basemap on it with TOPO U.S. 100k also provides almost a full coverage for US as if you can easily reach out to the target points.

This Garmin GPSMAP 64st also can be paired wirelessly with other compatible devices as if you can share all the records in quick without connecting it to the computer. As well, this GPS also ensures one year free subscription on BirdsEye satellite imagery that will provide you a realistic view for the target points. And finally its 8 GB internal memory can provide an ample storage option for all of your recorded data.


4)Garmin Oregon 600

Garmin Oregon 600


The Garmin Oregon 600 also from Garmin that features a large 3 inch touchscreen display. It has readability even in the sunlight and you can continue the navigating in any rigorous condition of the nature. This GPS features Glonass satellite positioning, 3-axis compass, accelerometer and barometric altimeter. It has Ant+ sensor and wireless connectivity as if you can send all the records to your friends without making a connection to your computer. This high sensitivity GPS also Waas and Glonass enabled for a quick and precise locating for the position.

It features a BaseCamp app that lets you organize the things in advance like the waypoints, routes and tracks for a touring plan. Additionally, the BirdsEye Satellite Imagery Subscription also allows you to capture lots of images of the satellite with a realistic view.


5)Garmin GPSMAP 60Cx

Garmin GPSMAP 60Cx




As one of the handy GPS system from Garmin it also includes a preloaded basemap. On the other hand, this GPS unit is compatible with many apps including US Topo 24k, recreational lakes and fishing hot spots. So you can plan in advance with getting the detail of the most popular lakes of US. The TFT 256 color display on it also helps to read the display in any lighting condition and like other GPS units of the list it is also water resistant.

This handy GPS also has high sensitivity receiver for a quick accessing ability. The long time 30 hours battery life of it also enough to keep activated the GPS for multiple days. Finally, it has an additional 64 MB SD card where the user can additionally store the detail for optional maps.


Final Verdict

Undoubtedly a GPS is one of the handy device for angling as it makes it no matter where you want to go for fishing, you will never lose yourself even in an unknown place. On the other hand, The Fishing Hot Spots digital mapping compatibility on the GPS also would work to get more detailed information about numerous lakes of the US. As well, the preload basemap for advanced planning and easy navigating also can help you to simplify the fishing expedition while the paper lace geocaching would help you to analyze your records easily and in a better way.

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