Ocean Kayak Venus 11: A Great Women’s Specific Kayak

Kayaking is a sport that both women and men equally love, but there are only a few manufacturers that manufacture women’s specific kayak. A women’s specific kayak can be different in color and design for the great comfortability of women. The Ocean Kayak Venus 11 is such an example that is designed for women with great structure and feminine color like pink. On the other hand it is designed with a low deck profile and center of gravity to maximize the stability. The kayak is lighter that only weighs 44 lbs while the women can easily maneuver it on different condition of water.

The kayak ensured everything in the design and structure for the optimal comfortability of women. If you are a woman and owned this kayak, you don’t have any chance to be uncomfortable with the kayak. To think about the woman’s body structure the kayak adjusts a comfy seat that has a wider seating position, so the women can have the best comfort when the pedal.  Moreover, the low deck profile of the kayak helps to easily get in and out of the kayak.

Ocean Kayak Venus 11

Reasons Why The Ocean Kayak Venus 11 Great For Women

Ocean Kayak Venus 11-Editor Ratigns
  • Stability
  • Comfortability
  • Sturdiness
  • Tracking Ability
  • Ability To Store Something
  • Performance In Slow Moving Water
  • As A Touring Kayak


Great For Women As A Touring Kayak


Let’s find the reasons why the Ocean Kayak Venus 11 is great for women.

Great Construction

No matter whether you look for a men or women’s specific kayak. You would love the stability and durability. The Venus 11 is made out of high density polyethylene that provides excellent durability and helps from a side to maximize the stability. This 10 ft 8 inch long kayak has 200-225 lbs weight capacity while the balance is great when you hardly pedal in the moving water(slow). The kayak weighs only 44 lbs while the car topping handle system makes it easier to easily load in and out onto the kayak cart or car.

Comfy Hybrid Seat Back

You need comfort when you are pedaling. That’s why the kayak features a comfy hybrid seat to think about the woman’s body structure. The seat is wider with comfy paddings and has adjustable straps to set the position of backrest while the lower center of gravity provides great stability and balance. Amazingly, you can mount an mp3 player on the deck that allows you to hear the music when you pedal.

Superior Storage Compartments

You would want to carry some personal items, foods, drinks and snacks. So no worries, it has two dry storage compartment with seal hatchback where you can put your items to keep them drier. The stern tank with bungee also can safely hold the cooler and backpack. You can also effectively use these compartments for other items like if you use it for fishing purpose.

Foot Braces For Comfortable Seating Position

Don’t worry about your body’s height or the length of your legs, with multiple foot braces on the kayak you will easily find the most comfort zone for your legs.  So it will amazingly maximize the comfortability.

Ocean Kayak Venus 11 pink


  • Women’s specific design for the optimal comfortability of women.
  • Comfy Hybrid Seat Back is very compatible for women.
  • Lower center of gravity for excellent balance and stability.
  • Durably constructed with high density polyethylene.
  • The kayak is lightweight.


  • Not great for using in the highly moving water and rough conditions.


Final Verdict

Overall the way Ocean Kayak Venus 11 kayak has been designed with proper durability and great stability, that’s really great for easy maneuvering in the lake, river and stream. Its girly color, padded hybrid seat, mp3 mounting system and dry storage compartments can give every women an unforgettable kayaking time.

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