Guide To Choosing A Baitcasting Reel

Compared to spinning reels the baitcasting reels are more proficient for heavier lures. Although to become a master of handling the baitcaster is not easier, but once you are compatible with it, then you would really enjoy to cast heavier lines with it. On the other hand, it is one of the good ones to use with artificial lures while the construction and design will simplify everything when it comes to manage a big fish. But an inferior baitcasting reel is worse than a low quality spinning reel. That’s why you have to go for a robust baitcaster that is not only ergonomically constructed to cast a heavier line, but also superbly ergonomic to manage a big fish. So this guide actually has been written to choosing the right and robust baitcaster.

Choosing a Baitcasting Reel


No matter how attractive and eye catching look of the baitcaster, the material in it will judge the quality of it. The inferior or low quality material means it has a shorter lifetime than the robust one while it wouldn’t be able to withstand the saltwater. So the result would be like your reel is damaging because of the saltwater. On the other hand, a robust reel ergonomically supports to handle a big fish. So when it comes to get the combined quality you should choose the lightweight and robust aluminum or graphite reel that is lightweight, but amazingly robust and easily survive in the saltwater environment.


Spool Size

You got to choose the right spool size regarding to your purpose. Because if you cast the heavier line, the big spool size would be more ergonomic and handy to do this job. On the other hand, the bigger spool size can fight better with a big fish than the small one. As well, the bigger spool has the ability to handle heavier line and higher line size. So to catch the larger size, you must choose the bigger one. But, regarding to the purpose of catching medium and small size fish, the small or medium baitcaster reel is also great.


Gear Ratios

The gear ratios determine the number of times the spool will turn with every rotation of the handle. So the higher gear ratios mean the higher number of times the spool is going to be turned with every rotation. The most common gear ratios in the reels are 3:1, 4:1, 5:1, 6:1, and 7:1. So if you are an offshore fishing enthusiast and use heavier lures, then 6:1 and 7:1 gear ratios are great to handle the large fishes, heavier lines and fast retrieving. Moreover, you can easily make your decision for the right gear ratios regarding to the type of lures you want to use.


Drag Washers

The drag washers are everything in a reel that hold the pressure of the line, so if the power of drag washers loses because of the line pressure of a big fish, then the reel literally will lose the value. So the drag washers should be non corroded, sturdy and truly able to hold the line pressure and that’s why the carbon fiber drag washers would be great in the reel.



Using a noisy baitcaster would be so irritated and it wouldn’t be as perfect and ergonomic as the smoothest reel is able to cast and manage the heavy line. On the other hand, you would be greatly comfortable to manage a smooth baitcaster. So make sure the ball bearings and drag washers are corrosion resistant and have been put well in the reel as if they can truly provide the smoothness. Oil filled drag washers are great to retain the smoothness during you cast the line.

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