Garmin GPSMAP 740S GPS Chartplotter w/Sounder-An efficient device for anglers

The fish finder is such an innovative device that has started getting popularity since the day it was invented. But day by day the upgradation of this device enhanced the popularity and now a days it is one of the most required device of the fisherman. Because you won’t be successful in fishing by blindly finding the fishes. The fish finder will accurately show the structure of underwater in the sonar screen and make sure where the fishes are actually hidden beneath the water. There have been designed many fishfinders with different technologies, but only a few of them are like Garmin GPSMAP 740S. Because this is not only efficient in finding the fishes, but also it is equipped with the bundle of technologies to use it for many other tasks you need in fishing.

Garmin GPSMAP 740S


Preloaded Map Of US Coastal Areas

I am sure the fishing addicted guys are not limited only to fish in local areas, they love exploring and finding the new spots. If you like fishing in the sea by kayak or boat there are numerous fishing spots in US. So the preloaded map of the 740S will provide you virtual access for numerous coastal areas of US and at the same time you will have the chances to acquire the information of all those areas. You can use the Marine Eye View and Fish Eye View by BlueChart g2 Vision SD card to get a 3D perspective view for an accurate analysis of the familiar and unfamiliar coastal areas.


It Includes A High Sensitivity GPS Receiver

The GPS is such a device that almost needs for any kind of outdoor activities and if you fish in the sea or river or go unfamiliar areas, then you should have a handheld GPS. But if you have the 740S, then you don’t need to have an additional GPS. Because, it is composed with a high sensitivity GPS receiver to track the routes while it can also receive the North Americans Graphical Weather Data through the GXM 51 satellite Antenna. Of course you have to spend separately to get this feature in the device.

Garmin GPSMAP 740S review

Large WVGA Touchscreen Display

The display is the most important thing in a fish finder, because you would have to read it in various condition of weather. So if it can’t display the data properly or if you have in trouble to read it, then no matter how functional the device is, it is still useless. That’s why it used a high resolution large WVGA touchscreen display. You can easily go into the details and the display is even readable in sunlight.


It Is Composed With A Powerful Sonar

The sonar of a fishfinder defines how powerful system it uses to find the fish. That’s why it is Dual Frequency and Dual Beam Sonar capable that transmit 1KW RMS power to find the in a large area with different angles. It can approximately transmit the data up to 2000 ft water. Although it depends on the water conditions and water bottom type.


It Has Built In Radar Port

This fish finder maximized the efficiency by featuring a built in radar port what can be compatible with GMR marine radar system. Although you have to spend separately for GMR marine radar system, but in truth it has some excellent effectiveness.



• Preloaded maps for an advance access into the all oceans of US
• High sensitivity GPS receiver provides the same advantages of a handheld GPS.
• Large high resolution display with an easy interface.
• It provides a 3D view of the oceans by Eye View and Fish Eye.
• Powerful Sonar system for the accurate view of underwater.
• Built in radar port.



• Its power to send the data in depth of the water varies with the water’s condition. So when it comes to use it in saltwater based ocean or sea it can’t transmit the frequencies in so depth.


Final Verdict

But you can enjoy the excellent advantages and effectiveness of the Garmin GPSMAP 740S when it comes to fish in a river or the shore of ocean or sea. It is waterproof and rugged as if you can use this fish finder in any condition. On the hand its technologies are useful and different from an ordinary fishfinder.


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