Hobie Tandem Island Kayak: A True Versatile Tandem Kayak

The people who have the enthusiasm to cruise by a kayak and fish in the ocean or lake, they know better how amazing a kayak is for excursion and fishing in the water. But if you can add your friend to this water excursion, then the level of having fun would be doubled. So the people who look for some memorable weekends or holidays in summer through having fun in the water, The Hobie Tandem Island Kayak reasonably should be their choice, because it ensures you will enjoy the water excursion with a great style by spending your minimal effort. The kayak can be forced by air to move ahead, because it comes with Roller-Furling Sail that ensures hands free kayaking. So once you get yourself and your friend in the kayak, you will have the chance to enjoy the blue sea in a comfortable mind. But if you need paddling to move your kayak quickly ahead, you can also use the paddles or the Mirage Drive System.


Reasons Why The Hobie Island Tandem Kayak Is Different From Other Kayaks

Editor Ratings
  • Quality
  • Stability
  • Sturdiness
  • Weight
  • Versatility
  • Capcity
  • Storage Ability


Overall Re-commanded As A Sturdy & Powerful Tandem Kayak With Versatility


The versatile vessel is one of the top quality and exceptional kayak that can be used for cruising and fishing with your friends in the ocean. The kayak has used some modern technologies to be an exceptional kayak out there.

Hobie Tandem Island Kayak

Amazingly Sturdy Hull

People who look for a kayak, at first they will judge the quality of such a vessel by the materials it used to be made of. Although the Polyethylene is the first choice of manufacturers that they use to build up the hull. Because it is sturdy, but lighter and can make a kayak very stable. But this Kayak used the highest quality Polyethylene that is called Rotomolded Polyethylene. This material only can be used for the heaviest recreational kayak, but it is completely impact resistant, sturdy and lightweight. So this kayak also has been created by this sturdy Rotomolded Polyethylene.

Roller Furling Main Sail Provides Amazing Sailing Performance

If you enjoy the cruising with this kayak, you will definitely like the handsfree paddling and here the Roller Furling Sail comes to work. You can easily open up the sail to use the force of air while this kayak can move like flying across the water. This Hobie Tandem Island is properly designed to control the kayak even through the heavy air and when you need to start moving against the air, just remove the sail by an easy furling  and start paddling with Mirage Drive System to move quickly. As well, if you think you need some workout, you can also start paddling to move ahead in the water.

Hobie Tandem Island Kayak-1

It’s Compatible For Fishing

This is why I call this versatile. It is equipped with everything what you will look for kayak fishing. It comes with two molded rod holders for grabbing the fishing rods and when you need anything to be safely stored the three sealed storage boxes can keep the items fully dried. You can spend countless hours by sitting back on the comfy kayak seats. To get a quick access for some required accessories it has mesh storage pockets.

Cup Holders To Grab The Drinks

Without having some drinks during the cruising or water excursion, something is incomplete. That’s why you can sue the cup holder to properly place the drinks and when it comes to carry drinks bottles, you can use the sealed storage box to keep bottles with the ice cubes.


  • Excellently sturdy and impact resistant hull.
  • Provides good sailing performance.
  • 600 pound weight capacity.
  • Storage boxes are great for dry storage,
  • Seats are comfortable.
  • Bungee cords to hold your backpack or bag that you use to carry the stuffs during kayaking.
  • Compatible for fishing.


  • It is very expensive.


Final Verdict

Overall, I like this Kayak for its amazing pros. Unfortunately the price is expensive, but it is still can provide everything what you and I want. So if you like different kind of activities in the ocean or water, I think you need this kayak.

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