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If you prefer a highly portable & sturdy fishing rod at an affordable cost, then the telescopic fishing rod is the right handy fishing equipment that you can use for getting an extreme advantage. These handy rods are collapsible and that’s why you can collapse down the rod to make it easily portable. It’s unlike the two piece rods, and that’s why they are even optimized to put into your fishing or outdoor backpack. From my word I would say the telescopic fishing rods are one of the excellent invention of the era. If you are thinking about a replacement of your conventional fishing rod, then picking the telescoping rod would be a fair choice to improve your fishing experience.
Telescopic Fishing Rod

Five Best Telescoping Fishing Rods For Offshore & Inshore Fishing

So you want the lightweight and portable fishing rods? Don’t worry these five best telescoping fishing rods would make your dream true. Because they are extremely portable, lightweight and can be easily placed in the car trunk, boat hatches and even in the backpack. On the other hand, they are truly versatile, that means these rods are ready to be used for saltwater fishing, whitewater fishing and big fishing adventure like surf fishing and sea fishing.

Telescopic RodsMaterials PowerOur Ratings Price

Sougayilang Spinning Telescopic Rod

24 Ton Carbon Fiber and E-Glass CompositeMedium Light4.4

Plusinno Telescopic Rod

Carbon Fiber and FiberglassMedium4.7

Tomshoo Telescopic Rod

Carbon Fiber and FiberglassMedium Light4.3

Goture Sword Series

Carbon Fiber and E-GlassMedium Light4.4

Supertrip Telescopic Rod

Carbon Fiber and AlloyMedium4.4


1)Sougayilang Spinning Telescopic Rod

Sougayilang Spinning Telescopic Fishing Rod

This rod can be a true and handy fishing equipment for you with the real affordability. To impress the angler it is not only composed with some pieces of collapsible poles, but also to be sensitive and sturdy, it has used a mix of materials like 24 ton carbon fiber and E-glass composite. When you will use it to manage the big catches, its well balanced poles will give the extreme support to manage the catches like tuna, salmon, redfish, bass and trout. You can plan to have a day in saltwater without getting zero damage because of the harsh environment. Even the reel seat is made of CNC machined aluminum that is going to make sure that those reel seats will be unchangeable even after being used for several years.


2)Plusinno Telescopic Rod

Plusinno Telescopic Fishing Rod

The Plusinno Telescopic Rod is another innovative, quality, versatile and affordable rod that you should add to the shortlist for your future fishing adventure. The first thing you can expect  from this rod its quality. Because it’s made of high elasticity and high density carbon (carbon fiber is mixed with fiberglass) that ensure the rod is well balanced and sturdy while it is not going to be damaged because of the harsh environmental condition. Undoubtedly, you can use this rod to catch a wide variety of fishes while it will never go out of your control. Because its highly durable construction can lead to catching big fish species. Moreover, the reel seat is composed of corrosion resistant stainless steel to stay always unchangeable in saltwater condition. As well, the EVA foam grip in the handle always will give you a comfy feeling and that’s why you will never feel any fatigue in your hand to cast the line.


3)Tomshoo Telescopic Rod

Tomshoo Telescopic Fishing Rod


As a handy and quality collapsible rod the manufacturer designed it to think about the portability in their mind. The rod is ultimately portable and as the reason you will have zero problem to carry it like the first two models of this list. It is composed of solid carbon fiber that perfectly maintains sensitivity. On the other hand, because of a greater level sturdiness, the rod won’t lose the balance even when you catch a big size fish. The ceramic guides on the rod ensure that it is going to provide a less friction when you cast the line. Moreover, these guides can easily maintain the fluorocarbon and monofilament fishing line and you don’t have to be badly experienced with line tangling. It also includes alloy aluminum reel seats to protect from corrosion.


4)Goture Sword Series

Goture Sword Series Telescopic Fishing Rod

You don’t want that the rod breaks down because of the heavy load of energetic fishes. That’s why to protect the rod from losing balance and make it greatly sensitive it used a mix of high density 24 ton carbon fiber and E-glass composite. This combination of the materials provides an ultra strength when you catch the salmon, tuna, red fish, swordfish, bass and trout. This versatile rod can be applied for a fishing adventure while it can properly handle strong monofilament and fluorocarbon fishing line. Moreover, the welded stainless steel guides with ceramic inserts can’t only prevent the corrosion, but it also lays the line evenly and provides low friction to minimize the line fatigue.


5)Supertrip Telescopic Rod

Supertrip Telescopic Fishing Rod

The Supertrip Telescopic Rod retains a great balance to provide the sturdy performance when it comes to fight with the big catch. This sleek and flexible rod used high density carbon fiber to prevent the cracking. It’s completely a versatile rod and the professional and amateur angler can use it to use for different level fishing. You shouldn’t care about the water’s condition, because the guides and seat won’t be corroded because of getting wet by saltwater. As an innovative telescoping rod with collapsible poles you can easily put in a compartment of your fishing backpack. The perfect construction with sturdy poles will let you confidently make a plan for offshore fishing, because it has the extreme ability to catch the game fishes.


Things That Make Your Choice Solid

Choosing a telescoping rod isn’t a difficult task, but you have to consider the size, length, material and other features. So here is a guideline regarding to help you to discover the right one that really can improve your fishing experience and give the extreme pleasure and fun of fishing.


Size & Length

Regarding to the different kind of fishing purpose at first you have to select the size you like. When you collapse down every telescoping rod turns into a little pole. But when you extend the poles it becomes a big fishing rod. So you have to select that length when the poles are extended. If you like whitewater fishing like casting the line in the lake, river, pond and want to catch some common species like bass, trout and salmon, then small to medium size rods are approximately perfect. If you want to do adventurous fishing, like catching big species in the sea, then you would require a bigger size to cast the line properly in a long distance.



Before applying a rod for different size lures and lines at first you have to know the power of your rod. Because you can’t go for catching a large size fish with a small size rod. The result would be like you are losing the control or the rod is going to be cracked. Although it is possible to optimize a small size rod for catching big size fish, but that is really a difficult task. So regarding to the weight of the lures and lines, you must go for such a rod that can work with your desired lure size. As an example, if you want to cast the line for heavy lure, then choose a bigger size rod that has the real power to manage the lure size or weight.



The action defines the ability of bending your rod. The rods that are optimized with slow action, it can bend a lot. You may not use these rods to catch bigger fish. On the other hand, the rods with fast action returns in its place faster than the medium sized rods. You can comfortably use the medium and fast action optimized rods to catch small to large size fish and of course you can bring them for the offshore fishing adventure.



This is what defines the quality of your fishing rod. The fishing rods usually use carbon fiber, e-glass, fiberglass and graphite. Although the e-glass is mostly used with the carbon fiber to maximize the durability with retaining the flexibility. This combination of the materials would be great for a fishing rod. Although the graphite and fiberglass are perfect materials, because they have great effectiveness like the carbon fiber. So picking the graphite and fiberglass fishing rods may be also a good decision like picking the carbon fiber with e glass mix rods.


Final Verdict

So if you are looking for a telescoping rod regarding to the advantages of it, then picking one of these five best telescoping rods would provide a great value. Because their specifications may give the answer why they are best among hundreds of telescoping rods.

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