Ocean Kayak Prowler 13 Review: One Of The Best Fishing Kayak With Great Stability

No one knows better than anglers how a fishing kayak helps them for their enthusiasm.  A kayak not only comfortably puts you up on the water, but also it helps to simply move from place to place in the water while you can have a large option to simply store all fishing accessories and carry out many other things related to fishing. The people who love fishing sports they always wish to get closed with the fishes as much as they can and here the kayak keeps a great roll. So there is nothing better for the anglers than a fishing kayak. And that’s why the anglers see it in a respective mind like me.


But when can I call the kayak is great for fishing? Of course, when it ensures that it has all the specifications what the anglers look for. But as an angler I think this Ocean Kayak Prowler 13 has been equipped with something that every angler looks for. This kayak only hasn’t been attractive by its design, but also you will love it for the stability and storing options that it offers for the things you need for fishing. Although when I consider the size the kayak isn’t too big, but it has been remarkable for the amazing stability, large storage option and adjustable seat with foot braces.

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Specifications That Ensure Its Betterment For Fishing

There are many reasons why I like this kayak and possibly you will also like it for the same reasons. It is also one of the best fishing kayaks under $600.


Amazing Stability

With 29” width and 13’ 6” length it has a massive capacity for carrying out 161 kg weight while it can swiftly pass out through the water for its amazing aerodynamic design. So you can simply maneuver the kayak even through the surf and tides. Moreover, you can simply move your body on the kayak with getting it hugely swayed. And if you need to stand out on the kayak, you can also do that with getting the kayak completely stable.


Adjustable Seat and Foot Braces

Every angler seats back on the kayak for a long time, so undoubtedly everyone wants to keep their back and body stress free. That’s why this Ocean Prowler 13 offers a comfortable seat with adjustability that allows you to perfectly set the position for your back. Moreover, the align of foot braces also let you to perfectly stretch your legs and as the result, no matter how tall you are, you can keep yourself always calm on the kayak.

Ocean Kayak Prowler 13 Angler

Massive Storage Option

I already said on the previous line about the capacity of the kayak, but you can also feel amazed to know how neatly you can arrange the gears on it. It has a large storage on the front with 6” hatch that can be easily accessed to put all the gears or accessories need to be carried. As well it has a large tank on the rear with bungee where you can conveniently put the boxes, crates and other very necessary things. As well, the two strong rod holders can give you the process for easily maintaining them while the two holes on the center console can hold your drinks.


It Can Be Used For Fishing at Night

If you are an enthusiast for fishing at night, then you can have some great things on it for night time fishing. You can easily install the lights on the side by screws and simply plug in them to create a signal and lightening up the side of the kayak. If you use 12V battery then you can also use some additional lights to light up the boats.



  • Very stable even through the surf and tides.
  • Great capacity for taking 161 kg weight.
  • Massive storage option for storing the gears, fishes and even the drinks.
  • Aerodynamic design for swift pedaling.
  • Dual rod mounting option.
  • Comfy seat with adjustability.


  • I think the price is high.


Final Verdict

Although you have to spend some extra bucks, but end of the day I think you will love the quality and other features it has. As an angler I really enjoy this Ocean Kayak Prowler 13, although I also had to spend a lot, but I am satisfied for its amazing stability and storing system of the things that I need to carry. So finally I would say you may try it if possible.

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