Bluegill Fishing Tips & Techniques

Bluegill or alternatively can be called as panfish, because mostly the size of them won’t exceed your pan size. This delicious panfish has become extremely popular for the authentic taste while they are easy to catch and you don’t have to count the hours to get the bites in lures like catching bass and trouts. Basically catching the panfish like a dream to every new angler while some pro or skilled anglers also enjoy catching the bluegill. In truth you don’t have to go to the deep sea or offshore for catching bluegills. Because the bluegills love to live in shallow water and you can find their availability in the lake, slow moving river or in a farm side pond.


You don’t need any exceptional gears or lures to attract and catch the bluegills, but learning some techniques would help you fill your bucket with lots of bluegills. So here we have shared a few tips regarding your effort for catching bluegills.

Bluegill Fishing Tips


1)Attract Them By Specific Live Baits Or Artificial Lures

Your success in catching bluegills firstly depends on how you are going to attract them. You can use the artificial lures to attract them, but your success depends on your bait presentation. recommends some great lures for pan fishes. You may follow their guideline. But if you want to attract them by the live baits, minnows, worms and crickets would be great. Remember, bluegills love to eat the lures that move slowly in water. So be steady when you are presenting the baits or lures to them.

AnglersEscape also recommends some good lures for bluegills.



2)Use The Right Equipment

To be honest, you don’t need to purchase those reels or rods that use to catch tuna, large bass and trout. You just need those kind of spinning reels or rods that are made to be used for lightweight lures. You can also use the fly fishing rod for catching bluegills and to handle the bluegills two, three or four lbs fishing lines are enough.


3)Small Hooks Are Better

The size of the bluegill’s mouth is comparably small. So using the smaller hooks are better than larger hooks regarding the size of their mouths and at the same time you should also use small boobers. Because they would run away if they feel the resistance when they bite.


4)Know When They Are Spawning

Basically the bluegills come into the shallow water when they want to spawn and it happens in early summer as the temperature raises at this time. So undoubtedly this is a good time to catch them and in the late summer the bluegills start moving in deep water and randomly find their feeds. You can also keep catching at that time, but in early summer you can catch them more easily than other seasons.

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