8 Best Fishing Line Spoolers (Tested In 2022)- Spool Comfortably!

Last Updated on September 14, 2022

You need a comfortable way to get the line into your fly reel, baitcaster or spinning reel after purchasing a new spool with braided or monofilament line. Although you can use a pencil or wooden stick or take someone’s help to roll the line on your reel. But there would have the chance to get the line twisted and literally it’s not as comfortable as the spooler or winder does the trick. Because when the line winds you can put a little bit of resistance by a spooler and you don’t need anyone’s help at the same time. The spooler mostly comes with spring loaded tension that eliminates overflowing and delivers the line smoothly. That’s why you won’t get the line twisted when you put it on the reel.


Although a spooler does more as some models can reverse the line from the reel to a blank spool. Basically, after ending the seasons if you want to store the line in a proper way, you can use a blank spool to get the line back. But not every winder or spooler won’t do the trick, a few of them might work like that. Most of the winders are able to accommodate the maximum width like 5.5” of the spool. Whether the size of the spool is, your winder would be able to put the tension on it to eliminate twisting.


Features That Make A Spooler Perfect

A line winder without the perfect features would be like an ordinary stick. The materials, type of mounts, design, capacity and tensions, everything means a lot when it comes to judge the effectiveness. So we wrote about the features that make a winder useful and perfect.



The winders can be made from the materials like aluminum, stainless steel and composite fibers. So, the winder that you’re going to pick should be strong and rust resistant. You know the composite fiber can be molded from two or more different components and that’s why it is more durable compared to plastic while it won’t break down like ordinary plastic. On the other hand, the stainless steel and aluminum are strong and efficient to prevent corrosion. So, without any doubt these materials can make a spooler strong and keep free from the negative impacts.



The mount is such an important feature that defines on where you can use it. If it comes with a suction cap it will only accommodate a flat surface. So wherever you need it, you should initially make sure that the surface is flat to hold the spooler. On the other hand, if it is built with clamp mount, then it will need the edge of benchwork, table or any usable conventional edge of the boat or kayak. The clamp the spooler comes with will have the ability to accommodate the different thickness. Although the one that is built with a rod doesn’t need any mount. You just need to adjust the reel with the spooler’s rod to start spooling.


Moreover, you can also find an amazing mounting option sometimes the spooler features. Because the winder can be even mounted with your fishing rod and the rotatable jig and tight knob with such a winder would easily accommodate the different diameter of the rod. That’s why anywhere you can quickly start reeling the line if you have such a winder.



You know every spool isn’t the same because of the line weight, length and other reasons. That’s why the width of the line’s case won’t be same in size. So, if it comes to using a winder, it must accommodate the size of the line’s case. Otherwise, you will be in trouble with the spools that are 4 inches or five inches in width. Although most of the spoolers are able to hold the maximum width of the spools. Aside from the capacity, the winder must be capable to smoothly deliver the monofilament and braided line.



The tensions basically help to create resistance and the spooler will have the options to increase or decrease it. The resistance during winding the line helps to decrease the chance of line twisting and enhance the smoothness. So you will reel the line without getting it overflown and the tensions do a good trick.


Can It Accommodate Any Reel?

If you use a large saltwater reel and high line weight, probably some spoolers would fail to spin the spool. Although in most cases, most of the spoolers can grab almost any case of the line. But you should know the type and size of the reel you use and the spooler you are going to choose should be perfect for your reel and line. Most of the spoolers can grab or deliver the line to medium and small size reel. But don’t forget to judge the specifications and consider your requirements.



A perfectly designed spooler can make it certainly comfortable to use. You know the design of every winder isn’t the same and you might want to get the one that is easy to carry, comfortable to use and mount. The design should be ergonomic and portable as if you can easily get it on your boat, kayak or wherever you want. Aside from these requirements it also should be easy to operate.


8 Best Fishing Line Spoolers For Fly, Baitcaster and Spinning Reels

NameType of MountsTensions IncludedCan Hold Large Spool?Our Ratings

Piscifun Spooling Station System


THKFISH Fishing Line Winder


SLMOZKA Fishing Line Spooler


QualyQualy Winder System Tool


Portable Fishing Line Winder


PLUSINNO Spooling Station System


STRIKEBAIT Heavy Duty Portable Winder


South Chatham Tackle Super Spooler

Framed BaseYesYes5.00

1)Piscifun Spooling Station System

Piscifun Spooling Station System

If you are worried about the size of the spool, this spooler can ease the process without caring the size of the spool. Because the 3”-8” bushing can accommodate any conventional spool and whether the diameter of the center hole is, the bushing can grab it If you want to get the proper resistance on the case. Although it offers the functions to keep the case in the bushing more steady when you spool the line. The extra bushings will help to deal more perfectly with different spools. To keep the spool parallel direct to the reel, you can also use the top screw that can keep the case steady when your reel will put the pressure.


After setting the winder on the right angle you shouldn’t have any problem to deal with mono or braided line. The graphite frame is strong and can hold the winder strongly when it grabs the line’s case and leaves the line. After getting the line on the reel, you can disassemble the parts without dealing with any hard to reach point.

Features We Like:

  • Bushing to accommodate the line’s casing easily.
  • Extra bushing included to efficiently adjust the center hole.
  • A top screw can be used to tighten up the winder on parallel to the fishing reel.
  • It can easily deal with stringer spool.
  • Strong graphite frame to consume the pressure.


2)THKFISH Fishing Line Winder

THKFISH Fishing Line Winder

No doubt this is another perfect line winder that aims to leave the line with reducing the chance of line tangling. Basically, it includes the fastening springs and fixing screws to maintain the torque after installing the line’s casing in it. Because sometimes overflowing the line would be the reason of line tangling. So, the screws with spring would help you to tighten up the spool a little bit and the line will minimally tend to overflow. The multiple style line winding system makes the process easier when you need to put the different width spools. But, you would still be able to fasten or slow down the line’s casing by the fixing screw and fastening spring.


To mount on any comfortable edge of the kayak, boat and table, it features Clamp to strongly adjust it. The C clamp uses a non-slip mat to strongly grab any minimum thickness and the alloy material is strong to take the pressure.

Features We Like:

  • Double headed fastening spring to fasten or reduce the torque.
  • Multiple style line winder to accommodate different width of the spools.
  • Alloy material to lead an expected lifetime.
  • C clamp and non slip mat to strongly grab any edge.
  • Size adjustment knob to hold any minimum or maximum thickness of the edge of the workbench or table.


3)SLMOZKA Fishing Line Spooler

SLMOZKA Fishing Line Spooler

It also does the same trick when you need to get your newly purchased line into your fishing reel. Although it doesn’t feature a C clamp to be installed, but, you will still have an effective installing system and the suction cap it comes with is able to grab any flat surface. You can use any flat surface like the surface of the tackle box or other compatible stuff. To mount it steadily you may also use a little bit of water to keep the bottom wet as if it can trap the air steadily. It is made from aluminum and it won’t be appearing with rusts and the height of the winder is only 6.7 inches.


So, you can keep it in a small compartment of the tackle bag while you can use it almost wherever you need it. To reduce the line twisting and eliminate overflowing it features a spring loaded tension to leave the line at a perfect speed. The winder will let you easily deal with almost any width of the conventional spool.

Features We Like:

  • Suction cap to steadily cling the flat surface. Just use a little bit of water to let the surface glue it.
  • Aluminum material on the winder prevents corrosion.
  • 6.7 inches height will help you to store it in the tackle bag.
  • Spring loaded tension reduces line twisting and lets the line wind smoothly.
  • Almost can accommodate any conventional spool.


4)QualyQualy Winder System Tool

QualyQualy Winder System Tool
Sometimes the suction would unstick if you put high resistance over the spool by the tension. That’s why this line winder features two cups to steadily grab the surface and the double cups are certainly effective to steadily keep the winder in place even when the resistance remains high. The clip buckles on the base are adjusted to lock and release without any special trick. To enhance the steadiness you can use moisturized surface or use a little bit of water. The spring loaded tension with a 11” rod can accommodate up to five inches wide spool and the tension will help to increase or decrease the resistance.


If you want, you can also mount several spools on the winder and it is certainly great for both mono and braided lines. Except the suction cups all hardwares are made from aluminum and steel and that’s why it would remain sleek for a couple of years without corrodes.

Features We Like:

  • Double cups to still hold the winder steadily when the resistance is high.
  • Can hold a couple of spools.
  • Spring loaded tension to maintain the resistance.
  • Clip buckles to adjust and release in seconds.
  • Strong and quality hardware would remain in a good condition after a few years.


5)Portable Fishing Line Winder

Portable Fishing Line Winder
This is undoubtedly one of the perfect line winders we have discovered. Because it doesn’t need anything extra to be installed. It would be the smaller tool if we compared it with our other selections. Because it can be installed with your conventional spinning rod and that’s why it includes a rotatable jig and tight knob to comfortably accommodate different diameter of the rod. Moreover, you could keep it paralleled to the reel and the locking arm will tightly hold the spool. The locking arms are designed with stainless steel balls at the end to grab the center holes of the spool.


The locking arms can be opened up to 5.71” and it will easily accommodate the large case of the line. The hardwares it comes with are also made from composite fiber that are sturdy and certainly great to expect a long term service.

Features We Like:

  • Can be installed with any diameter of the fishing rod.
  • Can open up to 5.71” even to accommodate the largest spool.
  • Locking arms to steadily hold any size of the spool.
  • Strong balls with the locking arms to trap the center hole of the spool.
  • Composite fiber is strong to provide long term service.
  • Directly installs to the fishing rod without requiring any additional stuff.


6)PLUSINNO Spooling Station System

PLUSINNO Spooling Station System;

It’s certainly more useful if we compare the efficiency of this winder with other selections. Because it isn’t only able to send the line from the spool to your fishing reels, also it can take the line back from your reel to spool if you need to store the line after ending the season. To get the line back into the spool, you will just have to tighten up the tension that is adjusted with the handle. But when you need to empty a newly purchased spool, just keep the tension loose and reel quickly without any massive resistance. Although it won’t work with any large saltwater reel, but you can use it for medium to small spinning, baitcasting and trolling reels.


It also comes with the clamp mount to mostly grab the edge of benchwork or wooden tables. The stainless steel and aluminum hardwares are strong to take the pressure when you run a spool. The whole installation is easy and you could depart the hardwares of the winder to store.

Features We Like:

  • A handle on the winder with a tension to transfer the line from spool to reel or reel to spool.
  • Strong and rust resistant hardwares.
  • Clamp mount to attach it with the edge of the benchwork or table.
  • Parts can be departed for storage.
  • Can accommodate any medium to small size spinning, baitcasting and trolling reels.


7)STRIKEBAIT Heavy Duty Portable Winder

STRIKEBAIT Heavy Duty Portable Winder

The simplest design for the anglers and very portable to use on the boat and kayak. The stainless steel rod is strong to stay always straight against the unexpected pressure. On the other hand, it is able to stay non corroded after getting soaked by saltwater. So you shouldn’t have the hesitation to use it in any place or condition. It is also able to hold your reel size as the rod is enough long to accommodate the maximum width of the spool. There is also a spring tension which can put a little pressure on the spool and such a little pressure also can eliminate line twisting.


The suction cap with an easy locking mechanism can grab the flat surface and the easy lock will also help you to easily release it from any surface. The hardwares with this winder are easy to adjust and there isn’t any difficult mechanism.

Features We Like:

  • Long rod to hold any width of the spool.
  • Strong stainless steel rod to stay straight against unexpected pressure.
  • Spring tension delivers a little pressure on the spool to eliminate line twisting.
  • Easy locking mechanism lets the suction cap to quickly grab any surface.
  • Easy to install hardwares.


8)South Chatham Tackle Super Spooler

South Chatham Tackle Super Spooler

Whether it comes to spooling or re-spooling, this ergonomically designed tool is useful for bulk spooling or re-spooling. If you have a large saltwater reel and use high monofilament or braided line size, this winder would be able to control the spool with a certain resistance. It is able to grab the bigger spool and it includes the tools you need to produce resistance and spool the line straightly without any tangling. You know when it needs to control a bulk spool, there should have more pressure. That’s why it comes with an additional bar that features a specific tension with super strippers to straightly deliver the line and produce the resistance you need.


You can also make the re-spooling easy as it features a tool to be attached with a drill and put the line back quickly to the spool. It is strong and coated to withstand the rust. The hardwares are also easy to pair and depart. But it is not portable like our other selections. So it would be perfect to use at home.

Features We Like:

  • Can hold the maximum spool width that comes with high line size.
  • Stripers included to straightly deliver the line and put resistance.
  • Can also respool very fast if you use the knob with a drill.
  • Strong and rust resistant hardware.
  • Easy to repair and depart the tools.

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