How To Get Started In Fishing! – Easy Steps

Fishing is a fun, fishing an adventure and an amazing activity in outdoor. No matter whether you like kayak fishing, fly fishing in stream, ice fishing, offshore fishing or inshore fishing, every kind of fishing would give you lots of fun and memories. If you have decided to start fishing, then of course you are on the right track. Because you are going to engage yourself with a great and amazing outdoor activity in water. But if you don’t have any previous experience, then you deserve some great advices to get started in fishing.

So when you are thinking to get started, you should just follow these steps.


1)Make Sure You Have All Required Gears

Before planning for a fishing expedition or trip, you must assemble the most required fishing gears. Because without these gears you won’t be able to start fishing.


  • Adjust the reel with your fishing rod.
  • Add monofilament or fluorocarbon line into the spool.
  • A tackle box to safely put the mini gears in different mini compartments.
  • A round split shot sinker to easily cast and sink the line.
  • A fishing specific plastic bobber to understand the bites of the fish.
  • The assortment of smaller and bigger hooks for different size baits or lures.
  • A fishing plier to remove the hook and cut the line or leader.


2)You Should Know How To Tie The Knot

There is a certain reason why you should know how to strongly tie the knot. Because if you tie the knot loosely, then you can lose the fish when you pull it. A medium or high size size fish apply huge force over the line and hooks. So you have to ensure the fish is not going to run away because of the loose knots. Basically, you can learn the double Uni knot and improved clinch knot to tie the line and hook.


3)Discover A Good Fishing Spot

Before getting yourself with the reel and rod in a fishing spot, make sure there inhabit some great species. Otherwise, you would spend a frustrated day in fishing. Literally, there are lots of renowned inshore and offshore fishing spots in the world. So after researching you should determine where you are going to fish.


4)Get The Live Baits

Without using the bait how can you fish? So of course you should collect some live baits from the shop or your garden or direct from the sea or sea shore. For freshwater fishing you can use the live baits like, worms, crickets and minnows. But if you want fish in saltwater, then clams, crabs, blue crab, soft shell crabs and sand fleas would be good.


5)Attach The Bait To Your Hook

After reaching to your fishing destination, now you should necessarily unload the gears to finally start fishing. You can attach the baits to the hook by regarding to the hook size and your target species. Hope it’s an easier process for you.


6)It’s Time To Cast The Line

After getting the baits on the hook, it’s your time to cast the line. But don’t forget to adjust the bobber on the line and after casting the line keep the boober five or six feet away or a required distance from your fishing rod. The bobber will let you know when the fish bites the bait and if you see the bobber is getting up and down, then it’s your time to immediately raise up the rod in the air.


7)Know The Fishing Law

Most of the popular fishing spots of the world have different laws that you should follow during fishing. So before heading to the spot you should know the law as if you have don’t have give some fine for the mistakes.


8)Don’t Forget To Purchase A License

To avoid the trouble for fishing in your target spot, you need to purchase a fishing license. Every state has the fishing license for anglers. So to enter in the spot and have a day with fishing in there you should purchase the license.


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