Best Tandem Kayaks In 2017 | Reviews

People who want to spend the weekend by having fun in the water with their friends or family, of course the tandem kayak should be the right choice for them. These kayaks actually have double seats and separate space on the deck for placing the feet properly. The tandem kayaks are not only great for having family fun, but also these kayaks can be used for fishing in the lake, river, stream and sometimes in the sea. Like a conventional fishing kayak, the tandem kayaks also can have storage compartments and fishing rod holders. But in most cases, these kayaks are designed for having fun or touring in the lake or river.

Like other conventional kayaks, the tandem kayaks can be inflatable or non-inflatable. So if you choose a non-inflatable kayaks, simply it can have polyethylene based sturdy hull. But if you choose an inflatable tandem kayak, then like the other conventional inflatable kayaks it needs inflation. So it totally depends on your preference of what kind of kayak you like.

Here is also a video from an expert who explained well why you need a tandem kayak.


Don’t Forget To Consider These Things

Materials: Materials are everything that will ensure how sturdy the kayak is. Whether it is inflatable or non-inflatable, it does matter what kind of material the kayak used for the hull or body. The high density polyethylene can make a non inflatable kayak extremely stable & sturdy while the puncture resistant vinyl is good for inflatable kayaks. So before choosing a tandem kayak make sure it is made of this kind of materials.

Several Air Chambers On Inflatable Kayaks: Most of the times the inflatable kayaks use multiple air chambers as if a simple leakage can’t sink the kayak in water. It means if a chamber is leaked, the other chamber will still support to float the kayak. This is one of the great feature that should have on an inflatable kayak.

Storage Space: Whether you use a kayak for fishing or touring, the storage space can hold the personal items, foods and gears on the safest place. Mostly, the non-inflatable kayaks can have seal storage box for dry storage and open deck storage with bungee. But in most cases, the inflatable kayaks can have open deck storage with bungee where you can put the items.

Paddle Cradles: The paddle cradles will help to keep the paddle in a safest place as if you don’t lose the paddles. It is the great place where you can safely put the kayak’s pedals.


5 Best Tandem Kayaks-Our Picks

Here are the 5 best tandem kayaks that would be great for various kinds of activities in the water. Take some time, read the specifications and choose one by your preference.

1)Sun Dolphin Bali 13.5

Sun Dolphin Bali 13.5-Foot Tandem Kayak

This 13.5 foot long kayak has some great features that can maximize the level of your enjoyment. Firstly the kayak can hold three persons at the same time as it has a comfy middle seat that is designed for holding an additional user. To ensure the comfortability for every user it has two comfy adjustable seats with a pure back support and for every single user it has a separate storage box with seal hatchback to safely hold your personal items. On the other hand, the molded cup holder can hold the cup of your drinks that you can have during the time you have fun.

As well, comfortability is everything when you enjoy kayaking. If you can’t place the feet in right place, then your pedaling time would be very uncomfortable. That’s why it has adjustable foot braces that ensure you are going to place the feet in the most right position. Moreover, it is not god, if you unfortunately lose your pedal when you enjoy kayaking. That’s why it has paddle cradles to hold the pedals safely.


2)Vibe Kayaks Skipjack 120T

Vibe Kayaks Skipjack 120T Tandem Kayak

The Vibe Kayaks Skipjack 120T is a tandem fishing kayak that has extra features for holding fishing gears. But this versatile kayak can be used for your other simple holiday activities. This extremely stable 120T is designed with wider hull as it perfectly suits and performs in the surf or very rough water. The kayak includes three seating positions with two comfy adjustable seats. So you can enjoy the kayaking with your kid for a perfect family time. Actually, whether you are an experienced or a beginner you can have the ability to easily maintain this kayak.

If you have this kayak on your fishing time, you can enjoy two flush mount rod holders of this kayak while the covered hatches will ensure your personal items, foods or accessories will be completely safe in the box. Moreover, it has 4 carrying handles, that can ensure getting your kayak on the edge of the water will be easy.


3)Intex Challenger K2 Kayak

Intex Challenger K2 Kayak

The Intex Challenger K2 is a sporty kayak that is excellently designed for any kind of fun in the water. It has streamlined design for easy maneuvering and quick moving in the water. This structure in the kayak ensures you can pedal the kayak easily. The kayak is made of super tough vinyl to prevent the puncture and it is very perfect to use in the river or mild rivers. Moreover, the large cockpit enhanced the reliability by adding two inflatable seats that have backrests and adjustability. It Has A Review Here

On the other hand, it used uv resistant materials that will protect the kayak from damaging by sunrays. And when you are on the water with this kayak you shouldn’t be worried for puncturing. Because it has the floating ability even after getting a chamber leaked and if a chamber gets leaked by any incident, then the rest one will keep the kayak floated. This kayak can easily hold two people as the 350 pound weight limit is enough for holding two persons.


4)Lifetime 10 Foot Sport Fisher

Lifetime 10 Foot Sport Fisher Tandem Kayak

The Lifetime 10 Foot Tandem Kayak is a versatile, superior and greatly stable kayak for fishing or kayaking to have fun. This kayak can carry three people while the tunnel hull design of the kayak has been added to provide extreme stability. Whether you stand up or sit side its excellent stability will retain the great balance on any sitting position. This kayak has been composed of durable and lightweight polyethylene material for an easy transport and prevent the cracking. You can simply put the kayak on your minivan, truck or SUV for an easy transport.

Moreover, it has three molded rod holders that can grab the fishing rods. On the other hand a dry storage box with seal hatch can hold some fishing related mini gears safely and if you want to put the pedals on a safer position, then the pedal cradles will help you to put the pedal securely.


5)Advanced Elements AE1007-R Inflatable Kayak

Advanced Elements AE1007-R Inflatable Kayak

The kayak looks like a non-inflatable molded sturdy hull based kayak. But literally this is an inflatable kayak that has built in aluminum ribs to improve the tracking ability. The kayak is completely puncture resistant as it has three layers of material that extremely protect the kayak from puncture. The kayak is easily portable and you can anytime unfold it for an easy inflation. It features very comfortable high quality adjustable seats that you need to attach after inflation.

Moreover, the kayak has three seat locations that mean three people conveniently use the kayak at the same time. Amazingly, instead of having two or three chambers, it has six chambers that ultimately protect the kayak from the chances of puncturing. So you can apply it in any condition while the stability is very great.


Final Verdict

A tandem kayak can maximize the level of having fun in the water and when you are planning to enjoy such amazing fun with friends or family, these five best tandem kayaks would be the great option for you. So pick one from these five and enjoy the great weekend in summer.

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