Reasons Why You Should Use A Fish Finder

Literally using a fish finder is not a part of the ambition, it is one of the most important devices that will help you to be succeeded in fishing. It is not a good feel after having an unsuccessful day of fishing and it would mostly happen because of being failure to send the lures in hot spots. In truth this is why the fish finder has been invented as if you can use this device for some greater purpose that will save you from being failure in catching the fish. If you can use the right lures after marking the hotspots and species, then you would be rewarded with some great catches. So undoubtedly there has some remarkable advantages of a fish finder and this article will tell you all about that.


how fish finder works

1)It marks The Hot Spots

Whether you fish in saltwater or freshwater, there has the powerful fish finders that can transmit the frequency on different angles by the transducer and find the hot spots. You can mark the group of fishes in screen while you can also mark the species to compatibility apply the lures. The modern fish finders use the powerful Dual Beam and Downvu sonar system that can find the spots efficiently and provide a clear view on the screen.

Fish finder with base map

2)It Includes Preloaded Maps of The Lakes

Although not all fish finders come with this feature, but there are some powerful and innovative fish finder that comes with Preloaded Maps of The Us Lakes. Mostly this kind of fish finder can be optimized with LakeVu that is built up with the information of thousands US lakes. So when you are planning for a fishing trip, you can gather the data in advance of your targeted lakes. The LakeVu will provide an image like view of the lakes and other necessary information like the type of water and the depth of the lake.


3)It Can Be Connected With A GPS

The fish finders those are compatible with GPS, then you can pair them with your GPS device. If you use the handheld GPS, you may want to plan in advance with the preloaded base map or in most cases you would have prior records what you might want to get in your fish finder specially if you want to move to the same destination. In this case you can transfer them in your fish finder and navigate them without having the GPS in your hand. Although some of the fish finders come with the high sensitivity GPS receiver and if you have such a fish finder, then you don’t need any GPS device.


4)It Can Mark The Species

Another cool thing a fish finder does, it can identify the species. Sometimes only identifying a hot spot is not enough to increase the catches, because identifying the species allow you to easily apply the specific lures as if you can catch them easily. There are specific baits and lures for different species what you can use to easily catch the targeted species.

fishfinder in fishing

5)It Detects The Temperature Of The Water

The temperature of the water changes the behavior of the fishes. Because the fishes mostly like the warm water than the cold or hot water. If you plan to fish in the midday of summer or in the winter or in the midday of spring, then you wouldn’t get a good number of catches because of the inappropriate temperatures. Because the fishes mostly like to find their feeds in warm water. So if you want to fish in a lake, then it is better to know the temperature of water before applying the lures. Actually the fishes don’t like to find and eat the feed in hot and cold water.


6)It Can Be Used For Ice Fishing

The ice fishing has been a new trend in modern fishing. Although it is more difficult than other kinds of fishing and you have to know special tricks for ice fishing. But it is enjoyable in winter and you can also use a fish finder to find the fishes in ice fishing. An ordinary fish finder may not able to do, because there needs extensive searching power. So you need a powerful device for this kind of use and get a real idea from this video that would teach you the tricks for using fish finder in winter ice fishing.



7)It Memories The Records

During a fishing trip you would mark lots of hot spots and the ways you have used in the lake, river and sea. Amazingly, you can store these records in the device and if you plan for an another fishing trip on the same locations, then you can easily reach on the previously targeted hotspots. Moreover, it is possible to store all of your records you had during the trip as if you can analyze your performance after accomplishing the fishing trip.


8)It Can Be Used In Any Condition

There are manufacturers that make the fish finders with high resolution large display as if you can read the screen in sunlight. On the other hand, some Fish finders come with IPX7 waterproof technology, so you don’t have to worry about any damaging if it is unfortunately soaked by water.

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