What Is The Best Time Of The Day To Fish?-Our Research & Thoughts

All species in the earth looking for the comfortable way to survive in the environment. In truth the fishes are not different, they also look for the comfortability of the nature to survive under the water. Rather the fishes are not as powerful as the warm blooded animals are able to cope with the different environmental conditions. Because the fishes are created with cold blood and as the reason neither they can be comfortable with hot water nor cold water. They always want to keep their body in warm water and that’s why if you go fishing in the midday of hot summer or on a cold day in shallow lakes, ponds and rivers, then your success rate will be nearly zero.

But if you apply the bait, lure for deep lakes and rivers in the same condition, then the result would be different. That’s why you should have a real idea where and when you should fish to increase the success rate.  And literally this is why we wrote this article. If you actually don’t know where and when you should fish, then it’s no matter how useful equipments and technology you use, you wouldn’t be able to reach on your targeted success rate.


The Temperature Of Water Changes Everything

As I said above the temperature of water changes the behavior of fishes. Because the hot sunbeams of midday in summer make the water hot what actually affects the water of shallow lakes and rivers. In these conditions the fishes seek the warm water to be comfortable. So in this case the morning, late afternoon or evening is the most preferable time for fishes to stay in there. Because the water stays slightly warm in these times. That’s why you should apply the shallow water specific bait or lure if you want to fish in the shallow lakes, rivers and ponds.

But the theory changes if it comes to fish in deep lake or river. The fishes may be uncomfortable with the hot surface of water, but if it happens in the deep lake or river, they can easily move into the deep water for the shade or warm water. So in this case you can apply the deep fishing lures or baits for deep water.

fishing in different weather conditions


The Weather Conditions Affect on Fishing

Even you can take the different conditions of weather to be succeeded in fishing, you can increase your success rate by applying these tricks. As an example, if you want to fish on a windy day, then it can be your chance to catch lots of fishes. Because the wind pushes the surface of water and natural feeds to the shore. So if you fish by standing on the shore or by using a boat in the sea or river, then you can apply lures to target the shore and in this way the lures will move like the natural feeds and fish will be fooled after eating that.

The tides of the sea also another great time for coastal fishing, because with raising and falling the water the fishes tend to move to the shallow areas to find their feeds. And in that time the coastal areas are their choice. So if you fish in a careful mind at that time, you would be succeeded.

Even the cloudy days would be a good day for fishing, because the clouds create a shade and turn off the sunshine. So the fishes feel more comfortable to cruise in the water and in that condition they don’t tend to hide them.

Finally the rains even can be helpful for you, especially on a warm day. Because the light rain blurs the surface of water and make you invisible. So, the fishes wouldn’t be able to see you. On the other hand the heavy rain is not a good fishing environment. Because it highly shakes the water and makes the water uncomfortable to stay in for fishes.

fishing in offshore


The Season Is Also A Crucial Factor

As we know the fish prefers the warm water than cruising in cold or hot water. That’s why you must know what the season is going on and when you should go for fishing. Suppose if you want to fish in the spring, of course the best time is late afternoon. Because in the spring it takes time for the water to be warm and it can be done after having the day in sunshine. So if you want to fish in the spring, of course you should do it in the late afternoon.

Accordingly, if you want to fish in summer, of course the morning and late afternoon are the best time for you. Because in the midday or noon of the summer the water being hot in shallow lakes and rivers and start lacking of oxygen. So don’t fish in the midday of summer.

On the other hand, in the fall it takes a long time for the surface and inside of the water to be warm. That’s why the morning and even afternoon wouldn’t be a good time. So, the late afternoon and even the dusk would be a good time to choice for fishing.

And finally, of course the winter isn’t a good time for fishing. Although you can plan for ice fishing, but you would need to know lots of ice fishing tricks.

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