Lowrance Elite 7 Fishfinder Review

The fishfinder is a common device that should be used for modern fishing. Because it helps to fish conveniently anywhere through giving you an idea of where the availability of fishes in river, lakes and oceans. I have experienced with several fish finders since the time I have been engaged in fishing. But I have discovered something different in this Fishfinder that literally I have never found in any other fishfinders I have used till now. That’s why I have decided to share the experiences I had with Lowrance Elite 7. Honestly, this is something that impressed me and I was able to scan and analyze the spots perfectly as I expected.


Specifications Of The Lowrance Elite 7

Finding the perfect spot (where the availability of fishes) is the job of a fish finder, but if it can do this job efficiently, then that fishfinder is different than an ordinary fishfinder, Literally, this Lowrance Elite 7 is something like an efficient fish finder, because it has something exceptional what impressed me.

Lowrance Elite 7

LED Display Provides Crystal Clear Images

Display readability is one of the important factor in a fish finder and if you can’t read it properly at the time you are fishing, then you would be in trouble. But this device has a large, high resolution 12 inch display with excellent readability. This large touchscreen display ensures an easier navigation while the fingertip access on it ensures a simple access into the screen. Such a great display also has readability in sunlight and that’s why it is possible to read the data anywhere in the ocean or lake.

Internal GPS Antenna

There can have the fishfinder that can provide the advantages of a GPS, although in that case you would require to adjust an antenna. But this GPS antenna on this device provides a great comfortability to use some specific features what sometimes the fishing specific GPS offers. Such a feature on this device won’t only ensure that it’s tracking the routes, but also it will allow you to use some great apps like Gopro and Fishing Hotspots. As well, you can use the GoFree Cloud by its built-in wireless connectivity to get access for some great apps.

Trackback For Better Analysis

Literally the Trackback is such a kind of feature that will let you easily go through the history. It is yet a great feature for the professional fisherman. Through using the Trackback you can simply mark the locations with waypoints as if you can gain a better success by marking the top locations. You can save these histories for analyzing and by analyzing these histories you can also make a plan for the next fishing expedition.

Lowrance Elite 7 Fishfinder Review

Additional Features

Every fisherman wants a clear sonar image to make sure the availability of fishes for under or around their boat. That’s why the top of the line sonar technologies in this device want to ensure every time that you are about to get the best possible image for underwater. The Structurescan HD feature on this device also provides a better view in the sonar image.  Although it requires Totalscan Transducer (Included), but overall these features have huge effective sides or advantages in fishing.


  • Large LED display for a comfortable navigation.
  • Display readability is perfect.
  • Touch Screen display for an easier use.
  • StructureScan for the perfect view in sonar image.
  • Trackback to easily scroll back on the sonar image.
  • Wireless connectivity to easily access into the GoPro Cloud.
  • It supports several great apps.


  • I haven’t experienced with any inferior stuff,  but the price was completely expensive.

Final Verdict

May be I don’t need any more explanation for the capability of Lowrance Elite 7. Because I think the specifications of it says all about it, undoubtedly it’s a good device for professional fisherman. The numerous features of the device ensured that you won’t feel the lack of anything when you will use this fishfinder for the fishing expedition.


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