Garmin Echo 500c Fishfinder Review

There are numerous tools that people use to be succeeded in fishing and undoubtedly a fish finder is one of the handy equipment that has an importance role for fishing. Literally the fish finder is one of the greatest invention that has ever been invented for the fisherman. This handy tool undoubtedly maximizes the success rate and probability to catch lots of fishes. You can easily mark the location by searching the availability of fishes even in the deepest water, although it depends on some factors. But If I talk about the Garmin Echo 500c Fishfinder, then it would be an ideal and perfect fish finder for river and deepest lake.

Undoubtedly it can remove the frustration and maximize the chances to catch some great fishes. The five inch large display on it ensures the excellent readability while the options on it with 500 watts(RMS) power can efficiently find the fishes in the depth of 1900 ft water.



The Garmin Echo 500c Fishfinder might not scan for fishes that are located under 5000 ft water of the ocean. But if you apply it to scan over the deepest freshwater lake or river where the depth is under 2000 ft, then its 500 watt (RMS) power can work efficiently to scan the fishes. So let’s see what specific things it offers to find the fishes.

Garmin Echo 500c Fishfinder-display

Dual Beam Transducer Optimizes Performance

The Echo 500c has extreme capabilities to scan the fishes in deep and shallow water while the extra sensitive HD-ID tracking technology adds an extreme power to scan the fishes more efficiently. Its Dual Beam Transducer with 500 watts (RMS) power also can cover the area around your boat (up to 120 degrees) and display the availability of fishes (by sonar image). This technology also makes it possible to cover the tight areas around your boat where actually an ordinary fish finder can’t reach.


Perfect Display Readability

You might not always want a shade to read the display and it is also difficult to navigate the data in a small display. That’s why it features a QVGA LCD display with 256 colors that ensure a perfect readability even in the sunlight while this large 5 inch display also can provide an easier navigation for the data. In this large display the split screen zooming technology adds the opportunity to analyze the data clearly. This high resolution display with sensitive sonar technology can easily display the data of the depth water even when the boat is moving.


IPX7 Waterproof Technology

No one can guarantee that the fish finder won’t be soaked by the water, simply if you mount it with your fishing kayak, a wave can splash it in any moment. That’s why this Garmin Echo 500c comes with IPX7 technology to finally protect the fish finder from waters. So the splashes over it or getting soaked it in the water isn’t going to damage the device.


Accurate Real Time Display

One of the great thing I have found in it its accuracy for the real time data. Even when the boat runs at 30 mph, it is able to show the data with 100% accuracy. Actually, it is optimized with Ultrascroll that even can provide the data at higher speeds. This amazing technology in it even can consistently provide the same accurate real time data in the saltwater.

Garmin Echo 500c Fishfinder-real time data

A Garmin‘s guy also gives a well detailed guideline regarding to its specifications and usability-


  • Dual beam transducer for extreme scanning capability in saltwater and freshwater.
  • Menus are easy to navigate.
  • Large QVGA display for perfect readability in sunlight.
  • Split screen zooming system for better analyzing.
  • Ultrascroll optimized for real time data at high speeds.
  • IPX7 technology optimized to protect it from the damage of water.
  • Water temperature sensor to measure the temperature of water.



  • Till now I haven’t faced any issue after one year of use. But the price tag was slightly higher.



I think the Garmin Echo 500c Fishfinder is one of the great creation among their fish finder devices. All of the features it includes are useful and easy to navigate. Even the beginners can easily navigate the menus while the display readability is great. Its transom mounting system allowed me to easily mount to the boat and I can easily go into the deeper analysis whenever I need.

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