Best Kayak Crates For Fishing (Picked In 2022)- Simply Carry Your Gears!

Last Updated on September 14, 2022

An angler knows how many things he requires to carry by his kayak during fishing. But it is tough to carry so many things without having proper secured space on the kayak. You know the storage in a kayak is limited and reasonably you need more secured and spacious space for tackle boxes, reels, rods, baits, pliers, grippers, fish finders, cameras and more things. Basically the crate something like a large square shaped box and it sometimes offers storage pockets and mounts for additional tools. It can be either water resistant or not, but in most cases it fits on the rear tank and you could ultimately adjust it by the cord.


Aside from the benefit of having a safe storage space, it mostly features multiple rod holders to hold the additional poles. The mounts also can add a lot more if the crate comes with and if you use a water resistant crate, it will keep your things safe.


How Is It Made Of?

The kayak crates are strong in most cases as the manufacturer uses tough polyethylene to build it up. The high density polyethylene is impact resistant and doesn’t crack like plastic. That’s why it won’t break down when it provides service. The strong body will take the pressure of multiple rods and in some cases it would come out with rails to adjust additional tools. Out of polyethylene based crate you can also discover square shaped bags that can almost give the similar service like a crate. It can be made from rigid fabric like polyester and nylon and it also can be water resistant and would feature multiple storage pockets and rod holders. The fabric based crates are also useful and perfect to provide service.


Features To Have On A kayak Crate


Rails and Other Mounts

The mounts are an important feature to have on a crate as if you can mount the accessories like, rod holders, lights, extra bin, camera, fish finder and more. Sometimes the rails are more useful than other mounts as you can adjust the right stuff without any DIY method. Just find the tools that are compatible to be adjusted with the structure of rails your crate features. The mounting holes and any specific structure of mounts also can accommodate the essentials. But mostly the mounts won’t accommodate a wide variety of tools like the rails do. Although there are a variety of mounts that can determine it.

Collapsible or Non Collapsible

To be honest the collapsible or non collapsible design doesn’t define the quality of the crate. It can be defined by the material it used to be made of. But a perfectly designed crate is certainly more useful than the non intelligently designed one. A crate with rod holders, mounts and additional storage pockets is certainly perfect. But a collapsible design would have another effectiveness when you want to store it. Because after folding it would just consume a little space which makes the space for other gears and you could easily carry it.


Does It Fit On A Rear Tank Well?

Your kayak should be able to accommodate the crate you are going to pick. With knowing the height of the depth, the width shouldn’t be bigger than the rear tank well. Otherwise, you will be in trouble to fit it in the kayak. If it fits accurately on the rear tank well, you will be able to wrap it by the cord. After wrapping you could put there a couple of rods and the crate would hold them strongly when the fish pulls the line. Most of the crates come with D-rings or small holes to accommodate the cord.



8 Best Kayak Crates For Fishing- Editor’s Picks


1)Plano PLAB88140

Plano PLAB88140Every piece of the tools, bait and lures deserve security when they are close to the water. As an angler you would want to get your essentials at the right condition and this kayak crate with an ample space does a good job. The ample internal space is designed to consume up to 9 stowaway boxes and you could certainly add lots of essentials you need to fish. If you want a customizable storage option, the removable panels are a great addition to attach necessarily. The attachment points can quickly accommodate the panels and the soft liners are able to keep it comfortable to use, especially when you access for bait and other stuff.


The water resistant liners keep it safe from splashes and the D-rings are perfect to hold some necessary tools. It fits in a typical milk crate to enhance the portability and make the usability more effective. A large carry handle is also included to lift it up and the storage panels are useful when you need to carry out the whole crate.


  • Enough depth in the main compartment to contain up to 9 stowaway boxes.
  • Additional panels to be loaded with more stuff.
  • Attachment points to quickly adjust the additional panels.
  • Water resistant liners to withstand the water drops.
  • D-rings for pliers, whistles and fish lip grabber.
  • Handles included to carry out the whole crate.


  • The lid isn’t completely secured against water.


2) Perception Splash 

Perception Splash Kayak Crate

No doubt it’s an intelligently designed crate that features lots of useful things. You can discover numerous webbing loops that can hold lots of accessories with providing a comfortable accessibility. The loops also can work as an attachment for the splash rod holders and pocket organizers. This is a great addition to enhance usability and you could add a couple rod holders and more storage pockets. If you want to keep the crate more secured, you can use the D-rings to block it from all corners on your rear tank. The lid is removable to make the access over all tackle boxes easy and the internal depth can contain up to 13(3600) plano boxes.

The waterproof materials can save your tools and gears from the unexpected access of water and the plastic feet also keep it a little bit above to maintain more distance from the wet surface. The exterior is also durable enough to withstand hook snags and after your trip you can fold the parts of it modestly for storage. It’s lightweight and certainly designed to remain controlled forever.


  • Webbing loops to hold different kinds of accessories.
  • It can attach the extra rod holders and storage pockets.
  • D-rings would work to tie it down on the rare tank.
  • Able to contain 10-13 plano boxes.
  • You can keep the lid open for quick access.
  • Plastic feet to keep it above from any surface.


  • /


3)Plano PLAM80700

Plano PLAM80700

It’s a different model and designed with a couple of compartments. Probably this would be the strongest model of our selections because of the material it used to be made of. The waterproof and non-waterproof compartments are added for a variety of essentials and the compartments on either side are able to contain two tackle boxes for quickest accessibility. The rubber straps on either side will keep the boxes secured and you could quickly release them whenever you need. The compartments in the center and base are provided to secure valuable items and they are completely waterproof. The center compartment is large for bulk storage and you can adjust the base of it on the rear tank by screws to keep it in place.


The crate has its own built in rail that helps to attach the rod holders, lights and other accessories. After fishing you could also detach the whole unit to again bring it to the home.


  • Compartment on either side contains the tackle boxes with easy rubber straps.
  • Waterproof compartments can hold the phone, camera, foods and other valuables.
  • Built in rain to attach additional tools and gadgets like kayak lights and rod holders.
  • Can be adjusted on the kayak to keep it secured.
  • Durable and intelligently designed for anglers.


  • The rails aren’t strong like other typical rails on the kayak.


4)Flambeau Outdoors 455TK

Flambeau Outdoors 455TK
It’s a simple crate, but fully designed to meet the needs of an angler. Although it hasn’t any specific lid, but you can still secure the tackle boxes and anything else in it by the shock cord. The buckles with the cord can make your essentials safe in it and you will be able to quickly create an access. It fits on the rear tank of a kayak and you can tie it by the shock cord that comes with the kayak. It’s made from high density polyethylene and the same material the kayak’s manufacturer uses to build up a kayak. That’s why it is sturdy and won’t simply crack if it gets impacted.


The mounting surface of the crate is great to adjust the rod holders and numerous items. It is enough depth for our all needs during fishing, but if you want more storage options, it has a basic model that features a storage lid to add more items. You may know the polyethylene is tough and lightweight and without any doubt, it would be expectedly lightweight.


  • Shock cord with buckles to quickly secure the loaded items.
  • High density polyethylene for strength and eliminating unexpected weight.
  • Fits on a rear tank and designed to be tied down by the shock cord.
  • Mounting options for rod holders and other items.
  • Also can be found with a storage lid on the basic model.


  • /


5)YakAttack BlackPak

YakAttack BlackPak
The YakAttack BlackPak is a pro level crate that easily fits in a wide range of brands of the kayak. It’s specious and wouldn’t let you fall in trouble when you need to adjust it on the rear tank. You can use the cord of the rear tank to strongly tie it down. The feet on every corner will put it a little bit above from the wet surface and it has drain holes to drain out the water. It has also 10 stations for rod holders and you could keep the holders on different angles. It comes with three pre-adjusted rod holders and those stations will be great when you need to adjust more.


It also features top rails to attach more essentials and it’s quite easy to install. Every part can be adjusted to each other by screws and after ending your trips, those parts can be departed if you want it to compactly store somewhere in your home. The lid is also easy to handle and ensures a quick and easy access into tackle boxes and other fishing accessories.


  • Designed to fit in a wide variety of kayaks.
  • Easy to install and every part can be departed or adjusted by screws.
  • Can hold lots of rod holders on different angles.
  • Feet in every corner to maintain a distance from the wet surface.
  • Top rails to adjust more accessories.
  • Ample internal space and a comfortable lid for a quick access.


  • /


6)Wilderness Systems Kayak Krate

Wilderness Systems Kayak Krate

Comes from a popular kayak accessories manufacturer that is strong and waterproof to save your valuable items. The lid can eliminate accessing the water into the core compartment and the ergonomic locking mechanism seals the lid strongly. The compartment is 18” depth for lots of storage while the lid is also designed with a secured space for small tools and gears. The lid also has a secondary lid that fully opens up when you need a comfortable access. The rubber latches with both lids can lock in seconds and the built in rings on every corner will help the user to securely lock the whole crate on the rear tank.


It features four rod holders and you can raise the position if the crate doesn’t fit in the tank. The blow molded hull is rigid to beat the abuse and to lift up the whole unit it comes with built in handles.


  • Depth enough for storing lots of stuff.
  • Additional storage option on the lid with rubber lashes to open and lock up quickly.
  • Rod holders can be risen to fit it in the narrow tank.
  • Built in rings on every corner to strongly adjust it on the tank.
  • Blow molded hull is rigid to beat the abuse.


  • The mechanism of locking should be more ergonomic.
  • The plastic cover on the top scratches.


7)Pelican Exocrate Fishing Bag

Pelican Exocrate Fishing Bag
Although it isn’t tough like a high density polyethylene crate, but designed with an ample space which a pro fisherman needs. If you want to put a standard size milk crate in it, it would accommodate without conflicting. It also can be used without a crate as the thick and tough polyester fabric keeps it in a perfect square shape. The 1200D polyester fabric is rigid and water resistant and it doesn’t weaken because of the saltwater. That’s why it can be simply your companion during the time you kayaking and the UV resistant material will save the exterior from being grey. The zippered compartment won’t also discourage you to fully open it up and you can roll the full lid up with a toggle.


It has numerous side pockets for all much needed tools and the drainage holes keep the excess water out. To secure it to a kayak, it has a couple of loops to tie down the bag on the tank from all corners. Like a pro outdoor bag it has a padded shoulder strap to carry it out without feeling numb on the shoulders.


  • UV and saltwater resistant liner won’t be grey and weakened for harmful rays and saltwater.
  • Holds a standard milk crate if you need it to be more comfortable and usable.
  • Numerous side pockets for quick access over essential tools.
  • Loops included to keep it attached onto the kayak.
  • Drain holes to keep the excess water out.


  • /


8)Hobie H-Crate JR

Hobie H-Crate JR
This is a very user friendly model based crate that can be assembled and di-assembled in minutes. All the parts are detectable and come with the necessary tools to install in an easy way. If you are an angler, you would mostly like the H-rails that can help the angler to mount the H-rail accessories. The rail can accommodate the accessories like Mini Van, Rod Holder, Cup Holder, Tackle Bin and many more. Aside from H rail accessories, you can still manually mount more useful tools by the recessed mounting points. Those holes are widely spread throughout the body of it and the clips with straps can adjust it with a kayak to easily handle the pressure of all the poles you will put into the rod holders it comes with.


To make every rod more secured in the holder, you can find the rubbered ropes with the toggles on every corner that can simply tie down a rod. It is lightweight and you can disassemble in seconds after finishing up the fishing.


  • Recessed mounting points to adjust new tools.
  • Rod holders come with ropes and toggles to tie down the rod.
  • H-rails accommodate a bunch of accessories.
  • Straps with buckles won’t let it move from place after adjusting.
  • Detachable accessories to detach the parts in seconds.


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