Saltwater Fishing Tips For Beginners

So you have enjoyed enough pan fishing and want to fish in the shore or sea for a venture? Although saltwater fishing in offshore included lots of fun and amazing memories, but you have to gain some courage to initially handle the big tuna, marlin, kingfish, sea trout, striped bass and many more. Because handling them isn’t an easier task like bluegill, crappie and sunfish while you would require to collect different fishing equipments to get started in saltwater fishing.


Moreover, regarding to different fish species in the saltwater, you should use different bait and lures. As well, the tricks would be different to attract those game fishes and you have to follow some things before heading to the mid sea with a fishing boat.


1)Find A Suitable Spot

Around the world you can discover numerous saltwater fishing spots and basically the water of the ocean or sea include the salinity and that’s why your destination for saltwater fishing would be in the sea. Even you have to move far away from the shore unless you want to fish in the surf. So when you decide your destination, at first know the fishes that are available there. So you can get a better preparation and basically it would make your fishing expedition succeeded.


2)Collect The Right Gears

Maybe you can pack up your lightweight reel, rod, small hooks and 2-3 pound test line for the next panfishing trip in summer. Because these stuffs aren’t suitable to handle those game fishes. So choose a robust baitcaster or sturdy saltwater spinning reel with a huge line capacity and large, sturdy fishing rods to easily handle those large fishes in saltwater. Moreover, you should choose 12-20 lbs monofilament or 30-130 lbs braided fishing line if you truly want to handle big catches and of course don’t forget to use sturdy & larger hook sizes (circle hooks would be great).


3)Ensure A Good Bait Presentation

Your presentation of the bait is also another trick to attract the game fishes. You can use the artificial lures or live baits to fish in the saltwater. Although the live baits work good and greatly attract the fishes. But keeping them in their original shape for hours would be difficult. So you would even need an Aerator and if you don’t have the Aerator, change the water at every couple of hours distance and keep them away direct from the sunlight. The baits with a good shape can attract well. But in some cases if you want to depend on the artificial lures, then you can watch the video to see some good examples of artificial lures.


4)Know The Different Fishing Knots

Knowing a variety of fishing knots would help you strongly tie the fishing lines, leaders and hooks. You don’t want that the hooked fishes go away because of a loosen knot. Here you can discover almost 20 fishing knots. As well, before casting the line(especially in the first time) make sure the knots are properly aligned.


5)You Would Require A License

You would require to buy a saltwater fishing license as you wouldn’t be permitted to start fishing in saltwater without a license. The different state would have different fishing laws and you would need to collect your license separately when you want to fish in different states.

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