Humminbird 718 Fishfinder Review

The Humminbird 718 Fishfinder was my first fish finder, because the time I had begun fishing I wasn’t able to spend for an expensive fish finder. On the other hand, I was approximately satisfied for its service. Although I couldn’t use it in the ocean, because it wasn’t able to send out its tracking system under 1000 ft and at the same time it has worked better in fresh water. So most of the times, I used it for inshore like fishing in the deepest lake or river while the scanning ability of it under your boat wasn’t bad. Because it is optimized with Dualbeam Plus Sonar that helps to display the data with an accuracy while the waterproof feature saves the device from the damage of splashes of the water or if it suddenly falls down into the water.



There are a few reasons in below what makes the Humminbird 718 Fishfinder as a great device to find out the right spot for fishing.

Humminbird 718 Fishfinder Review

Readability Of The Humminbird 718

When I was a newbie, I had faced a little bit problem to understand it. But it didn’t consume much time to provide a clear idea about its functionality. The 16 level grayscale display on it with 320X320 resolutions is enough to display the condition of underwater and the five inch large display of this device would allow you to conveniently navigate the menus and other options. This screen also can retain its readability even in the sunlight, so you can continue finding the perfect spot without facing the problem of reading the display.

Dualbeam Plus Sonar Optimized

The Dualbeam Plus Sonar actually adds the efficiencies to scan the fishes perfectly in the water. Actually the transducer transmits two beams at the same time with 200 kHz and 83 kHz frequencies and 20 degree and 60 degree angle. On the other hand, its 300 watts RMS power and 2400 watts peak to peak output power let the finder to scan fishes in 1000 ft depth water. You can properly see the condition of the underwater and around your boat for the angle it supports.

Humminbird 718 Fishfinder- view of underwater

It Can Work As A GPS

The anglers who like kayak fishing and fishing randomly in the river, then it can help them from getting lost. Because its GPS system able to track the route and wherever you go you can safely back to your place. But to use it as a handheld GPS you need to attach an antenna. It also able to save 700 waypoints and 10 tracks with 2000 points to give a great advantage for fishing.

Easy To Operate

The functionality of the Humminbird 718 Fishfinder looks easier and that’s why the beginners would be comfortable with the menus and functionality. Although if you have some lack of the ideas about how to operate a fish finder, then you would be uncomfortable in the beginning. But once you got some ideas about the functionality, then nothing would be complicated.


  • User friendly design and uncomplicated functionality.
  • The screen readability is perfect and clear even in the sunlight.
  • It works as a GPS as if you never lose when you randomly fishing in a river.
  • Tilt and swivel mounting system for an easy mount and quick disconnect.
  • Affordable price.


  • The transducer was unable to provide accurate data.
  • The GPS system just like an ordinary backtrack GPS.

Overall Verdict

Of course I would not recommend it for you if you are professional angler. But when I was a beginner, I was satisfied for the service of it. Although I had faced some problems for the inaccuracy of data. But overall I have gained some experiences that help me to reach on the next level for a proper use of the fish finder. Now I can properly use the Garmin Echo 500c and because of some great prior experiences I am able to technically use a professional fish finder that maximized my success rate.

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