How To Choose A Saltwater Spinning Reel

The spinning reel has been a common equipment for fishing in various spots like the lake, river, pond, ocean and many other different places. But all spinning reels are not the same for a few of reasons while you have to apply different strategies for different kinds of fishing. May be you are allowed to apply a saltwater reel in any spot you want to fish, but you can’t apply an ordinary reel wherever you want. There may have many reasons and the first reason comes in mind it would be corroded and in truth here a saltwater and ordinary spinning reel come to make a difference.


Literally a saltwater reel can be built up with different, strong and non corroded materials as if the saltwater environment can’t damage the body. On the other hand, with catching small bluegill to medium bass, trout, a saltwater reel also can be a handy and powerful reel to catch the big species like tarpon. As well, such a reel also can be useful stuff to catch the fish of depth water like the viperfish. So if you need a strong reel that won’t be corroded by the harsh environment, you have to follow a few things with understanding your purpose.



Understand Your Purpose

Before going to purchase a spinning reel at first understand your purpose that would be like where you will be fishing and what is your targeted species. If you choose a 100% corrosion resistant reel you are allowed to use it on any harsh condition. But if you target big and medium species, of course you should adjust the strongest spinning reel with your rod. It should include a powerful drag system and huge line capacity with a corrosion resistant body.  Although the line capacity depends on reel size in some cases. But if you just need a corrosion resistant reel to fish in the pond and lake, then a high quality medium or small size reel would be enough.



This is what decides whether a reel would be corroded or not. Suppose if you choose the reel that is made of magnesium, then you are doing it wrong. Although the magnesium can be lightweight and strong, but it can’t save your reel from the harsh environment. On the other hand, just think about the aluminum and graphite, they cost a little bit higher, but their strength level overcomes the magnesium. Moreover, the aluminum and graphite are lightweight and can cope on any harsh condition with protecting the reel from rust. You can take some challenges for big and medium sized fish with graphite and aluminum based reels.


Line Capacity

The line capacity has a combination with your purpose. Because it does matter when it comes to what kind of fishes you want to catch and where you want to catch. Because if you mostly intend yourself to fish in the lake and pond, you don’t need to have a large line capacity on your reel. Mostly the line capacity depends on the size of the reel, so if you want better performance for offshore fishing, you should deal with a large size reel with great line capacity. In this case you would also require a strong spinning rod, because when you will start to fight with the tarpon and sailfish, an inferior rod would be broke in the matter of minutes.


Powerful Drag System

The drag system will work to consume lots of pressure when you draw the line with a big or small catch. In truth, having the corrosion resistant drag system is not enough in a reel, it also should be excellently strong. Because you would fall in trouble if the reel loses the power of drags at the time you catch a fish. So I would recommend the corrosion resistant carbon fiber drag washers that ensure higher strength level.


Ball Bearings

The ball bearings maximize the smoothness and reduce the vibration. So having the quality ball bearings will help for a smooth and comfortable line retrieving with lower noise. It will also keep you away from being irritated. To continue your fishing in a saltwater environment make sure these bearings are also non-rusted or non corroded.


Gear Ratios

You would hate to spend lots of time only to retrieve the line. Literally here the gear ratios come to work, it will ensure how fast you can retrieve the line.  So you can choose different gear ratios by understanding your purpose and preference. It is easy to understand, because the first number of gear ratios determines how many times the spool will turn by your every crank.

Regarding to understand the gear ratios here we have also attached a video.


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