Garmin Echomap 73dv Fishfinder: How Useful The Technologies Of It?

Fishfinder is such an innovative stuff that easily finds the Hotspots and enhances the probability for being succeeded in fishing. It has been a cool device in recent time that gained great popularity and most of the fishermen uses it for inshore and offshore fishing. This great device is more updated in nowadays and the manufacturer adds some great technologies in the device to make it more innovative. And literally I have found this kind of innovative fishfinder and that is the Garmin Echomap 73dv that includes extensive features to become more than a fishfinder. It is not only capable to find the hotspots, but also it is composed with several useful modern technologies to be a serious and high quality device for the fishermen.


Reasons Why The Garmin Echomap 73dv Is An Innovative Fishfinder


In below I have clearly discussed the reasons why I called it is an innovative fishfinder among many fishfinders of the market.
Garmin Echomap 73dv Fishfinder

Powerful Transducer

The transducer is everything in a fish finder that lets you know by displaying what’s happening in underwater. So this Echomap 73dv combined the HD-ID and DownVu sonar to build up a powerful transducer. These technologies ensure you will see a clear photographic image while the information comes after an accurate scanning by its powerful transducer. Amazingly, this powerful device also compatible with Motorguide and Minn Kota trolling motor. So that’s an extra advantage.

Moreover, the sonar recording system of the device also provides a great advantage for analyzing the recorded data by Homeport App.

lakeVu hdmaps of Garmin

LakeVu HD Maps

LakeVu HD is such a useful app that has preloaded maps for 17,000+ U.S. lakes, rivers and reservoirs while 6,700 maps of the lakes come in HD quality. By using the LakeVu HD, you can engage yourself in an advance research before planning for a trip. Moreover,this feature would help you to be familiar with the ways you have to use and the information of the unfamiliar lakes like the minimum depth of your targeted lake and the condition of underwater. So before going for a fishing expedition guessing these things for your target spot would be a great advantage for you.


It Can Be Paired With Handheld GPS

Most of the outdoor enthusiast people use handheld GPS for different activities and if you use such a GPS, then you can transfer the data(like waypoints, tracks and any route you have used) to Garmin Echomap 73dv. It is easily possible by the GPX  that you can use as a standard data transfer system from GPS to fishfinder.

Garmin Quickdraw Contours

It Comes With Quickdraw Contours

Although the device comes with thousand of preloaded maps, But if you have this Garmin Echomap 73dv, then you aren’t away to add some new maps to your favorite list. The device has pre-installed Quickdraw Contours that can create your personalized HD map of the lakes without using any map creator. You can also simply share these maps with your friends.



  • Powerful sonar system works great on Freshwater and Saltwater.
  • The DownVu sonar can provide photographic like images.
  • Perfect depth capability, 2300 ft in freshwater and 1100 ft in saltwater.
  • LakeVu HD Maps with the maps of thousand lakes of US.
  • High resolution display with perfect color contrast.
  • It pairs with any handheld GPS.
  • Easy To Mount.


  • I don’t see any drawbacks. But it costs comparably higher.


Final Verdict

I think every line on above proves the efficiency of the Garmin Echomap 73dv. It includes lots of innovative technologies what I exactly want to have in my fishfinder and literally I got that chance by using this fishfinder. Although It costs slightly higher, but I am happy for the handy features it offers. So like me, I think you can also enjoy professional level fishing with this fishfinder.

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