Best Kayak Stabilizers or Outriggers [Updated 2022] To Enhance Stability!

Last Updated on October 16, 2022

You know you need maximum safety when you need to paddle or stay in the rough water. The kayak would be tilted down when it goes through the rough water. That’s why you literally need the stabilizers to enhance stability even in the moving and rough water.  The stabilizers come with floats that stay on both sides of the kayak and save from being tilted down unexpectedly. These floats certainly will help you to stay hours after hours in the water and let you cast the line or fish more comfortably. Though if you use for water excursion and use trolling motors with your kayak, the stabilizers will help to create balance without any concern.


The floats can be inflatable or non-inflatable. The inflatable floats feature a simple valve for an easy inflation or deflation. You can simply float it by a couple of long breaths while an easy unscrewing of the valve can make a quick deflation. On the other hand, the non-inflatable ones are robust, but you can’t de-inflate them when you need to modestly store them.


Moreover, they won’t be leaked under the abuse and the frictions won’t be easily able to damage them. Though the inflatable ones can be leaked, because of the soft membrane. But you can easily de-inflate and store them in any small space.

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How You Can Find A Perfect Outrigger


Float Height Adjustments

Though every stabilizer isn’t designed with height adjustments. The adjustments of the float on different heights will let the users precisely creating the stability. You also know the stabilizers create resistance and make the speed slower. So, if you want to enhance the speed and create the stability differently, the height adjustment settings will be useful. But the float height might not be available with every stabilizer and the one that comes with can do a great job in the water. In most cases switching to different heights would be a simple trick as the manufacturer keeps the process simpler as we saw.


Collapsible Design

Keeping the arms of the stabilizer permanently open would make the transporting of the kayak difficult. So you may need to detach the poles and floats after kayaking and it would let you transport the kayak easily. Moreover, the collapsible design would help the user to store the whole stabilizer in a small space. Unfortunately, not every stabilizer would offer a full collapsible design and in some cases you would require to manually detach the parts. But whether it’s full or partial, it should also have the effective design to quickly re-adjust all parts as if you can quickly adjust them and let your kayak become stable in minutes.




Poles: Kayaking or fishing isn’t limited in the water and you would probably like to paddle in the coastal water, sea, river and other sources. You know the saltwater is never safe for metal and it would be a reason to corrode the poles. If the poles start corroding, you would probably see it starts breaking even within a year. The aluminum material can resist the rusts and literally the aluminum poles would last a couple of years. So, the floats with aluminum poles would make the stabilizers more useful and strong.


Floats: The floats can be either inflatable or non-inflatable. But in both cases, they can be made from PVC material. Though the fixed ones are robust and do not need any inflation. On the other hand, the inflatable ones are certainly softer than the fixed ones and you can simply collapse them after unscrewing the valve. The softer membrane of the floats might create the chance of leakage if they create friction with anything tough. So you should use the inflatable float carefully in the shallow water.



Actually the kayak won’t have any pre adjusted clamp, holder or anything else to hold the poles. That’s why it literally needs manual installation and the hardware would come out with every package. You just need drilling and a little bit more to install the hardware. After the installment you could simply set up the stabilizer. After setting up the hardware, adjusting floats and setting up the heights won’t require much tricks. The video here would be helpful.


Advantages or Disadvantages

There are a lot of advantages of the kayak stabilizers and if you are a kayaker, you would feel the efficiency of the stabilizers in the rough water. If the waves hit, your vessel would be flipped over and at that certain moment the stabilizer would be able to save your vessel from flipping over. Moreover, you need to stay a long time in the water if you are a pro fisherman and in this case the stabilizer can enhance the safety. Even if you run your kayak at high speed in the rough water, the floats on both sides can enhance the stability.


So, no doubt it is completely able to create stability, but the floats on both sides can turn the speed a little bit slower. That’s why this might be a disadvantage of the stabilizer. But you can’t run a kayak comfortably in the moving water, if it’s not stable. So, in this case the stability matters more than the speed.


6 Best Kayak Stabilizers or Outriggers To Create Perfect Stability

The stabilizers we have put here would make your vessel stable in the water. Though everyone hasn’t a certain float height adjustment.


1)Scotty 302 Kayak

Scotty 302 KayakThe scotty 302 does a perfect trick when you need the most needed stabilizing in the rough water and handle a kayak wisely. It easily locks in a kayak while the bladder with full of air keeps the vessel safe from losing the balance. The PVC bladder is tough and puncture resistant to stay on moving under any condition and it is able to stay inflated perfectly. So, its proper inflation and robust body will help a user to stand up and handle a fish without falling down into the water. The support arms are also strong and made from aluminum to be used in saltwater. The mounting base with the support arm provides a quick adjustment and easy removal from the kayak.


Although it is an expensive tool to keep a vessel properly balanced, but the kits are wise and very supportive. After removing you can easily de-inflate and store them without any concern.

What We Like:

  • Made from tough PVC to resist the abrasion and stay safe from leakage.
  • Simple mounting system for a quick installation.
  • Strong and rust resistant support arms for saltwater fishing.
  • Easy to inflate and de-inflate.


2)Hobie Sidekick Ama Kit

This is certainly a reliably designed stabilizer that is able to be adjusted on different float heights while you don’t need to apply any difficult trick to set out the height. Because, you just require to twist it to set it out at a certain position. The chambers are easy to adjust on the bar and you can secure the chambers with a pin after adjusting. Aside from the feature of quick adjustment, you can also remove it quickly and store it in the kayak’s storage compartment after de-inflating the floats. Just a couple of long breaths needs to float the chambers and if you need a de-inflation just turn the screw off.


Although to install the whole kits you should know the DIY tricks and this video from their official channel will explain all about this.  The frames are strong and the unit is lightweight and can be stored in the storage compartments of your kayak.

What We Like:

  • Float height can be adjusted to achieve the expected stability.
  • The bar can be detached or adjusted in seconds.
  • Requires just a couple of long breaths to inflate.
  • Simply stores in the Hobie kayak’s storage.


3)Lixada 1

Lixada 1You may know it’s important to have the rust resistant equipment in your fishing kayak and literally there is no exception when you need the protections on the frame of the floats. So, the rust resistant aluminum frame does the trick even after hundreds of trips in the saltwater. Aside from featuring an aluminum frame, the stainless steel hardware also does a great trick to prevent rusts. There isn’t any hidden trick to install the stabilizers and you can detach the floats and the parts of the frame for the ultimate storage. Moreover, the floats also can be secured by locking ferrule and it literally adds more security into the floats to keep them at a certain position.


As usual the chambers on it are easy to inflate and can be de-inflated through turning the screw off.

What We Like:

  • Won’t struggle to survive in the saltwater as the frame is based on aluminum.
  • Easily detaches from the middle for a quick depart.
  • Not any hidden trick required to set out the stabilizer.
  • Floats stay in a certain place by secure locking ferrule.
  • Easy valve for quick inflation and de-inflation.


4)Pactrade Marine PVC Outrigger

Pactrade Marine PVC OutriggerThere are a couple of great features this pair of outriggers comes with. After kayaking you would feel required to modestly store the stabilizers and the lock nuts with the red buttons can make either a quick release or lock in seconds. On the other hand, the frames and stabilizers are able to be detached from different points to store in somewhere without making any conflict with the space. The lock nuts with easy gripping are also useful to set out the level of establishment and such a precise adjustment would be useful for rough water. The aluminum poles with the kits are also certainly able to eliminate rusting.


The stainless steel hardware will also make the installment sturdier to handle the pressure and the mounts are high impact resistant. It also adds a one year manufacturing warranty to create more value.

What We Like:

  • Detaches from different points to store in a small place.
  • Lock nuts to precisely create the establishment in the water.
  • Aluminum poles for all water kayaking trips.
  • Sturdy mounting hardware to handle more pressure.
  • One year manufacturing warranty.


5)Brocraft Kayak Outriggers

Brocraft Kayak OutriggersThe perfect outriggers that are built with sturdy aluminum poles to simply consume the pressure when it creates balance. Aside from the aluminum poles, the aluminum adapters make it more effective to control the balance. The knobs on both ends will help the kayakers to adjust the heights and the aluminum poles have the great ability to keep the appearance of the poles sleek years after years. The detachable parts also can make detaching from floats to poles and poles to base in minutes. So after or before kayaking you can simply put them in your car to carry your kayak comfortably. Although you can collapse them in the kayak without detaching anything. The knobs at the ends can do this trick.


The Brocraft would also offer two years warranty with every purchase and it may make a great value for your spends.

What We Like:

  • Knobs at the both ends for height adjustments and stabilizing necessarily.
  • Aluminum poles to easily consume the maximum pressure.
  • The poles would remain sleek a couple of years as the aluminum is naturally rust resistant.
  • Collapsible as if they don’t conflict when you carry out your kayak.
  • Provides two years warranty.


6)Injoyo 2 Pack

Injoyo 2 PackThe float height adjustment is a tricky feature on any stabilizer and it will let any kayaker set out the float height considering the condition of the water. You can adjust the floats to a certain height by simple twist and clicks. After installing the hardware, setting up the poles and floats shouldn’t take more than a couple of minutes. As usual like other floats it will let the user inflate the chamber of the floats just within a few minutes and after inflating simply adjust them at the end of the poles. The strong poles would be able to hold the maximum pressure when it’s all about creating establishment. The two pieces of the poles simply connect to each other and build up a complete stabilizer.


It also can be used with a canoe and you can easily store the detachable parts after fishing.

What We Like:

  • Float height adjustment with simple twist and click.
  • Detachable parts to easily adjust or insert.
  • Strong poles to control the pressure.
  • PVC floats need a couple of breaths to become inflated.
  • Also compatible with canoe and small boat.


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