Best Surf Fishing Carts In 2022- Carry Everything Effortlessly!

Last Updated on September 14, 2022

Fishing is fun and passion to a fisherman. Like other saltwater fishing, surf fishing also needs tricks and equipment for the ultimate success. So you can’t avoid bringing all the things you need for a successful journey. In most cases we need essentials like a cooler, a tackle bag with tackle boxes, bait, lure, chair, reels, rods, lines, umbrella and more. To get these stuffs together in a place and bring them on to the beach, you need a cart to simplify the overall process. A cart also isn’t just a cart, it can also handle your rods. That’s why you won’t feel a need for extra rod holders. You could sit back on the beach and your cart will keep holding all your poles.


Moreover, your cart would have a bottle holder, knife holder and cutting board. A cutting board can make preparing the bait easy and there would have more features to make the fishing more easy and comfortable!


How A Cart Does It?

A cart can be designed with a bed or tub to contain the needs while strong materials can consume the pressure of the loads. Mostly a cart features four wheels and sometimes two wheels to pull it without any resistance. The wheels also include polyurethane tires to handle the loads and mostly these wheels would have no bearings. The axles directly hold the wheels by specific pins and that’s why the wheels won’t come out when you keep pulling the cart. An ergonomically designed handle also can help the user to hold and pull without discomfort.


7 Best Surf Fishing Carts To Carry Your Items

You know the carts aren’t the same in size and performance. They could be different in shape, size and quality. So, we have put here the name of 7 surf fishing carts that would make you smile when they will handle the loads.

Name Capacity Fully RustproofCollapsibleOur Ratings

Sea Striker BRSC-DLX

150 Pounds (Not Tested) NoNo4.50

Fish-N-Mate Junior Cart

150 PoundsYesNo4.80

Gorilla Carts GCO-5FSH

200 PoundsYesYes5.00

Berkley Fishing Cart

200 PoundsYesYes4.80

Pier Fishing Cart Gear

300 PoundsYesYes4.90

Berkley Sportsman's Cart


Big Kahuna Beach Wagon

350 PoundsYesNo4.80

1)Sea Striker BRSC-DLX

Sea Striker BRSC-DLX
You want the simplicity and comfort to bring a bunch of accessories directly to the beach. Probably you are thinking what makes it most simple, easy and perfect. In truth this is such a cart that can make it simple and might be a dependable trolly to use. Because it features a couple of rod holders as if you can mount your large surf fishing rods without bringing any additional holders. The rod holders can successfully secure the poles while keeping you in a comfortable mood. On the other hand, it can accommodate a 54 quart cooler to keep your every catch fresh. The strong and rust proof materials keep the frame safe from rust what matters a lot when it comes to saltwater fishing.


The plastic and pneumatic tools ensure it would be able to make the carriage simple when the heavy stuffs are in it. After every fishing trip you can collapse it to put in your home without blocking the space of other stuffs. But when it comes to starting the trip you can assemble it without any hidden tricks.


  • 5-6 rod holders lead a hassle free fishing time.
  • Strong wheels to drag it without sweating.
  • Enough space for a 54 quart fishing cooler.
  • Rust proof materials to keep it safe from saltwater.
  • Easy to assemble and collapse when you need it most.


  • The tire should be larger than it includes. So, it would be more comfortable to drag in the sandy beach.


2)Fish-N-Mate Junior Cart

Fish-N-Mate Junior Cart

It would be a little bit uncomfortable to drag a loaded cart through sand and river rocks. That’s why the manufacturer added a small front wheel to properly distribute the pressure when it is fully loaded with the fishing equipments. The lightweight anodized aluminum frames can grab the loads with a strong mind while the water of the saltwater sea won’t be a threat to the structure of it. Because the frames are non corrosive which withstand the salt water’s damages. It features 4-5 rod holders to enjoy the fishing without requiring any extra effort of maintenance. The whole cart is lightweight and weighs only 17 lbs and the foldable body will help you to reduce the overall size especially when it matters to store.


As a fishing cart it features a cutting board to handle the bait and lures while the food grade cutting board makes cutting anything easy. A bait bucket is attached to the cutting board to hold some essentials and the cart would be able to hold up to 150 pounds of weight.


  • Non corrosive material which makes it useful for saltwater fishing.
  • A front wheel for smart maneuvering.
  • Lightweight and you can reduce the size of the cart by folding when you want to store it.
  • Will carry up to 150 pound weight without being down.
  • Cutting board and bucket to handle the essentials.


  • A little bit smaller compared to conventional carts.


3)Gorilla Carts GCO-5FSH

Gorilla Carts GCO-5FSH

This would be a little bit larger compared to our first two picks. If you are a pro fisherman and want a cart to contain a bunch of fishing equipment, the GCO-5FSH is the best. Because it can easily contain the stuffs like a cooler, your fishing bag, net and poles. So before starting the journey you could load it with your essentials and after ending the journey you could insert the rod holders and wheels. The sturdy handle is wrapped with a rubber for your comfort and the solid poly tube is enough strong to tolerate the abuse of essentials. It is also built on the aluminum frames to stay clean and undamaged after getting wet by saltwater.


The wheels it uses are large and beneficial to enhance the usability as if it can run on gravel or sand stretched surface when it is loaded. The all terrain tires will make the move easier without any intention of being stuck. A bait tray with the tub is also attached for preparing bait while the small slots in the tray would be useful to hold the knives.


  • Large tub for all essential equipments and can hold a large cooler.
  • Removable wheels and rod holders to reduce the size of it to store.
  • Aluminum components can resist the rusts.
  • A foldable tray to prepare the baits.
  • Large wheels to pull on the surface like gravel without any resistance.


  • No ball bearing can make it slower and create resistance, especially when it is fully loaded.
  • Handle is shorter that can make the pulling a little bit complicated.


4)Berkley Fishing Cart

Berkley Fishing Cart

The most important part of this cart is the tub that is comparably large and perfect for essentials like fishing cooler and tackle bag. Its 200 lbs capacity should be able to hold the equipments like cooler, tackle bag, rods, bucket and chairs. The sturdy wheels can handle the pressure of the loaded things and designed to move on the uneven terrain without breaking down. The corrosion resistant aluminum ensures its accessibility to any place without any concern of getting the parts corroded. Moreover, the knife holder, cup holder and a cutting board can make your fishing journey more perfect and memorable.


You would probably like the way it can be collapsed. You should never feel worried when you need to put it in the truck or your home. It features eight rod holders that can maintain a bunch of poles without tiring you. The durable fabric won’t tear when it gets loaded with your fishing gears.


  • Sturdy wheels can run on uneven terrain without leakage.
  • Adequate space for cooler, tackle bag and other gears.
  • Durable fabric to simply handle the pressure of the loaded equipment.
  • Cutting board and knife holder holes included.
  • Eight removable rod holders to control all your poles.
  • Rust proof frames to not to be impacted by saltwater.


  • Wheels should be stronger than it has to simplify the pressure and the hubs aren’t much stronger.
  • The frames need to be improved according to the complaints of the user.


5)Pier Fishing Cart Gear

Pier Fishing Cart Gear

This is the most ergonomically designed cart I have ever discovered. It is certainly different for the design and strength, that will help the fisherman to put more loads without getting lack of the space on the bed. The expandable flat bed can be extended from 31 inches to 34.5 inches and again 38 inches. So, if you want to add more loads, you may enhance the length of the bed while the telescopic handle can be extended from 22” to 34”. It beats our other pick GCO-5FSH when it comes to compare the capacity. It has a 300 pound loading capacity which proves how professional it is to carry all our fishing gear.


The waterproof and weatherproof design also can save it from all negatives. Although, it wouldn’t be easy to pull it on soft loose sand, but you won’t have to be tired to pull it on solid ground. To protect it from corrosion they didn’t put any bearings on the wheels and it will remain still perfectly usable even after a couple of years.


  • Expandable bed to enhance the length when you need to load it with a large item.
  • Expandable handle with 180 degree rotation to enhance the length and hold it on the right angle.
  • Weatherproof body to keep it usable years after years.
  • 300 lbs capacity to add more essentials without concern.
  • Simply collapsible for storing without shortening the space of your room


  • The level of strength may need more improvement.


6)Berkley Sportsman’s Cart

Berkley Sportsman's Cart

Literally, it’s more than a cart! Although you can’t put in it a lot of accessories as other contenders can contain. But it is still able to make your journey easy and if you don’t bring a fishing chair on the spot, the integrated seat on it will help you to sit back and enjoy your fishing on the beach without any uncomfortability. The steel frames are stronger to take your weight without being down and you can store a cooler in the space that can be secured by the straps with buckles. The electrostatic coating on the frame also can save the frames from the contact of saltwater and this would keep it safe.


It has a telescopic handle that you can shorten or lengthen up when you need it most. The durable wheels can properly hold the pressure of the loads and the two adjusted rod holders can be used for two poles.


  • Integrated seat to accommodate the user and make the fishing easy.
  • Sturdy frames will easily consume the pressure of the user.
  • Straps with buckles to secure a cooler.
  • Electrostatic coating wraps up the frame to eliminate the saltwater’s contacts.
  • Sturdy wheels to handle the pressure of the loads.


  • The saltwater could impact it if it gets continually in contact with saltwater.


7)Big Kahuna Beach Wagon

Big Kahuna Beach Wagon

This is such a large cart that features a bed to contain all our certain essentials like a cooler, tackle bag, chair, small table and more. With a large bed the barriers are in all corners made it able to hold all large items and its 150 plus kg capacity ensures it won’t fail to hold heavier items. The solid aluminum frames with strongly welded corners and tough bolts will keep it stable under the loads. The balloon tires also can smoothly run over the sand and the large wheels keep it 16 inches up from the ground. It has also a large handle as if you can maneuver it on the narrow road without any difficulty.


The rod holders it features are stainless steel that won’t rust and you can expect a couple of years service from this non corrosive cart.


  • Fully made from non corrosive materials to survive a long time in any condition.
  • 150 kg capacity to be loaded with all heavy and large items of fishing.
  • Balloon tires to smoothly run over the sand.
  • Large handle to maneuver in all narrow corners.
  • Stainless steel rod holders to steadily grab the poles.


  • Much space required to store as it’s not fully collapsible.



Things That Can Make Your Choice Solid


Rust Proof Body

You know the cart can come in contact with the saltwater which is literally a threat for metal stuff. That’s why you should save your cart from the damages and it is tough to always intentionally keep it safe unless it can naturally stay safe. So, the frame and other parts should withstand the rusts and it should be made out from aluminum or any other rust proof metal. If it can stay safe by itself from rusts, you won’t have any concern, even when it comes to the contact of saltwater. So, I would personally suggest to deal with a rust proof cart that can go anywhere without any concern.


Collapsible Design

Whatever the cart does, end of the day you need a place to store it. A full bodied cart might be difficult to store and save the space. Reasonably a collapsible design is better than the fixed one, especially when you put it in a room of your home. The parts like the wheels, frames and handle should be collapsible to reduce the size and put it in a little space. So, finding a collapsible design sometimes would be better than the fixed one. But, not always!


Internal Space and Capacity

It depends on the user’s requirements and you must consider how many things you will be bringing to fish and what is the size of your tackle bag and cooler. The size of the cooler and tackle bag can define how spacious the internal space of the cart should be. Although the capacity does a question as a loaded cooler weighs higher than the one with blank space. The ice and fish can add a lot of weight. When you will organize your all stuff you should know that your cart can hold it.


Number Of Rod Holders

A pro fisherman would carry a couple of rods and all you need is maintenance. But you can’t handle all of them without the support of rod holders. Most of the carts feature rod holders and you should consider it by how many rods you will be bringing for fishing. The lack of rod holders would fall you in trouble and that’s why your cart should have adequate rod holders that you literally need. A cart can include from 2-8 holders and if you know DIY rod holder attachment, you could additionally add a couple of them.

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