Feelfree Moken 12.5: An Extraordinarily Stable Fishing Kayak

If you want to angling in offshore or coastal waters, then an incredibly stable kayak with the maximum superiority in balance lets the kayak float greatly even through the roughest waters. The Feelfree Moken 12.5 is literally such an invention that confidently keeps you activated on the fishing expedition with giving you the optimal service. Fishing in offshore is like a challenge as you have to overcome the rigorous condition of offshore and in truth here it comes to work excellently. The professional angler would enjoy the kayak amazingly on angling as I think it has some incredible features that make it different from all ordinary kayaks.

From having a stable and stiff hull to Uni track bar, this 12 feet 8 inch long and 32 wide kayak give everything at your fingertips. So let’s see the specifications that actually can prove why it is different from other kayaks.


Specifications Of The Feelfree Moken 12.5

Feelfree Moken 12.5-Editor Ratings
  • Stability
  • Durability
  • Comfortability
  • Price
  • Ability To Store The Gears
  • Weight


Recommended As A Great Fishing Kayak For Offshore & Inshore Fishing


Basically, I love the kayak for these specifications what I sometime miss in an ordinary kayak. Undoubtedly it is the best of high quality efficient fishing kayaks

Feelfree Moken 12.5 kayak


Uni Track Rail and Uni Track Bar

The kayak has front and rear Uni Track Rail that lets you adjust all of the accessories you want to get at your fingertips. Personally, I would like to mount the Fishfinder, GPS, cell phones and some additional fishing rods. This quick and easy release track system helps me to easily customize all of my accessories I want to mount on it.  It’s an amazing system that Feel Free offers and that’s why you don’t need to drill for mounting any accessory.

Flush Rod Holders

The flush rod holders are actually some holes that simplify the rod mounting system. You can discover two flush mount rod holders on the kayak. But if you need more you can also install additional rod holders on the Uni Track Rail or Bar. Literally, these holders easify the maintenance and let you to use several rod holders at a time.

Amazing Stability

If you want to handle a big catch, especially on the hot spots, of course the stability will help you a lot to strongly handle the catch as it keeps a proper balance even in the rigorous condition of coastal waters. This Feelfree Moken 12.5 is such a kayak that is designed with Tri Hull system and has a designated standing area that lets you to effortlessly handle the catch on any condition. The capacity level of the kayak is also great that approximately can take 419 lbs.

Ample Storage

You can’t imagine a great fishing day unless you get the most needed gears or accessories and some foods or snacks in a fishing expedition. So of course you want the option for drier and secured storage. That’s why the front oval hinge hatch and center console provide an ample and secured area for all items you want to carry with you. Moreover, the rear tank looks ample that can also hold the coolers or bag.

Wheel In The Keel

The 72 lbs weight of the kayak would be heavier, but the wheel in the keel would help to easily get the kayak in water. Moreover, the moulded bow and stern also let every user to handle the kayak simply. But if you want to transport it away of course use the kayak cart or rack that can be mounted on the roof of your car.



  • Cushioned king fisher seat with adjustability.
  • Stability is great even in the rigorous condition of water.
  • Center console and a secured oval hinge hatch.
  • Uni track rail and bar for additional adjustments.
  • Drain plug for easily draining out the excess water.
  • Stand up leash to strongly stand up on the kayak.


  • As a single person kayak the 72 lbs weight is heavier.
  • Price is expensive.


Final Verdict

Believe me or not, I am not worried about the heaviness. Because the hull is great that literally maximized the stability. As well, the other features and specifications as I have described above that may be proved why I say this is one high quality kayak around there for angling. But if you are limited by budget, then I would better recommend for a quality cheap fishing kayak.

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