Best Trolling Motors For Kayaks | Saltwater and Freshwater Specific

No doubt fishing with a kayak is the oldest and still a popular source for fishing as you can do it by easily reaching into the deeper points of lake, river or sea. It simply lets you to change the place by pedaling. But unfortunately it’s impossible to cover a large area by pedaling as the kayak can move slowly and difficult to pedal it in the highly moving area. If you want to maximize the level of your pedaling attempt to move quickly, you can feel fatigued in your hands or can be tired soon. Furthermore, the older people won’t like to pedal for a long as they aren’t highly energetic. So to say good by these obstacles you need to buy a trolling motor for your kayak.


A trolling motor ensures you are not limited in fishing while it provides 2x benefits. With a trolling motor you can maximize the coverage for the fishing area and you can change your place in moments.  Literally having a trolling motor on your kayak means you are completely in advance for fishing with getting the optimum accessibility to reach on the desired area. So let’s discuss what you should know about the trolling motor before going for the pick from the best trolling motors for kayaks.


Saltwater and Freshwater Motors Are Different

In truth the saltwater motor should be slightly different than freshwater motor as it should have the ability to resist the corrosion that keeps it unchangeable after years of use. The main problem of saltwater it corrodes your fishing accessories and motor. So to prevent your motor from the corrosion you should choose a saltwater motor if you mostly plan to trip on saltwater. You also need extra care to maximize the lifetime of a saltwater motor. So lubricate the motor by lube and wash by the freshwater after having a trip on saltwater.


There isn’t any rule for the saltwater motor to use on freshwater, but the freshwater motor shouldn’t be used on saltwater. So if you choose a freshwater motor, you should avoid using it on saltwater.


Make Sure The Motor Suits With Your Kayak Size & Weight

If you choose a motor with the thrust of 30 and want to mount it with your 19” boat, then you are doing it wrong. You must know the size of your kayak and the number of pounds or thrust it needs. That’s why here is a chart for you to simplify the trick. But if you have any confusion about the boat’s weight, don’t worry! The 1500 pound boat can be optimized by a 30 pound thrust motor while the 3000 pounds can be optimized by the 60 pounds thrust motor. The Volts of the motor also change following to the number of pounds of the motor and the motor commonly comes with 12, 24 and 36 volts. So if you choose a 24 volt motor, then you may require to use an additional battery.


Requirement of the trolling motor for kayaks

Transom Mount or Bow Mount?

These are the conventional or regular mounting system for the trolling motors while the transom mount is common and mostly designed with the affordable or inexpensive trolling motor. Literally, it’s an easier system and you can set the motor in kayak in minutes by this transom mounting system. Although the bow mount is a great system for mounting the motor, but it mostly comes with the expensive and highly innovative trolling motors that use the professional level fishing boats.


Five Best Trolling Motors For Kayaks That Are Affordable

So after analyzing the 30 trolling motors and the experience of anglers with them, here I wrote for the five best trolling motors for kayaks that are inexpensive, powerful and great for covering the ample area.


1)Newport Vessels NV-Series 36 lb

Newport Vessels NV-Series 36 lb

The Newport Vessels NV-Series  36 lb is a corrosion resistant and strength motor for saltwater that comes to beat the difficulty of saltwater. The strength thirteen inch shaft will be unchangeable even after performing for years and years as it is constructed of rigid stainless steel. This trolling motor is designed with the transom mount that is designed with heavy duty nylon as if it doesn’t displace or break when you highly speed up the motor. As a saltwater specific motor you can simply plan your fishing trip either on saltwater or freshwater.


This amazingly versatile 36 lb thrust motor can be compatible to use on kayaks, fishing boats, dinghies, tenders and inflatable boats. The motor has been designed with an ergonomic telescoping handle for the optimum control and comfortability with a little bit attempt of anglers. To precisely maintain the speed it is optimized with optimized with 5 forward and 3 reserve speed as if you can turn the speed in moment to change it in your required level. Furthermore the battery meter also can work as a good indicator to let you know the battery life.


2)Minn Kota Endura C2

Minn Kota Endura C2

The Minn Kota Endura C2 almost has the similarity with Newport Vessels NV-Series  36 lb as the design is almost same. But it keeps silent when you use it to move from place to place even at the optimum speed. So the reliable lower noise of it and cool  quiet power never spooks the fish with keeping a great role to enhance the battery life. The manufacturer designed it as a freshwater specific motor that ensures a longer lifetime if you continuously use it on fresh water. Moreover, the shaft of the motor provides amazing rigidity that is indestructible, corrosion resistant and made out from the high yield composite. This material is amazingly more rigid than steel to provide a lifetime guarantee.


To ensure that this 30lbs motor will be easily operated, they also provided a telescoping handle that maximizes the kayak’s control when the motor trolls. The tilt twist tiller with such a telescoping handle also provides an easier control over the speed and the forward and reverse speed system ensure the opportunity to shift the place without too much attempt.


3)Saturn 55 Lbs

Saturn 55 Lbs Short-Shaft Electric Trolling Motor

If you are looking for a powerful motor that can be optimized by a conventional 12V battery, then this 55 lbs trolling motor offers something great that you would like. The motor is uniquely designed adjustable depth collar that lets you to set the motor in right depth. To accurately operate the motor with a proper height the handle of it has the adjustability, that means you can set it to a reliable position as you need. Furthermore to operate it with the optimum ease the telescope design tilting throttle handle can be handled easily with shifting the speed in second.


This Saturn 55 Lbs motor also produces very low noises that is environment friendly and has the necessary speed control. The transom mounting system of the motor provides the opportunity to mount it with a variety of boats while the composite shaft of the motor is extremely rigid to provide a very longer lifetime. It has an accurate battery indicator to guess the lifetime of the battery and as a saltwater motor you can obviously go for a reliable fishing trip on the sea.


4)Newport Vessels X-Series 55 lb

Newport Vessels X-Series 55 lb

This Newport Vessels X-Series 55 lb also the creation of Newport Vessels, but extremely powerful than the NV-series 36 lb. It is a saltwater motor that is reliable to mount as it is designed with a transom mounted system. So feel free to optimize it with the variety of boats like the fishing kayaks, inflatable kayaks, fishing boats and dinghies. The indestructible rigid 36 inch shaft can be adjusted with necessary height with the telescoping handle can bring the optimum reliability to the users.


It uses three propellers instead of two as if the user gets the extreme accuracy and power of speed. And it has a great control in speed as the level for forward is five and the backward is three. So turn the speed into the level you need by its smooth handle and operate it with the optimum comfortability.


5)Goplus New 46lbs

Goplus New 46lbs Freshwater Trolling Motor

The Goplus New 46lbs is only made to use on the Freshwater, but you would like it for the versatility and capability. This 46lb freshwater motor with 8 speed is an excellent choice for the lake or river and even sea if there doesn’t have the saltwater. This versatile motor can be mounted with the fishing kayaks, boats, canoes and inflatable kayaks. The six inches telescoping handle is ensuring the easiness of control with the adjustable height. Like the other motor of the list you can just operate it by a 12V motor.


The 36” inch shaft length specifies the system to set it in a proper depth of water while the rigidity is enough for the performance of years. As usual like the previous ones it comes with the system transom mount for the user’s reliability for mounting. Furthermore, the battery indicator with LED light also brings the signal for battery life.



To enjoy an extreme fishing trip by accessing all the tough points, these trolling motors can keep a great roll without letting you to engage on pedaling. But if you use freshwater motor avoid to use it in saltwater and if you use a saltwater motor, wash it by freshwater after using. You may choose the number thrust by your preference, but if you want to use it on highly moving water, better to choose the higher thrust level.

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