FeelFree Lure 11.5 Kayak: Is It Really Great for Comfortable Fishing?

There are a vast difference between a fishing kayak and a normal boat. You wouldn’t have the absolute benefits on a normal boat while a fishing kayak comes with all required options for fishing. This  FeelFree Lure 11.5 Kayak of course is such a fishing kayak that worths your investment. The large option for storage all fishing accessories and a gravity sit ensure a relaxable fishing time. This large kayak with an extensive capacity of taking 425 lbs makes the fishing time extremely enjoyable while you can neatly arrange all fishing related accessories on the kayak.

FeelFree Lure 11.5 Kayak

Additionally, the simplicity in design with a diversity of colors in Camo really provides the option to choose your favorite model. It’s an upgraded version of FeelFree Lure 10 that offers more useful features than the Lure 10. And in the honest mind the Lure 11.5 not only great for an adjustable gravity seat and other excellent features of fishing, but also great for the stability in rough water, wider deck and large height with a massive storage option. Below you can discover all of the specifications of this kayak that prove the truth how it achieved the greatness for fishing.


Specifications That Prove It Has Quality

There are some remarkable things of this kayak and from our opinion, it’s one of the best kayak for fishing that offers all of your required things for fishing.


Excellent Stability

stability of feel free lure 11.5

Before going to analysis all of the great things it provides for fishing I would initially talk about the stability it has. This 34 kg kayak has a massive capacity of carrying out 193 kg weight. The 11 feet 6 inches long and 36 inches wide with an ample space on the deck ensure you can reliably sit on the kayak without having the problem of excessive shakes even when you move your body. As well, if you stand on the deck it wouldn’t intend to move down or shake with excessively even when you roll the reel to catch up the fish. The stand up strap also helps to fully stand up with greater stability.


Gravity Seat with A Great Range Of Adjustments

kayak seat

The cushioned gravity seat provides a great support for your body while it has the adjustability to raise it up to 10 inches from the deck level. This feature not only ensures your comfortable seating position, but also allows you to be more connected with the natural view. Moreover, this wide adjustment ensures a relaxed paddling time with keeping you reliable. And if you want to remove the seat for any other purpose, you can simply remove it.


Patented Wheel in The Keel for An Easy Transport

This 34 kg fishing kayak ensures an easy transporting system by featuring the wheels in the keel. This wheels provide the support to easily portage it through the gravel, dirt or grasses. This features also ensures you would never have to call a second person to help you to portage it to the lake or any of your required place.


Front and Rear Uni Track Rail

uni track rail

The front and rear uni track rail allow you to mount your necessary accessories of fishing with the uni track plate or a uni bar that accepts multiple plates. You can mount the accessories like fishfinder, gps or additional rod holders into the uni track by plates. To adjust the devices into the rail at first mount your devices on the plate and then put them into the uni track rail. These handy options actually allow you to avoid the difficulty to drill for additional holes.


Large and Safely Storage Option

It offers a vast and safely storage option. The Center Console and internal storage area provide the opportunity to safely store all fishing accessories and your fishes. Additionally, the twin gear pockets located on the seat also provide an extra storage option.



  • Wider deck and longer height for great stability.
  • Cushioned gravity seat with adjustable height.
  • Great option for storage for all accessories.
  • Uni track system for mounting the devices and fishing rods.



  • Price is expensive.


Final Lines

It is such a fishing kayak that has an incredible stability, large storage option, cushioned gravity seat and uni track rail. Although you have to spend some extra bucks, but you would love the design, features and quality that it offers for fishing. You can continue the fishing comfortably for a long time with this stable kayak without having any problem.

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