Best Ice Fishing Rods | Enjoy The Great Fishing Expedition In Winter

Fishing in winter in the lake, river or sea is a crucial job for every angler, because the fishes prefer to find their feeds in the warm water. That’s why you would be failing to catch the fishes in winter by using your conventional methods of fishing. But you shouldn’t be worried if you know the right tricks and methods of ice fishing. You would be as successful in winter as you have succeeded in other seasons. So to start your ice fishing expedition you should have lots of equipment like you use for other kinds of fishing.


Although some of your ice fishing equipment would be different than the equipments of inshore or offshore kayak fishing and fly fishing. But the rod is such a common stuff that you even have to use in ice fishing. Like other fishing you have to fight with the different size catches while the fishes will surely apply the forces over your line what literally has to be managed from your side. So you need a flexible and sturdy ice fishing rod that would let you amazingly enjoy the ice fishing game. That’s why as a fishing enthusiast, I have an effort to discover the best ice fishing rods.


What To Consider?

What you should really consider before making a purchase? Just follow these points.


Materials: looking attractive isn’t enough, unless the rod has quality. Actually the material defines the quality of a rod. The most common materials are graphite, carbon fiber and e-glass. Every material has individual advantages as these materials can make a rod sensitive, lightweight and strong. Although the level of weight can be slightly different from each other, but they have the true advantages to build up a fishing rod. Sometimes the manufacturer uses the combination of materials to build up the rods. Literally, these kinds of fishing rods are also enough handy, strong and sensitive.


Size: the size not only defines how tall the rod is, but it also sometime defines the power of a rod and its abilities. So regarding to the fish size and species you should choose the rod size. If your target is to catch the medium and small size fish, then you should pick a medium size rod. But if your target is big, small and medium species, then it is better to go with a high size rod.


Rod and Reel Combo or Only Rod?: Although here we focus only over the ice fishing rods, but some rods come with the spinning reel. Literally, it’s not a tough choice, because if you just need the rod, you should focus only the specifications of the rods while you can also go for a rod and reel combo if you don’t have the reel. Moreover, if you want to separately adjust a powerful spinning reel, then it’s better to only choose the rod. But if you want the both reel and rod in a limited budget, then the combo pack would be better for you.


Best Ice Fishing Rods & Their Specifications

After investing the time for a valuable research to find out the best ice fishing rods here I have put the results. You can keep your faith over them as these rods didn’t make frustrated their prior users.



1)Fiblink Graphite Rod

Fiblink Graphite Ice Fishing RodSo to discover a lightweight, strong and flexible rod at first I am impressed to see the specifications, quality and excellent user’s feedbacks of the Fiblink Graphite Rod. The rod is ergonomically composed with graphite that maximizes the flexibility, but retains the durability. So it bends ergonomically when it sucks the line pressure and doesn’t go out of your control. This lightweight and flexible rod is easy to handle while you can choose it with different size and power regarding to the fish size and species you want to catch.

It includes aluminum oxide guides that stay non corroded in the harsh weather while the line flow though it will be easier without any line tangling. This blank rod is always well balanced and as the reason it comfortably takes the line pressure. To give you an easier and smooth grip it has a cork handle that gives the excellent comfortability during handling the fishes.


2)Shakespeare Ugly Stik GX2

Shakespeare Ugly Stik GX2 Ice Rod

The Shakespeare Ugly Stik GX2 is praised for the excellent sensitivity and a proper level sturdiness. The rod provides zero difficulties to handle multiple fish species. It has an EVA foam grip in the handle that is soft and easy to grab. It would provide zero numbness in the palm even after grabbing it for hours in your hand. This comfy grip maximizes the comfort and that’s why you will truly enjoy the fishing with it. Its neat and accurate balance maximizes the ability of managing the line properly even when the line receives extreme pressures from big fishes.

The rod has been constructed with a combination of graphite and carbon fiber. These two materials really provide the different balance and strength as these are the genuine materials to build the fishing rod. Moreover, the one piece guides prevent the popping out and that’s why you will have the power to cast the line flawlessly without any line tangling.


3)Abu Garcia VeritasTM 2.0

Abu Garcia VeritasTM 2.0

The Abu Garcia VeritasTM 2.0 comes with a rod and reel combo while these combinations make it as an excellent fishing equipment. The 24 ton graphite construction in the rod ensures it’s an ultra lightweight, sensitive and sturdy rod out there. So enjoy the catching fish with an extreme control and this rod literally will work great for catching medium size fishes.The solid reel seat extremely grabs the reel in the right position while the handle with foam grip gives extra comfort to hold the rod in winter.

As a rod and reel combo it features an Abu Garcia spinning reel that uses 3+1 ball bearings to provide smooth casting. The machined aluminum spool on the reel greatly survives in the saltwater environment while it holds the casting line neatly.


4)Frabill Fin-S Pro 30

Frabill Fin-S ProThe Frabill Fin-S Pro comes with a spinning reel that features 3+1 ball bearings for smooth casting. On the other hand, the multi disc drag system is able to absorb the pressure of the line and as the reason you can confidently manage the line for heavy and lightweight lures. Moreover, the front drag and the anti reserving system maximize the casting ability with superior advantages. It’s a carbon fiber rod that provides extra sensitivity with retaining the extreme sturdiness while the single stainless steel guides with wide holes keep a perfect line flowing.


The reel has sub zero lube that even helps to retain smooth operation in the winter and the cork handle even provides smooth and non slip based grip in winter.


5)Baitrunner Noodle

Baitrunner Noodle Ice Fishing Rod

The Baitrunner Noodle Rod has used E-glass material that is ultra sensitive but strong. The rod can be easily applied to catch walleye, patch, trout, panfish, bluegill, coho salmon and so many species that intend to bite the lures in winter. Actually the action this rod provides is enough to catch these species comfortably. The noticeable thing in this rod its patented handle that you can use to store the bait and hook. Because the interchangeable bait cup is easily removable, so you can necessarily open up and collapse down the cup.

Moreover the ABS handle design adds the sensitivity as if the rod being more sensible and ergonomic for ice fishing.


Final Verdict

If you are a guy who has the real enthusiasm for winter ice fishing, then you can completely keep your faith over these ice fishing rods. They have been crafted with excellent quality, sensitivity and proper durability. That’s why you can expect a memorable ice fishing day with these rods. So just notice over their specifications and pick the one you really need to start ice fishing.

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