Garmin Echo 551dv Fishfinder-An Efficient Device To Find The Fishes in Deepest water

I like randomly fish in the ocean and lake while I also hate those spots where haven’t any availability of fishes. That’s why like a professional angler I use a fishfinder to easily find the right spots of fishes in the ocean, river or lake to enhance the number of catches. I would say the fishfinder is one of the amazing invention that has ever invented for the fisherman and obviously there are different kinds of fishfinders with different features. But I have discovered some quality and very useful features in the Garmin Echo 551dv fishfinder that enhanced my fishing experience. On the other hand, the powerful DownVu transducer and other quality features like UltraScroll and Smooth Scaling would work to display the images for shallow to deep waters with reducing the clutters while it can keep you on the target for fishing when the boat runs.


Things That Make The Garmin Echo 551dv is One Of The Great Fishfinder

In Below You Can Discover The Reasons What Make the Garmin Echo 551dv Fishfinder Is a Powerful Device Out There.

Garmin Echo 551dv Fishfinder

Powerful Sonar System

Having a transducer to scan the fishes in the water under your boat is simple. But this handy fishfinder beats this simplicity by adding “Dual Beam Sonar (It comprises two separate sonar frequencies and transmit them with two different cone angles)” in its system while the powerful Garmin DownVu sonar(It can scan the images vertically and horizontally) with this system can efficiently scan in the shallow to deepest water. The system or the sensor works with 500watts of power to be able to keep scanning even on under 2000 fee deepest water. Moreover, the Smooth Scaling feature on this device provides a smooth transition on the screen and ensures a you would have better experience when you analyze the data.

Here Is A Small View and Effectiveness About The Garmin DownVu Sonar:

Ultrascroll, A-Scope and AutoGain Technology

These advanced technologies in this device made it one of the useful fishfinder out there. The Ultrascroll works great even when the boat runs at high speed, literally it will allow you to be active in targeting the fish arches when the boat rapidly runs. On the other hand, you can see in real time what fishes are in the water (Only for the area that is able to cover the transducer) and at the same time the Autogain technology in the device removes the clutter and provides an excellent view with maximizing the targets.

Garmin Echo 551dv Fishfinder review

Great Display

This high resolution 480×640 pixel 5 inch VGA color display can display the data with excellent readability. You can read the data anytime and in any condition of the weather. It shows the details of underwater with a clear view while you can necessarily zoom in and out the screen for perfect analysis. Moreover, the split screen system of this device makes it possible to separately view the two screens at the same time that can be produced by Dual Beam Transducer.

IPX7 Waterproof Technology

A fishfinder is not very safe around the water, because the water can get in different ways. That’s why It has been composed with IPX7 technology that can save the fishfinder from damaging by the water.



  • Powerful sonar system with Dual Beam and DownVu sonar.
  • Able to scan in shallow to deepest water.
  • Ultrascroll continues your targeting at higher boat speed.
  • Live Tracking by A-scope
  • High resolution VGA color display.
  • Split screen zooming.
  • Autogain for a clear view.
  • Easily Mountable.


  • It hasn’t any noticeable drawbacks.


Final Verdict

Although till now Garmin has invented many high performance fish finders, but undoubtedly this Garmin Echo 551dv fishfinder is one of them that has almost 100% perfection and capability to accurately find the spots of fishes in rivers and lakes. Literally its faultless technologies and efficiencies made a big difference from many other fish finders and like some other efficient fish finders it also truly provides the great value of the money.


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