Best Kayak Paddles For Fishing & Water Excursion

An ideal kayak can adapt the all water’s condition. But, it is still a big deal to have a great paddle even after being owned a kayak with impressive tracking ability and stability. For fishing and water excursion we would use a kayak at multiple conditions of the water. Because, if you change the spots to stream, moving creek, coastal water and moving water for excursions, the water might act against the calmness. So, to speed up and paddle forward without being very affected by smaller or bigger impact of the water, the paddle should have some contributions. And this contribution can come from the structure and sturdiness of the blades and shaft of a paddle. The power of this combination can make your hands efficient on going forward without caring how the water tries to slow down your kayak.

Although sometimes your kayak size can give a small message before getting a paddle. If you use a big tandem for your family, mostly it would accommodate two, three and even four persons. So, if you use it for an excursion on the complicated water’s surface, the paddle should push your kayak as energetically and smoothly as you won’t feel like the kayak is stuck to the water. So the shape and sturdiness both are foremost requirements here and the paddle should be relatively sturdier than an ordinary paddle. Although, with a simple paddle and single person kayak you can spend some incredible moments on the lake, but the same paddle might be somewhat inefficient in the unsmooth water with a big family tandem.


Fishing Kayak Paddles And Other Kayak Paddles Are Same

The fishing kayaks and other kayaks are different as the fishing kayaks have rod holders and some specific stuffs what the water excursion kayaks don’t integrate. Although, in some cases, the fishing kayaks can be used for touring and having fun. But, whether you use fishing kayaks or other kayaks, paddles are always same and the same paddle is able to be applied for both kayaks. So this is not a crucial factor and whenever a manufacturer builds up a paddle, they design it for any kayak. Although, the blade and shaft strength can extend the lifetime of a paddle while you can efficiently treat thus a paddle in the roughest water.


Wider Blades Are Great For Speed In Rough Water

The wide or high angle blades adapt the portion of the water more widely than the narrower or low angle blades and fasten the speed of the kayak. If the water of the sea looks rough or wavy, but you got to keep kayaking in this circumstance either for fishing or touring, then these paddles aids to speed up the kayak. So, when you want to kayak in the non-quite water, the wider blades of the paddle might work adequately.


Narrower Blades Are Great For Kayaking Hours After Hours In The Calm Water

If you kayak for recreation or fishing in the lake, river or large pond, the narrower blades aid to kayak hour after hours without giving a small pain or fatigue to the joints or muscles of your hands and shoulders. The narrower and extended blades cut the water smoothly, but that the amount of water can adequately speed up in the tranquil water. You can kayak hours after hours, but you won’t be remarkably tired while the speed level would be fair for touring, recreation or necessary move during fishing.

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7 Best Kayak Paddles For Fishing, Recreation & Adventurous Kayaking

So after emphasizing to have a great kayak, when you are also emphasizing to have a great paddle, these 7 best kayak paddles here would aid you to purposefully pick one either for recreational kayaking or fishing.

Kayak PaddlesMaterial Of The ShaftMaterial Of The BladesOur RatingsPrice

SeaSense X-1 Kayak Paddle


Winnerwell Kayak Paddle

FiberglassGlass Filled Nylon4.7

Cannon Paddles Escape FX


Werner Camano 2 PC Straight Paddle


Carlisle Expedition Fiberglass Paddle


Bending Branches Angler Classic 2


Aqua-Bound Manta Ray Fiberglass 2



1)SeaSense X-1

SeaSense X-1

Where the water looks calm and you look for a tour in the water for an off day excursion, then the SeaSense X-1 with incredible lighter weight can make every stroke as powerful as you want. By this paddle, in the deep lake, shallow lake and the tranquil tidal areas you would have a great journey with the speed, power and calmness at your hand. Every time you pull this paddle in the water you would have the right paddling feel you expect and it can smoothly slide into the water. Without any complicated deal you can add some incredible memories to your all kayaking days. Moreover, when you are conducting a good paddling time the strong aluminum shaft stays steady and doesn’t tend to be weakened for resistance. Without any vibration and  impacts you can enjoy the paddling with the calmness in your mind.

The SeaSense X-1 is also the one that is sensible in price and with your recreational and beginner fishing kayaks it would be doing a great job. The small rounded barriers stop the water to reach at your hand, so that bothered dropping slides of water can’t wet your hands. Moreover, the widened foam grips aid you to perfectly grab on the required position of the paddle. So, you would be tranquil with your kayaking moments when you smoothly hit the paddle in the water.

What We Like:

  • The shaft might not have as incredible simplicity in weight as the carbon fiber and graphite have, but as a paddle in the low budget tag, the aluminum shaft can be convenient to a paddler as it is not unexpectedly bulky and weaker.
  • The paddle isn’t sinkable! If you lose the consciousness and the paddle incidentally slips from the hand or kayak, then you can get it back again.
  • Drip guards stop gliding the water and after every stroke the water would be shedding automatically out of your kayak.
  • Rounded foam rubber grips on where you would put your hands to grab the paddle.


2)Winnerwell Kayak Paddle

Winnerwell Kayak Paddle

So sometimes you would like to venture on the sea where the water behaves against the calmness. To acquire some different kayaking memories, it’s a good idea, but, it’s a kind of adventure. Either you want to fish there or adventurous recreations, you would be offered to capture some incredible memories in your life. But, paddling the kayak in somewhat inclement water is a challenge and the prior paddling experiences in such complicated circumstances can simplify thus challenging kayaking time. But, before putting the blades of the paddle into the water determining the power of the paddle might raise your confidence. So the Winnerwell Kayak Paddle is built up to cut more water and create more resistance what aid to push the kayak in the streamed water.

The glass filled nylon blades steadily cut the water and for being molded with better density it’s not crackable. The blades steadily go through generating the paddling power and the kayak would be pushing forward as you expect in the challenging conditions. Moreover, the fiberglass shaft steadily absorbs the abuses from both sides of the paddle while 2.82lbs weight makes the paddle as simple to handle as you want during high performance use. The two piece design with angle adjustment also aids you to turn the blades on preferable angle.

What We Like:

  • Designed to maintain the balance of your kayak in imbalanced water. As a high performance paddle it easily adapts the water’s condition and builds up the power to  push the kayak forward.
  • Glass filled nylon blades steadily tackle the pressure of paddling and perfectly undergoes the hard rows of paddling.
  • Fiberglass shaft steadily behaves with the power of every stroke in water and tackles all the conflicts with water.
  • 2.8 lb weight of this fiberglass paddle makes it amazingly usable in calm to rough water.


3)Cannon Paddles Escape FX

Cannon Paddles Escape FX

If you newly started kayaking, but want to paddle with the desired force in multiple types of water then you may need a replacement. So, this Escape FX is the eligible replacement that would have the capability to cut the water with stability. The Cannon Paddles Escape FX with slim and enhanced length of the blade pushes you and your kayak by the force of every stroke. The fiberglass reinforced nylon strengthened the blades to steadily cut out the water with the adequate resistance. Such blades don’t bend in the matter of generating resistance and the extra reduced weight is comfortable  when you pull the paddle through the water. If you tour in a massive lake and your goal is enjoying a pleasure water ride, then it would be succeeded without being bothered by the tiredness of paddling.

The blades are lengthened to adapt more water what enhances the speed with every simple pulling through the water. If your kayak goes through your adventurous paddling time, the lengthened blades build up the speed by accommodating more water. The fiberglass shaft holds the strength and you can rotate the blades to any angle.

What We Like:

  • Extended length of the blades adapts more portion of the water than other slim blade paddles. So the kayak can still glide well by the generated force of this paddle and if the water is being reason to make it slower, you can still expect a better speed.
  • The fiberglass paddle with aerodynamic shaft doesn’t make a very little conflict when it goes into the water while the indestructible (without any leverage attack) shaft aids you to paddle necessarily faster as you want.
  • Two piece paddle with angle adjustment switches the paddle blades to be set onto the comfortable angle.
  • It is simply storable in the car trunk and home. Because the paddle can be separated from the middle for collapsible design.


4)Werner Camano 2 PC Straight Paddle

Werner Camano 2 PC Straight Paddle

The dihedral shape blades of the Werner Camano 2 make kayaking as smooth as the way you want to conduct your paddling without undergoing the excessive weight and faulty structure of the blades. The dihedral shaped blades accommodate the water by the extended angle while it goes through the water as smoothly as we like. The acuity in resistance wouldn’t bother you, but it greatly emphasizes over the gliding power of the kayak on the water. It’s a paddle for the entry level users to highly experienced users and your hand movement would be significantly comfortable. The reinforced fiberglass construction conducts an amazing paddling with smooth swing movement as the dihedral shape and the minimal weight of the paddle are an ease for paddlers.

The mid size blades have been preferred by many paddlers and the smooth flexibility contributes to generate the smoothness with your hand movement. Moreover, the Werner Camano 2 is integrated with the coolest model of the paddles and the two piece shaft is easy to stow in a car trunk. Like any other paddles it blocks the shedding water before they bother you.

What We Like:

  • A kayak paddle that suits to any experience of the paddlers and the optimization with the dihedral shape blades makes every stroke smooth without making a slight complication during your hand movement.
  • Reinforced fiberglass compressed the weight amazingly as if the smoothness being extended to aid you to paddle with ease till the end of touring.
  • Two piece design and the incredible strength of fiberglass for the maximum lifespan.
  • The design is sketched by maintaining the perfection as the way you want your marine equipments.


5)Carlisle Expedition Fiberglass Paddle

Carlisle Expedition Fiberglass Paddle

With the high angle and widened blade the Carlisle Expedition Kayak Paddle is a reliable paddle for long distance kayaking without so much consciousness of how the water negatively affects on the speed. Because, the widened blades ensure every time you stroke the paddle in the water would be as efficient as like the paddle isn’t caring how the water tries to slow down your kayak. You can pull the paddle into the water with the advantage you expect, because the blades rotate into sixty degree angle and that’s why looking for a preferable angle of the blades for an easy hand movement incredibly simple. A simple push button with the rotation and effective lock let you lock the blades onto the angle you look for during kayaking.

The fiberglass shaft and blades compressed the weight, but not the thickness while the sturdiness tackles the resistance with simplifying the abuses. So, the non bothering weight, required sturdiness and angle adjustment won’t fatigue the hand for long distance paddling. Moreover, the praiseworthy sturdiness and highly widened blades hold the great capability to eliminate the minimal distress feel of paddling.

What We Like:

  • It is optimized for long distance paddling without any discomfortable hand movement and fatigue.
  • Very lightweight for being as simple as like it’s not consuming any energy.
  • The blades can maintain an angle from each other and during adjusting the required angle you can manually switch the blade to rotate up to 60 degrees.
  • No water can come to contact of your hand.
  • Remove or adjust to use or stow after use.


6)Bending Branches Angler Classic 2

Bending Branches Angler Classic 2

The Bending Branches Angler Classic 2 should be the perfect paddle for avid anglers. Because, aside the construction, the hook retrieval system can easily retrieve the hooks from shallow waters if it incidentally gets snagged by something under the water. The same thing can be the master of pulling up a hooked fish without any risk. Moreover, the length measurement tape on the shaft provides a quick measuring of your catches by inches and centimeters. But as a high angle paddle the blades are rotatable on any angle and give a wide choice to fix the angle of the blades as your hands want for non-complicated paddling. On the other hand, if the length of the paddle looks imperfect compared to the kayak’s width, you can readjust the length of the paddle by the telescoping paddle length management.

The weight of this Angler Classic 2 would be like it has been compressed for reinforcement. Basically the shaft and blades have been built from the fiberglass that is relatively lighter than aluminum while the incredible density of fiberglass maintains the power of resistance without breaking, cracking or damaging. The two piece of the shaft also makes a strong bond after confirmed the adjustment by an easy snap button.

What We Like:

  • Angler likes the specific equipment of the fishing and this paddle may have been built with keeping that thing in mind. So, a specific hook retrieval system is perfect to retrieve the hook after it’s being snagged by something. It’s also alternately useful to pull up a lured fish from the water.
  • Built in tape with the shaft to measure the size of your catches by inches or centimeters.
  • It is incorporated with telescoping design to lengthen up the shaft if you feel the hull is widened or the shaft’s length is imperfect compared to the certain wideness or the size of the kayak’s hull.
  • Depart or adjust the shaft for storing or making it prepared for use.


7)Aqua-Bound Manta Ray Fiberglass 2

Aqua-Bound Manta Ray Fiberglass 2

Where the water effects on the speed of the kayak, the Aqua-Bound Manta Ray Fiberglass 2 can be the powerful kayaking equipment there. At first, we would like to thank the high angle design, because the blades are virtually adjustable on multiple angles while the lengthened blades provide the required power to purposely get the most force to beat the water’s condition. The shaft would be gripped nicely in your hand, because where you would put your hands on the shaft, it is ovalized to give you deserved comfort. Moreover, the fiberglass as a high grade material, this paddle also has been constructed from it. The fiberglass shaft also can be almost indestructible, because, the impressive density can give it power to withstand the abuse of every stroke.

No doubt, for the reduced weight, paddling forward hours after hours might not negatively affect on the energy level. So, you would truly like to hit the paddle into the water until you think your kayaking is done. The small ring barriers also prevent the splashes to come into contact with your body, so, you might keep kayaking with keeping you away from the bothered water you don’t want.

What We Like:

  • High angle design to customize the angle reliably as the way you would feel perfect after sitting in the kayak. This small customization would save you from uncomfortable paddling.
  • Wider blades ensure you are still able to enjoy a tour where the water looks moving.
  • Snap button to make it usable or storable within minutes.
  • Fiberglass shaft with the power of withstanding abuses and giving an ability to the user to paddle during hours.



Buying Advice Of Kayak Paddles

Length Of The Paddle

The length or size of the paddle would impact when you allow it to push forward the kayak. Having in trouble to paddle the kayak could give some undeserved experiences when you paddle for an excursion or changing your position to move another hotspot during fishing. If you are a short guy, the longer length of the shaft might be problematic. Similarly, if you are a tall guy, the shorter paddle is also problematic. So, the perfection is required whenever you measure the length of the shaft. The right length of the paddle shaft reduces the pressure during the movement of your hands and the kayak would run modestly without sweating you while the force of paddling would be noticeable.

size measuring of the paddles

( made a great chart to give you an idea about choosing the paddle length)

Moreover, if the kayak is relatively large and wider, the shorter paddle might not generate adequate force to keep forwarding your kayak. Because the wider and longer hull mean the contact area with the water is larger than a small kayak. So, the resistance might not be as simple as the small kayak does and to ensure it slides perfectly, the power of paddling should be sufficient from your side. So aside the extended shaft, the extended blades can put the kayak forward quickly with the speed you want.


Shape Of The Blades

The various shapes of the blades and following and considering their different performances can be supportive if you consider about where you want to paddle. The types of the blades are winged, dihedral, asymmetric, dihedral, square end and spooned. But the asymmetric and asymmetrical dihedral blades are more popular in these days and these two different shapes are expert to be operated in the calm and moving or rough water. The asymmetric paddle is optimized with the low angle and slim blade while the blade length is extended than the asymmetrical dihedral blades. To tour in the water that is naturally calm and if you want an extended time in the water, the asymmetric paddle is perfect. Sometimes, its extended shape can be perfect for the moving water.

several types of the kayak paddles

Img Credit:

On the other hand, the asymmetrical dihedral blades are wider and have a high angle to hold some better water at every row. But, paddling continuously to improve the speed in moving water can tire you and that’s why for a shorter period of kayaking you can notice the benefits of the asymmetrical dihedral blades. But their power of pulling your kayak in the moving water can be satisfiable. You can use their power for fishing in the coastal water or where you need to withstand the unfavorable behaves of the water.


The Type Of Your Kayaks

This is not thus a requirement you must follow. But, the sit-in and sit-on-top impact on the power to be pulled on the water. Because, sit-on-top is relatively a wider kayak as this kayak has widened hull since the invention. That’s why, it consumes more water’s surface than the sit-in slim kayak. So, it would act to be pulled slowly than the sit in kayak. On the other hand, the sit-in slim kayak can glide quickly on the water than the sit-on-top. So in some cases the high angle blades would work better with the sit on top kayak while the low angle blades might pull the slim kayak perfectly. Although, the wide hull sit-on top kayak can adapt the rough water better than the slim hull kayak.


Materials of The Blades

Blades can be molded from reinforced plastic, fiberglass and carbon fiber. To be honest, the plastics in the paddle can’t be adequately dependable. Because, it loses the color for UV rays and becomes degraded in quality while the big impacts can crack the plastic blades. Moreover, the fiberglass are a superior material that is lighter, but it survives on any abuses of paddling. For a long day tour or high performance kayaking in rough water, the fiberglass blades can be great and they cost a medium to a higher amount and they can be considered as the paddle to adapt any water. Finally, the carbon fiber blades are the high performance ones for the expensive paddles and they would be lighter and long lasted paddles ever. Although, sometimes they cost like an entry level kayak.


Materials of The Shaft

Almost similarly the shaft can be molded by aluminum, fiberglass and carbon fiber. Like the carbon blades, the carbon fiber shaft can be responsible for expensiveness. But, the weight and sturdiness are ready to withstand the abuses of paddling. As we said, with the fiberglass blades, the fiberglass shaft is amazingly great and very performable with any type of water while the cost is budget friendly. The fiberglass paddles are very popular for expected performance and budget friendly cost. Finally, the aluminum shaft is dependable, but not as great as the fiberglass and carbon fiber are.

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