MinnKota Edge 45 Bowmount Hand Control Trolling Motor Review

Since 2012 I have been tested several trolling motors with boats, kayaks, canoes and I have different kinds of experience with everyone of them. But I found this MinnKota Edge 45 Bowmount Hand Control Trolling Motor is different than other trolling motors I have used in earlier days. Because this powerful motor has the extreme power to run your boat in the roughest conditions of water that can face your boat in offshore. If you want to take your boat in the sea and want a trolling motor that can handle any kind of water, then of course I would recommend it to mount on your boat. With a powerful motor and ergonomic twist tiller handle, this is the great one that is very comfortable to handle.

MinnKota Edge 45

Reasons Why You Need The MinnKota Edge 45

Even you can run out a simple trolling motor to your boat, but that won’t be able to handle the wave or rough water in the ocean. An ordinary or simple trolling motor may be good on the flat water, but when it comes to fish in offshore, then you shouldn’t mount an ordinary trolling motor with your boat.

Great Speed Control

Like an ordinary motor, it doesn’t only feature forward speed. Rather, it has been optimized with 5 forward and 3 backward speed. This feature made this motor handy as if you can easily change the spot even in the rough water. On the other hand, the several numbers of speeds for forward and backward will let you to shift the number of speeds as if you can properly use the speed regarding to the conditions of the ocean and the load of your boat.

Indestructible Shaft

The shaft is one of the most important part for a trolling motor and this MinnKota Edge 45 owned a durable composite shaft that won’t be broken or bent or corroded by the impact of saltwater. That’s why you can confidently speed up the motor in the rough water without having the worries that the shaft would be bent. Moreover, because of saltwater resistant material, the structure and sturdiness of the shaft will be same even after years of use.

Hassle Free Installation

Mounting it to the boat is quite easier as it features the easier latch and door mounting system. So when you are ready for a fishing expedition just adjust the trolling motor to the boat and when you end up the expedition, just remove it to store in your home. The extruded and anodized aluminum arm on this amazing mounting system is excellently strong that ensures like it can hold the motor very strongly. Here is also a great guideline for installation.


Cool, Quiet Operations

The motor also offers a cool and quiet operation in the water as if it doesn’t produce fish spooking noise. The large windings and commutators on the motor dissipate the heat to ensure cool operation and extend battery life. Moreover, the ergonomic grip and tilt twist tiller design handle add some great ease for controlling.


  • It is cool, quiet and able to provide smooth operation.
  • Powerful and can handle the rough water easily.
  • Latch and door mount for an easy removal and installation.
  • Five forward and three backward speed.
  • Indestructible and saltwater resistant shaft.


  • Price is expensive.
  • The speed settings aren’t good. Because sometimes the motor turns even when the speed level at 0.

Final Verdict

If I judge the power level of this MinnKota Edge 45, then I might put the ratings 4.5 out of 5. But when it comes the speed settings, then there is a little bit frustrating. That’s why I had to put some additional effort to fix this. But overall, I am happy with it for its excellent construction, powerful trolling, ergonomic handle and forward and backward speed. So you may try it out for the fishing expedition in offshore.


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